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An ABC News Investigation Finds A Lack of Scrutiny Breeds Scandal Among State Lawmakers
An ABC News investigation has found that corporate interests and their lobbyists are increasingly turning to state legislatures for lucrative contracts and favorable regulations, a dynamic that has bred a string of unsavory political scandals in state capitals around the nation. At least 80 state legislators have been... [continue]
Photo: Caught On Tape: State House Scoundrels
Caught On Tape: New Jersey Pol Takes $10K Bribe In exclusive interview, Daniel Van Pelt insists he's innocent.
Caught on Tape: A Lobbyist's Golf Party for Lawmakers Alabama Bingo scandal brought on by loose laws, critics say.
VIDEO: Brian Ross investigates accusations of corruption in state governments.
A Top Ten Of Badly Behaved Lawmakers Spanking, bra-stuffing and stealing at the state house.
Sarah Palin Rode Alaska Scandal To Political Stardom For prosecutors and outsiders, scandal can be springboard to higher office.
PHOTO Caught On Tape: State House Scoundrels
Caught on Tape: Massive Arizona Sting Forced Reforms Arizona and two other states adopted public funding to fight corruption.
PHOTO Senator Paul Sanford, the owner of a popular bar-b-que restaurant, claimed in an exclusive interview with ABC News that he turned down a bribe of $250,000.
Mr. Sanford Goes to Montgomery BBQ chef elected to senate calls arrests of state legislators 'dream come true.'
Top Federal Prosecutor Vows Crackdown On Corrupt State Legislators An ABC News investigation finds more than 80 indictments.
VIDEO: Journalism Students Investigate Death on the Job
Students Investigate Drugs in the Military, Death on the Job, Child Labor, Politicians Carnegie partnership with investigative team has 34 alums across the world.
Photo: Caught On Tape: State House Scoundrels
Jersey Pol Gets 41 Months For On-Camera Bribe Daniel Van Pelt was caught on tape taking $10,000 envelope from developer.
Alabama Lawmakers Meet To Weigh Reform Of 'Outrageous' Lobbying Laws After gambling scandal, Gov. Riley wants toughest ethics rules in the country.
Nightline Investigation: State Legislature Corruption
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