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Dec 9, 2014 9:34pm

How a Small Town Cop Is Dealing With Rape Allegations at UVA

Was it a heinous, violent gang rape at one of America’s elite colleges? Or is it a colossal fraud? Or something in between? Getting to the bottom of the case at the University of Virginia is the responsibility of the Charlottesville Police Department, a small… Read More »

By ABC News

Dec 8, 2014 6:00pm

Kidnapped Girl Reunites With Family as Authorities Seek Alleged Abductor

A young Minneapolis girl is back with her family today as authorities continue to comb surveillance video for any potential clues that might lead them to the man who allegedly kidnapped her this weekend in broad daylight. The 7-year-old girl was playing with friends Saturday… Read More »

Dec 8, 2014 9:16am

Welcome to the ‘I’m Not Feeling It Yet’ Economy

  Morning Money Memo: The new numbers look great and the experts are telling us the U.S. economy is poised for stronger growth in 2015. Friday’s jobs report was better than expected, while the recent sharp decline in oil and gasoline prices is improving household… Read More »

By Enjoli Francis

Dec 5, 2014 4:18pm

James Earl Jones Having ‘Fascinating’ Time in Return to Broadway

Award-winning actor James Earl Jones, 83, who takes the stage in the play “You Can’t Take it With You” as Grandpa Vanderhof, said it’s “wonderful” to be back on Broadway. The comedic play, whose cast includes Rose Byrne, Kristine Nielsen, Annaleigh Ashford and Elizabeth Ashley,… Read More »

By ABC News

Dec 3, 2014 6:57pm

Meryl Streep Explains Why She Took the Witch Role in ‘Into the Woods’

Meryl Streep, who plays a witch in the new movie “Into the Woods,” said she’d resisted similar roles in the past, but had a change of heart. “I was offered three witches [roles] when I turned 40 — in one year,” she told ABC News… Read More »

Dec 3, 2014 9:51am

NASA’s Big Stakes With Orion Test Flight Include Mars Plans

NASA Administrator and former astronaut Charlie Bolden says there’s a lot riding on tomorrow’s $370 million test flight of the new space capsule known as Orion. If all goes according to plan, the unmanned Orion capsule will launch Thursday morning atop a Delta IV Heavy… Read More »

By ABC News

Dec 2, 2014 5:20pm

911 Call: Woman Panics as Chevy Cruze Becomes a Chevy Cruise

A woman who survived after her car plunged into a Washington state canal said she has car-safety equipment at hand since the accident and that she recommended other drivers get some too. “[But] don’t leave it in the trunk,” Colette Smith told ABC News affiliate… Read More »

The Note
Dec 1, 2014 10:56pm

Hillary Clinton Sidesteps Keystone Pipeline in Speech to Environmental Group

NEW YORK–In an address to an environmental group that fiercely opposes the Keystone XL pipeline Monday evening, Hillary Clinton made no mention of the project. At a fundraising dinner for the League of Conservation Voters, Clinton spent most of her speech expressing support for the… Read More »

Consumer Report
Nov 29, 2014 6:24am

How Cyber Monday Is Different From Black Friday

Besides the obvious difference of shopping in the comfort of your home, Cyber Monday differs from Black Friday as a key bargain-hunting day in significant ways. Traditionally, Cyber Monday emphasized deals on electronic goods, but these days it has turned into a mammoth Cyber Week… Read More »

By ABC News

Nov 27, 2014 3:26pm

Couple Launches Campaign to Save Dream Home From 250-Foot Cliff

This Thanksgiving, Teresa Shaw and her husband, Lance, are hoping 150,000 people chip in $1 to help save their dream house from a crumbling cliff overlooking Washington’s Pilchuck River. “It’s asking a lot and it’s hard to ask — but here it is,” Teresa Shaw,… Read More »