How Greece Got Into This Debt Crisis Mess
An expensive pension system and rampant tax evasion are some of the factors.
How Greeks Are Dealing With the Economic Meltdown
A showdown with creditors has led to a national financial shutdown.
In Roth Versus Traditional IRAs, Timing Is Everything
Even experts can be confounded by these retirement investment plans' intricacies
Asian Stocks Gain as US Data Eclipses Greek Risk
Asian stocks gain as strong US payroll data eclipses Greek risk
US Sues to Block GE Appliance Business Sale to Electrolux
US Justice Department sues to block sale of GE's appliance business to Electrolux
CEOs of Mortgage Giants Fannie and Freddie Get Big Raises
CEOs of government-backed mortgage giants Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac get raises to $4M in salary
3,000 Baby Floats Recalled Because They Can Deflate
The seams on the floats can leak air.
Business Highlights
Business Highlights
Consider the Financial Implications of Lengthy Auto Loans
Auto loans that run 6 years or more make for lower monthly payments, but do they pay off?
JBS USA to Buy Cargill Pork Business for $1.45 Billion
JBS USA to buy Cargill pork business for $1.45B, includes Iowa, Illinois processing plants
SUVs, Muscle Cars Help Auto Industry Maintain Momentum
US auto sales gain in June, boosted by small crossover SUVs; Nissan up 13 percent
How the Dow Jones Industrial Average Fared on Wednesday
How the Dow Jones industrial average and other major indexes fared on Wednesday
Top Selling Cars and Trucks in the US in June
Top selling cars and trucks in the US in June
ABC News Fixer Throws a Lifeline After Cruise Refund Goes Overboard
Cruise canceled on account of fog, but refund lost at sea.
How and When You Book Travel Can Save You Money
When it comes to booking travel, timing and method matter big time.
What's Behind Door Number 3? Refunds for a Lowe's Customer
ABC News Fixer helps reader after door order gets out of control.
ABC News Fixer Helps With Parking Ticket Battle
City sends check for towing man’s car, but no apology on the way.
Family Hit With Home Security Bill They Tried to Cancel
Vivint takes care of nearly $2,000 problem when ABC News Fixer starts asking.
US Is Still Only Industrialized Nation Without Paid Maternity Leave
A message in time for Mother's Day shows that U.S. family leave is an oddity.
Scammers Rent Out Occupied Houses
Experts are warning consumers of a process called "scraping."
Man Leaves 7,000 Percent Tip for Waitress, Part of Teacher's Pay It Forward Movement
Mike from New York City left his server $3,000 on a bill for $43.50 last week.
ABC News Fixer Helps Hospital Patient Dogged By Collections Agency
ABC News Fixer has tips for medical consumers to help protect their cash.
3 Secrets to Buying a Used Car
Here are key things you should know before you buy a used car.
Servicemember Can???t Escape Phone Bills After Deployment
German telecom co. zeroes out vet’s account after ABC News Fixer asks questions.
My Number One Consumer Tip
Here's the best advice from a consumer reporter with 20 years of experience.
Macy's the Latest to Dump Trump
The retailer says it will no longer carry the Donald Trump clothing line because of the 2016 presidential candidate's...
Rapid Fire with Rachel Roy
Rebecca Jarvis goes one-on-one with fashion designer Rachel Roy.
Greece Credit Fears Sink Stocks Worldwide
Stocks sink across the globe as Greek banks are closed for a week in order to preserve cash. Eurozone partners have refused...
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