'Pure Evil': ISIS Appears to Kill British Hostage in New Video
Cameron: "We will do everything in our power to hunt down these murderers."
Predator Drone Reportedly Spotted Over ISIS Stronghold
Pro-ISIS witnesses, Syrian activists say images show UAV over Raqqa.
When Boots on the Ground Aren't 'Boots on the Ground'
1,600 advisors, support personnel, commandoes in Iraq, but no "combat role."
New Rescue for ISIS Hostages Still Possible: Experts
Former commander says American special ops likely eager to complete mission.
Steven Sotloff 'A Mere Man Who Tried to Find Good': Family
Family spokesperson dares ISIS leader to debate him on Islam.
Officials: Nearly a Dozen From Twin Cities Fighting in Syria
Before Syria, Minnesotans recruited to terror group in Somalia.
'So Little Compassion': Foley Parents on Gov't 'Threats'
Secretary Kerry says he's "totally unaware, would not condone" alleged threats.
Can New Bill Plug 'Dangerous' Homeland Security Gap?
Critic alleges "false connection" between student visa program, terrorism.
No Toxins Found in Syringe in Air Marshal Attack
Air marshal stabbed with syringe in Nigeria airport.
FBI Agent Took Gifts and Cash, Ex-Mobster Informant Alleges
Informant says agent "obstructed" murder case, FBI opens internal investigation.
As US Remembers, Jihadis Trade 9/11 Jabs Online
Americans bowed their heads in silence this morning to mark the anniversary of 9/11, but the Islamist militants who follow al...
Official: American May Be Key in ISIS Social Media Blitz
Boston-area man fled U.S. for Syria, on Most Wanted Terrorist list.
Friend of Steven Sotloff Challenges ISIS Leader to Debate on Islam
A close friend of Steven Sotloff’s today demanded to debate the leader of the Iraqi terror group that allegedly murdered the...
Granny Catches Medicare Fraud
ABC News goes undercover to investigate insurance scams costing billions.
High Fashion, Deadly Factories
Tommy Hilfiger agrees to safer factories after ABCNews investigation.
Sexual Misconduct in U.S. Swimming
Part 1: Swim coaches have been banned over sexual misconduct with young girls.
Who Would Want To Kill Kate Puzey?
A Peace Corps volunteer was murdered after reporting a suspected child abuser.