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Figures on Government Spending and Debt
Figures on government spending and debt
Natural Gas Falls to an 8-Month Low
Natural gas prices fall to lowest level in 8 months as milder weather keeps demand low
Ackman Says He Can Prove Herbalife Is a 'Fraud'
Hedge fund manager Bill Ackman says he plans to prove Herbalife is a 'fraud;' shares fall
Oil Prices Rise Above $104; Natural Gas Sinks
Oil prices rise above $104 a barrel for 1st time since July 3; natural gas drops 10 cents
US Treasury Bill Rates Mixed at Weekly Auction
US Treasury bills mixed at weekly auction with 6-month bills dropping to lowest in 3 weeks
US Says Airlines Add Jobs for 6th Straight Month
US airlines slowly adding jobs; employment up for 6th straight month despite United cuts
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Toy Company Hasbro Takes a Hit
Although boys' toy sales are up 32%, Hasbro failed to meet revenue expectations.
Record $23B Verdict Against Cigarette Giant
A Florida widow was awarded $23 billion from R.J. Reynolds after her 36-year-old husband died of cancer.
Twitter Proposes 'CardSpring' Payment Method
The social media site is now attempting to show sales potential to large merchants.
US Drug Maker AbbVie Makes $54B Bid for Shire PLC
The drug company is set to buy Shire PLC in an effort to lower its tax rate by about 50 percent.
Markets Tumble in Response to Downed Malaysia Jet
Rick Newman of Yahoo Finance gives insight into the market reaction of downed Malaysia jet.
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