Leaving Annoying Group Texts: Yup, There's an App for That

(Image Credit: GroupXiT)

Anyone who has ever group-texted knows the functionality is great for making plans with multiple friends, but has the potential to get pretty annoying when the conversation veers off topic.

In an app-for-everything age, GroupXiT has stepped in to solve the problem.

The app allows users to stealthily opt out of group threads or block individuals within a conversation.

"If you want to tune out of a group chat today, you have three options," Amos Winbush III, founder and CEO of GroupXiT told ABCNews.com.

"You can ask the originator to remove you, but you risk offending him or her. You can ignore the message, but you will still get alerts every time someone adds a new post. Or, with some devices, you can deactivate the group message feature, but that keeps you out of the loop for critical discussions," Winbush noted.

A keyword notification feature can be activated to alert users in the event something important - such as their name - is mentioned in a thread.

GroupXiT is available for Android devices and offers six free "exits." A premium version, which allows unlimited opt-outs and data storage features, is available for $1.99.

"GroupXiT is the first solution that allows users to remove themselves without any of these issues, eliminating a major time-waster for both consumers and business users," Winbush said.

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