Better Business Bureau: The Best Ratings Money Can Buy
Consumer watchdog accused of running "pay to play" scheme with grading system.
Better Business Bureau Apologizes for Grading System 'Errors
BBB under fire after 20/20 report on 'pay to play' allegations.
Why Did The Ritz Carlton Get An F?
ABC stations investigate the Better Business Bureau's grading system.
Make-a-Wish Phone Scam Skims Millions
ABC News tracks down the fugitives indicted in the swindle.
Costa Rican Man Indicted in U.S. Phone Scam Case
Authorities say Emilio Torres ran sweepstakes boiler room targeting U.S. victims
How To Avoid Getting Phone Scammed
An expert offers tips on beating fraudsters who promise fake sweepstakes prizes.
Postal Service Mails Fraud Warning to 129M
Authorities say Costa Rican scammers have stolen $20 million from U.S. victims.
Listen To A Phone Scammer At Work
$20 million fraud documented in rarely heard recordings.
Exclusive: Glenn Beck's Golden Advertiser Under Investigation
Authorities probe Goldline, gold firm touted by Beck and other Fox hosts.
Goldline Customer Says He Lost $60K When Goldline Urged Him To Buy Coins
Ex-Goldline salesman told ABC he was pushed to ask buyers for retirement funds.
Goldline Hired 3 'Boiler Room' Salesmen
Trio were investigated for fraud, agreed to return money to elderly investors.
Rare Video Shows Taliban Stoning a Woman
Also on Brian Ross Investigates: The secret US air war, Congress probes Goldline
Under Fire, Goldline Hires DC Lobbying Firm
Glenn Beck's gold-plated sponsor bracing for congressional showdown.
This Week on Brian Ross Investigates
Glenn Beck's gold line, Toyota under criminal probe & national security.
Consumer Reports Raises Doubts About Gold Firm Touted By Glenn Beck
Investigation says Goldine asked nearly twice as much for coins as competitor.
Glenn Beck Fires Back at ABC Investigation
Fox talk show host calls ABC News report 'spin,' 'nothing new.'
Congress to Grill Glenn Beck Sponsor Goldline
Goldline, a frequent advertiser on Fox, faces a hearing and a lawsuit.
Glenn Beck's Gold-Plated Sponsor: No Rip-Off
Goldline exec rejects claims of rip off, warns feds could take away gold.
Major GOP Donor Scammed Millions With Phony Veterans Group, Authorities Say
Fugitive Bobby Thompson rubbed shoulders with Boehner, Bush, McCain.
Have You Seen This Mustachioed Man?
Police hunt for mystery figure accused in veterans charity scam.
Veterans Groups Warn Against Charity Scams
Bobby Thompson's Navy veterans association collected $100 million from donors.
Nigerian 'Black Money' Scam Turns Deadly for Two Suspected Con Men
Police say men were killed by victim of the fraud.
Nigerian 'Black Money' Scam Continues After 20/20 Expose
Read the e-mail exchange between a California heart surgeon and the Nigerian scammer 20/20 caught on camera.
Better Business Bureau Probe
Business owners accuse consumer watchdog of raising grades for members.
Beware: Make-a-Wish Phone Scam
Massive phone scam has siphoned more than $20 million from Americans.
Internet Charity Scam Exposed
Brian Ross confronts man who allegedly scammed seniors for millions.
Internet Charity Scam Exposed
Criminals use the plight of ill children to rip off tens of millions of dollars.
On Tape: Listen To Phone Scammer At Work
Phone fraudster tells elderly woman she's won 'grand prize,' asks her for cash.
Americans Fall For Scams
Is it gullibility, greed or both?
Gold Sales Company in Crosshairs
California to investigate Goldline, a company familiar to viewers of Glenn Beck.
Firm Selling Gold Touted by Glenn Beck Under Fire
California authorities investigating Goldline's sales practices.
A Probe Gold Company Promoted by Glenn Beck
Some Customers Call So-Called Collectable Coins a Rip-Off
A Probe Into Gold Company Promoted by Glenn Beck
Some customers call so-called collectable coins a rip-off.
Scam Wrapped in Patriotism
2010: ABC's Brian Ross investigates fraudulent charities for veterans.
Nigerian Email Schemes
Nigerian e-mail schemes have defrauded thousands of Americans.
Catching The Scammers
Undercover video shows alleged swindlers in action.
How The Make-A-Wish Fraud Works
Offshore callers tell U.S. victims they've won a sweepstakes, then ask for cash.
Glenn Beck's Golden Advertiser Under Fire
Goldline, a gold firm touted by Beck and other Fox hosts, is being investigated.
Newly Released Images of Suspected Con Man
Money raised via a fake charity let Bobby Thompson rub shoulders with politicos.