The Madoff Scandal: Chapter 2
An investigation by Brian Ross presented in a new format from Hyperion.
Madoff Victims Frustrated as Wait Continues for Claims to be Paid
Money repaid slowly as investors' retirements stalled and homes in jeopardy.
Phony Web Site Targets Madoff Victims, Claims $1.3B Discovered In Hideout
SIPC says 'look-alike' site is another Madoff scam.
Bad News for Madoff Victims: Too Many Claims, Not Enough Money
New court filing reveals Bernie's assets spread over 12 countries.
Bernie Madoff's Other Secret: His Hadassah CFO Mistress
Sheryl Weinstein called former lover a "beast" in court.
A Year Later, Only Bernie Madoff and Frank DiPascali Are Behind Bars
Angry investors in Ponzi scheme want to know when they'll get their money back
Madoff 'Losers' Get Only $534 Million; 'Winners' Get Zero
Securities industry fund denies more victims' claims than it allows.
Too Many Madoff Victims, Not Enough Money to Go Around, U.S. Official Says
Victims of Bernie Madoff's Ponzi scheme still fighting for SIPC reimbursement.
Hundreds of Madoff Victims Appear at Sentencing Hearing
Bernie has shown little remorse for his scam say those who know him.
Madoff Scam Could Cost Cancer Patient His Life
David Arenson lost his savings which he hoped to use on his one shot at a cure.
Calling All Victims: Madoff Expected to Plead Guilty
Criminal case of the $50 billion fraudster nearing conclusion.
New Allegations in Madoff Case Against $1 Billion 'Enablers'
Bankruptcy trustee accuses feeder fund's Walter Noel of 'aiding, abetting' scam.
A Chilling Glimpse Inside a Madoff Feeder Fund
"This conversation never took place," Bernie said according to court docs.
Madoff Feeder Fund Sued for $3.5 Billion
Firm founded by Walter Noel "ignored multiple red flags," suit alleges.
Madoff's 'Stealth Sales Force' Charged with Fraud
SEC alleges employees of feeder fund funneled "billions of dollars" to Madoff.
Madoff Feeder and Former GM Executive Alleged to Have Lied to Investors
Ezra Merkin defrauded charities, non-profits says New York AG Andrew Cuomo.
Madoff Feeder Fund Accused of Fraud
The Fairfield Greenwich Group was founded by Walter Noel of Greenwich, Conn.
Madoff Family Feud: Wife, Sons Won't Attend Monday Sentencing
Private guard says Bernie Madoff showed no remorse over plight of victims.
Over the Top! Madoff's $100K Amex Bills
Ruth, sons, inner circle used investor money for vacations, Paris fashions.
Prosecutors Want Over $30 Million from Madoff Sons
Government wants to seize money Bernie lent sons and Ruth's jewelry collection.
SEC Official Married into Madoff Family
Madoff boasted of close SEC relationship, "My niece even married one."
Peter Madoff's $235,000 Company Car
Trustees of Bernie's U.K. firm want to seize his brother's vintage Aston Martin.
No Apologies, New Hair: Ruth Madoff's Summer
Madoff victims wonder why she and other family members have not been prosecuted.
Ruth Madoff Free to Travel As Prosecutors Return Her Passport
"Clear sign" she won't be charged as Bernie's accomplice in Ponzi scheme.
Ruth Madoff Sued for $44.8 Million by Trustee
Court-appointed trustee says Bernie's wife lived "life of splendor."
Ruth Madoff Evicted from Penthouse
Locks changed; U.S. marshalls now have custody of $7 mill duplex.
Homeless? Ruth Madoff to Lose Penthouse, Other Homes
Meanwhile, government asks for life in prison for Bernie.
Ruth Madoff: Accomplice or Housewife?
Former friends say Bernie's wife had to have known it was a Ponzi scheme.
Bye Bye Beauty: Ruth Madoff Banned From Upper East Side Hair Salon
Pierre Michel salon says wife of Bernie Madoff welcome no more.
Bernard Madoff Celebrates Birthday In Jail and Disgrace
Wife Ruth visits; Still in love but shunned and lonely.
Madoffs Want to Keep Penthouse???and $62 Million
Alleged $50B scammer says apartment and other money belongs to his wife.
Bad Timing? Madoff's Wife Withdrew $10Mil a Day Before His Arrest, State Says
Prosecutors, attorneys talk possible plea bargain for alleged Ponzi schemer.
Madoff's Right Hand Man Walks Out of Jail
Frank DiPascali, Madoff's CFO, is free on bail.
Claim: Firm Knew Madoff Was Cooking Books
AG sues Ivy Asset Mgmt.; internal documents show doubts about Madoff in '90s.
How Madoff Fooled Everyone
New audio tape offers insight into how Bernie Madoff fooled the SEC.
Madoff Scandal: Is His Brother Next?
Peter Madoff was responsible for certifying the legitimacy of the transactions.
Inside the Properties of Bernie Madoff
U.S. Marshals prepare to sell off the Ponzi schemer's mansions and yachts.
Inside Madoff's Montauk Kitchen
U.S. Marshals sell off Bernie's Long Island home.
Inside Madoff's Montauk Bedroom
U.S. Marshals sell off Bernie's Long Island home.
Madoff Deputy Knew of Investment Scam
Frank DiPascali pleads guilty to conspiracy, securities fraud, money laundering.
Bernard Madoff: Life While Doing Life
The financier will spend his remaining years in Butner Correctional Facility.
Madoff Trades Luxury for Life Sentence
Bernie Madoff's victims filled the courtroom as he was sentenced to prison.
Bernie Madoff Faces Stiff Sentence
Madoff apologizes and heads to jail to begin a 150 year sentence.
Bernie Madoff's Day of Reckoning
Hundreds of victims are expected at the Ponzi schemer's sentencing hearing.
Madoff Victims Speak
Brian Ross Investigates
Madoff's Little Black Book
Fraudster's inner circle tells of his diaries, noontime massage parlor visits.
Are Madoff's Sons Accountable?
Probe investigates Andrew and Mark Madoff's role in Ponzi scheme.
Lifestyles of the Madoff Family
Ruth Madoff still lives in opulence in a NYC penthouse.
Ruth Madoff Visits Bernie in Jail
Ponzi scammer celebrates birthday behind bars.
Madoff Accountant Charged With Fraud
David Friehling leaves a New York court after securing bond.