System Alerts Drone Haters When to Duck and Cover

(Image Credit: APlus Mobile, Inc.)

Drones are all the buzz right now.

Martha Stewart reportedly has one to survey her farm. They're even delivering bottle service in Las Vegas. But what if drones are used maliciously?

A new personal drone detection system project featured on Kickstarter aims to alert privacy-conscious users when the remote-controlled flying devices come within 50 feet.

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The technology consists of a black box that acts as the primary command and control and two detection sensor nodes. The three boxes together create a network that can then triangulate moving transmitters, triggering an alert.

It connects to the Internet via Wi-Fi and then sends an alert to the user's tablet or smartphone when a drone is detected.

The system is currently being tested. Users wanting to try it will have to pony up $499 to get a system, which is expected to be delivered in November.

It's worth noting that the personal drone detection system is only meant to work on small, personal drones. While it may sound an alarm, letting someone know when their privacy could be infiltrated, it doesn't try to knock the drone out of the sky.

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