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GlaxoSmithKline Discloses New Bribery Inquiries
GlaxoSmithKline says it is looking into new bribery allegations in Jordan and Lebanon
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US Stocks Rise, Extending Gains Into Third Day
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CSX Railroad Expects Modest 2014 Profit Growth
CSX railroad expects modest 2014 profit growth but impact of severe winter will linger
Yahoo, PNC Among Early Winners Among US Stocks
US stocks open higher after solid earnings from Yahoo, PNC; Encouraging news on China economy
Toyota Camry Gets a Top-to-Bottom Makeover
Trying to shed its vanilla reputation, Toyota gives the Camry a top-to-bottom makeover
US Factory Output Extended Solid Gains in March
US manufacturing production up 0.5 pct. in March, led by furniture, clothing and aircraft
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The Big Number: Diet Soda Sales Drop 7 Percent
Changing market and increase in energy drink consumption causes US diet soda sales to fizzle.
Story Stock: Fourth Quarter Sales Drop for 'Pep Boys'
Auto-care company prepares for transition in its stores, sees decline in stock price.
Detroit Plans Home Auctions Starting at $1K
The auction website is being set up to sell abandoned and foreclosed homes.
The Big Number: Is a 20-Year Tenure Too Long?
Rumors are circulating that GE CEO Jeffrey Immelt plans to step down before expected.
Story Stock: Citigroup's $20 Billion Revenue Pushes Dow Higher
The company gets some good news in the stock market after a year of pending investigations.
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The retail increase in March is good news for the economy after a slow January and February.
Story Stock: Two Big Banks Going in Different Directions
JPMorgan Chase fell short of earnings estimates in the first quarter, Wells Fargo exceeded.
The Big Number: Internet Ad Sales Reach $42.8 Billion
2013 marked the first year that Internet and mobile ad sales surpassed broadcast TV.
Story Stock: Powerhouse QQQ Loses Over 3% in Two Days
Some of the largest tech companies trading on the stock market decline after record highs in the past few weeks.
Chick-fil-A Plans Restaurants in New York City
Some gay rights advocates are wary of the fast-food chain's expansion plans.
Walt Disney's 'Desert' Retreat for Sale
The getaway used to be a Rat Pack party pad.
The New Ford Mustang and How the Classic Car Has Changed
Ford celebrates its 50th anniversary on top of the Empire State Building.