Sep 9, 2014 8:06pm

Jony Ive, the Man Behind Apple Watch Design, Says Device Has ‘Millions’ of Versions

The Apple Watch, which was unveiled today in Cupertino, California, has “millions” of different versions, Apple Senior Vice President of Design Jony Ive told ABC News’ David Muir in an exclusive interview. “When you actually do the calculations, it’s millions and millions,” Ive said. “We’ve… Read More »

Sep 9, 2014 7:15pm

ABC News’ David Muir Gets 1st Look at Apple Watch with Tim Cook

ABC News’ David Muir spoke with Apple CEO Tim Cook moments after he introduced the new Apple Watch and got an exclusive first look at the company’s latest device. The watches, which come in three collections and a range of faces, can differentiate between a… Read More »

By ABC News

Sep 9, 2014 5:22pm

ABC News’ David Muir’s One-on-One with Tim Cook: ‘I Think Steve Jobs Is Smiling Right Now’

ABC News’ David Muir went behind the scenes today with Apple CEO Tim Cook to try on the new Apple Watch and learn more about the company’s groundbreaking announcement. “We believe this product will redefine what people expect from its category,” Cook said today during… Read More »

Jul 9, 2014 11:18am

‘Red Alert Israel’ Will Send a ‘Yo’ for Every Predicted Rocket Attack

The “Yo” app is being used to alert followers of the user “RedAlertIsrael” every time a rocket attack is predicted within Israeli territory. The app, which has raised millions of dollars of funding, has been called everything from pointless to amazing for its simple premise… Read More »

Jul 7, 2014 5:56pm

Don’t Ditch Your Broken Smartphone, Fix It: ‘Real Money’ Tells You How

From spills to cracked screens, damage to a cellphone can be costly. ABC News recently put a few popular cellphone cases to the test but what do you do when your cell phone case fails? Related: How good is your cellphone case? Related: How to… Read More »

Jul 1, 2014 1:53pm

Vine Can Now Measure Your Addiction to Looping Video

Vine, the six-second looping video platform owned by Twitter, has figured out a way to let you know if your videos are “popular and interesting.” Or, conversely, if you have the (understandable) habit of being mesmerized by looping videos, like Norman, the dog that can… Read More »

Jun 2, 2014 5:47pm

WhatsApp’s Co-founder Is Upset About Apple’s New Messaging Features

In today’s Worldwide Developer Conference, Apple rolled out a few new features for its iMessage app, including audio and video messages, and group messaging capabilities. Not all tech junkies were happy about Apple’s innovation.  Co-founder of WhatsApp, Jan Koum, tweeted out this message after Apple’s… Read More »

May 27, 2014 4:56pm

Hackers Use ‘Find My iPhone’ App to Lock, Hold Devices for Ransom

Some iPhone and iPad users in Australia had a rude awakening this morning when they discovered their devices had been locked and held for ransom by a mysterious hacker going by the name “Oleg Pliss.” The people impacted by the breach reported via tweets and… Read More »

May 27, 2014 3:57pm

What’s Up Apple’s Sleeve? Live Stream Set for Next Week

Let the guessing games begin. Apple announced today it will live stream “exciting announcements” from the keynote address at the Worldwide Developer’s Conference on Monday, June 2, at 10 a.m. PT. While Apple has selectively offered live streams in the past to reveal new technology… Read More »

May 26, 2014 1:58pm

Hilarious Video: Kids React to Old Computers

What happens when you take a group of tech savvy kids and let them play with a clunky old Apple II computer? The “Kids React to Old Computers” video is the latest in a series posted to YouTube from Fine Brothers Entertainment. The video was… Read More »