America's Most Dangerous Terrorist Has Been Dead for 5 Years
In case after case, ghost of Anwar al-Awlaki haunts counter-terrorism officials.
Father: Before NYC Bombing, Suspect Became Secretive, Changed Locks on Door
Father of Ahmad Rahami tells ABC News' Brian Ross his son acted alone.
NYC Explosion: Buying Bomb Parts Through eBay
Feds: Ahmad Rahami went online to collect explosive components in June.
ISIS Figure Referenced in NYC Bomber's Purported Journal
Image of bloody journal with bullet hole released to public.
Bombing Suspect's 'Journal' Recovered, Officials Say
Officials say Ahmad Rahami referred to American al-Qaeda cleric.
NY-NJ Bombing Suspect Visited Taliban Stronghold in Pakistan
Ahmad Khan Rahami traveled to Pakistan and Afghanistan in 2013 and '14.
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America's 'Ultimate Failure' in Afghanistan: Corruption by the Billions
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NYC Bombing Suspect's Mom, Brother Released From Afghan Jail
Mother and brother of Ahmad Rahami were pulled off a plane in Dubai.
Trump Suffers Another Bout of Russian Amnesia
Candidate's campaign: Man once named foreign policy advisor now has "no role."
Insider's View: How 'Snowden' Gets It Dangerously Wrong
Hollywood shows NSA leaker as a hero and he is... but for America's enemies.
NYC Bombing Suspect Was Shot 7 Times, Officials Say
Wife of Ahmad Rahami was questioned in the UAE by FBI and local authorities.