Romney Parks Millions in Cayman Islands
Candidate says he pays full US taxes on offshore money.
Romney Sent Millions to Mormon Church
Scope of Romney gifts to Mormon church unknown.
Fired Factory Worker Calls Mitt Romney a Job Killer
Randy Johnson tells ABC News about flip side of Bain Capital's success.
Romney Cash Invested With GOP Whale
Billionaire Paul Singer is GOP's "most wanted" donor, hasn't committed.
Santorum Surge Brings Ethics Questions
Santorum got special mortgage from bank run by campaign donors.
Rick Santorum, 'Stealth Lobbyist'
GOP candidate earned millions after leaving Senate in 2006.
Gingrich in 'World of Trouble,' Says Tax Expert
Newt Gingrich calls ABC News report 'hit piece,' says he abided by tax laws.
The Lucrative Business Of Running For President
Is Newt Gingrich in it to win it -- or to get paid?
Newt Gingrich Charity Paid Cash To Gingrich For-Profit Business
Gingrich charity seems 'designed to skirt rules,' says watchdog.
Ex-Insider: Bachmann Headaches Frequent, Left Her 'Unable to Function'
'Close the doors, shut the lights,' regular calls to House medical office.
Bachmann: Migraines Controlled By Medication
Presidential candidate says migraines would not affect ability to serve.
Exodus Intl. Head Alan Chambers Compares Homosexuality to Obesity
Says that turning gays straight is like going to Weight Watchers.
Michele Bachmann Silent on Allegations Her Clinic Offers Gay Conversion Therapy
Clinic candidate owns with husband accused of discredited, dangerous practice.
Cain Camp Wants Phone Records
Ginger White claims 13-year affair with presidential candidate Herman Cain.
Former Business Partner: Ginger White Never Mentioned Herman Cain
Kimberly Vay mum on Cain accuser's cred, but says 'my lawsuit' speaks for itself
Herman Cain Accuser Not Surprised at Cain's Denial
Ginger White claims to have had a 13-year affair with GOP candidate.
Newest Cain Accuser Has History of Financial Trouble
Ginger White claims 13-year affair with GOP candidate.
Herman Cain Could Be Described as a 'Monster,' Accuser Says
Most recent woman to come forward wants to band together with other accusers.
Cain Says 'Democrat Machine' Out to Get Him
GOP frontrunner calls accuser Bialek 'troubled,' says he doesn't remember her.
Cain Accuser: 'Not the Way I Wanted to Get My 15 Minutes of Fame'
Kraushaar says her allegations should be considered part of "body of evidence."
Cain Accuser: 'I Was Not Paid to Come Forward'
Herman Cain camp references Sharon Bialek's "severe financial difficulties."
Chicago Woman Claims Herman Cain Wanted Her to Trade Sex for Job
Sharon Bialek says she wants to 'give a face' to Cain's accusers.
Cain Accuser May Issue Statement Today
Cain supporters invoke Clarence Thomas, 'high-tech lynching.'
Reports: One Cain Accuser Got $45K, Other Got $35K
Maryland woman won't go public, but third accuser surfaces.
Who Are Herman Cain's Accusers?
Md. Woman Works For Federal Government; N.J. Woman Works in Politics
Romney Critic Resurfaces
Fired factory worker tells ABC News about flip side of Bain Capital's success.
Mitt Romney: The Wealth Factor
Can voters relate to a candidate with a quarter-billion-dollar fortune?
Newt Gingrich: Candidate or Brand?
Is Gingrich cashing in while running for president?