Value Nation: Say Goodbye to Excess
Consumer spending drives the American economy, fueling 70 percent of gross domestic product. However, frugality at every...
Obama Lobbies for TARP, Stimulus Plan
Congress has 15 days to vote on a measure that could nix the $350B TARP funds.
Meet Neel Kashkari: The $700 Billion Man
The 35-year-old says he is not intimidated by his job as "czar" of U.S. economy.
Obama Works With Bush to Free $350B
Bush helps Obama to the second half of TARP money on his way out of office.
'This Week' Transcript: Barack Obama
The president-elect sits down for an exclusive interview with George.
U.S. to World: Spare $775 Billion?
Dan Harris explains where money to fund federal budget will come from.
Dems Challenge Obama's Rescue Plan
Obama issues dire warning: recession will "linger for years" without solid plan.
Billionaire Blowups: Who Lost the Most?
From a fertilizer mogul to an entertainment chief, who lost billions.
Consumer Confidence 2009: Not a Happy New Year
Just 6 percent of Americans rate the national economy positively.
The Pros Answer Your Economic Questions
ABCNews.com posed readers' questions to financial pros nationwide.
Tough Tips: Seven Rules for Refinancing
Amid the mortgage mess, Suze Orman and Michael Moskowitz share their advice.
House Hunting: What $100,000 Can Buy
Searching for real estate deals in Florida, Texas and nationwide.
Phoenix: Real Estate's 'Ground Zero'
How can we fix a broken housing market, where home values dropped 41 percent?
Housing Crisis Upside: Bargains for All
See some of the best housing deals in the country.
Rent Dent: Time to Buy a House Again?
The real challenge is figuring out how much house you can afford to buy.
Financial Makeovers for 2009
Stocks might not rebound, but there are other money moves to make this year.
Best Cities for Trapped Homeowners
Some cities are better than others for trapped homeowners seeking sales.
Paradise Lost: Retirees Scramble
Retirees living the good life have lost millions. How can they recover?
Big Investment Tip: Join the 'Club'
Investment clubs bring comfort during stock market turmoil.
Obama Faces Toughest Stretch in Transition
The Note: Obama seeks to regain control of his message with return to push for new fiscal restraints.
Markets Take Off on the Right Foot
Construction spending and pending home sales performed stronger than expected.
Warren Buffett Speaks Out on Economy
At meeting "Oracle of Omaha" calls crisis a "financial Pearl Harbor."
Sell Your Body for Extra Cash
A look at some of the legal ways people are selling pieces of their body.
Outsmart the Wall St. Wizards
The amateur investor who outsmarted the Wall Street pros offers some tips.
Are Bank Stress Tests a Complete Crock?
Top economist calls bank stress tests "decorative icing."
Dodging the Economic Bullet
Bloomberg's Matt Mill discusses the market, Swine Flu and Chrysler's crash.
Buffett on Banks' Survival
Billionaire investor Warren Buffett weighs in on the endurance of U.S. banks.
Make Money in May
Mellody Hobson kicks off this special series with tips on how to make cash.
Obama Backs Chrysler Bankruptcy Plan
The president assures Americans the auto industry will rise again.
What Recession? Jobs That are Thriving
Psychics, bike shop owners and bartenders all say business is good.
America's RV Capital Down in the Dumps
Unemployment skyrockets in Elkhart, Ind. What?s the fix?
Need for Nurses Leads to Big Perks
Health care organizations pull out all the stops to recruit nurses.
Laid Off: A Blessing in Disguise
Stories of people finding happiness after losing their jobs.
First Impressions Matter
Tory Johnson offers tips on making the right impression in a job interview.
How to Keep Your Cash
Mellody Hobson offers some creative advice for saving money.
Finding a Housing Fix
Two experts discuss potential solutions to the economic crisis.
Dodd: Homeowners Need More Help
Senate Banking Committee chairman examines the state of the U.S. economy.
Homeowners Still Feel Left in the Cold
Is financial assistance reaching the homeowners it is designed to help?
2009 Real Estate Predictions
Predictions on what lies ahead in this year's housing market.
Bush Addresses the Recession
I Inherited a Recession. I'm Ending on a Recession," says Bush.
Obama on Economy, 'Grand Bargain'
President-elect Barack Obama talks with George about the upcoming administration
Fixing the Economy
A closer look at the $775 billion dollar stimulus plan.
Obama Defends Taxcuts
President-elect defends against Democratic pushback on stimulus plan.
Obama Vs. Cheney
President-elect slams Dick Cheney's stance on interrogation techniques.
Obama on Hunt for Girls' Puppy
President-elect says finding girls a dog is tougher than commerce secretary.
Obama: Everyone Must Sacrifice
President-elect talks exclusively with George Stephanopoulos about budget plan.
Obama's View of Our Future
George Stephanopoulos goes over his interview with Barack Obama.
Living Rich for Less
Ellie Kay talks about giving, saving and spending smart.
Pending Home Sales Sink
Real estate agents want home-buying incentives in a new stimulus bill.
Buyer's Market; Seller's Nightmare
A closer look at the situation in the U.S. housing market.