I purchased an engine online last February from a Manteca, Calif., company called Your Parts Manager. I never got the engine.

I called them several times. I did get an email from them on March 12, but that was it, and I still have no engine. I have been ripped off for $1,524.

I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, but the company did not respond to them, either. Please help so that other people won’t make the mistake I did.

- Shurrette Blackmore, Benton Harbor, Mich.

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One thing that seems evident from your complaint is that Your Parts Manager wasn’t too great at managing your parts order. They cashed your check but after that, nothing.

And now YourPartsManager.com, has vanished online. We contacted them by email and received this unsigned reply: “This business entity has been closed. However, all open orders were taken care of. If this one was missed we will rectify. It is being researched now.” We were slightly optimistic at first, but when you still didn’t get a call and they wouldn’t email us back again, our hopes dimmed.

We called Your Parts Manager’s business number with no luck (it now appears to be disconnected) and we also called company president John Keplinger on his personal phone number, but never got a call back. All told, we made 15 attempts to reach the company or Kelpinger online and by phone.

According to the BBB, the business has operated under several names: Car Parts Manager, Shop 4 Engines and S4E. Since July 9, the company is no longer responding to the BBB about consumer complaints, according to their review. This doesn’t look good, but let us know if that engine ever arrives and we’ll run an update.

- The ABC News Fixer

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