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Best in TV: Best Comedy
Part 1: From "All in the Family" to "I Love Lucy," which comedy ranked supreme?
Best in TV: Best TV Mom
Part 2: Characters played by Phylicia Rashad and Florence Henderson vied for the top spot.
Best in TV: Best Drama
Part 3: Shows about medicine, the mob, politics, advertising and science fiction made the top 5.
Best in TV: Best Non-Human Character
Part 4: Alien or puppet? From Spock to Kermit, viewers' picks for best non-human characters.
Best in TV: Best Talk Show Host
Part 5: Carson, Winfrey or Letterman? Which host chatted his or her way into viewers' hearts?
Best in TV: Best Reality Show
Part 6: "Dancing With the Stars," "American Idol" and "Survivor" were all contenders.
Best in TV: Best Variety Show
Part 7: What sketch and comedy show was viewers' top pick?
Best in TV: Best Cop or Legal Show
Part 8: Could anything compete with the "Law and Order" franchises?
Best in TV: Best Shows of All Time
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