Mission to Rescue US Hostages ‘Flawless,’ Except for Rescue
US Official: Spec ops forces killed 15 or more ISIS fighters in doomed mission.
Al Qaeda Begs For American Hostage Swap
Al Qaeda makes another plea to Weinstein's family to pressure Obama for deal.
New York Mayor Joins with Big Donors in Bid for 2016 Convention
De Blasio rolls out Red Carpet for Visiting Democrats.
Atlantic City Vacationers Told ABC News “20/20� They Were Roughed Up by Harrah's Security
Atlantic City Vacationers Told ABC News They Were Assaulted by Harrah's Security
'Wish You Were Here': Western Jihadis Lure Countrymen
Ex-military official: Fighters using US hummers for suicide bombings.
Could Money Have Saved James Foley?
Fmr official, GlobalPost CEO: ISIS wanted $132 million for journalist’s release.
'Apparent' That James Foley Executioner Is British: Official
White House: Gruesome beheading video "is authentic."
US Working to Authenticate Purported Execution Video
Graphic video posted online; another American threatened.
FBI Agent Took Gifts and Cash, Ex-Mobster Informant Alleges
Informant says agent "obstructed" murder case, FBI opens internal investigation.
The International Effort to Free James Foley
Before a video surfaced online appearing to show the brutal murder of American journalist James Foley, U.S. officials made...
Man Who Forged Top Dollar Wines Gets 10 Years
Rudy Kurniawan featured in ABC News investigation into high class wine fraud.
Granny Catches Medicare Fraud
ABC News goes undercover to investigate insurance scams costing billions.
High Fashion, Deadly Factories
Tommy Hilfiger agrees to safer factories after ABCNews investigation.
Sexual Misconduct in U.S. Swimming
Part 1: Swim coaches have been banned over sexual misconduct with young girls.
Who Would Want To Kill Kate Puzey?
A Peace Corps volunteer was murdered after reporting a suspected child abuser.