Michael Jackson's Inner Circle Addresses Rumors
Decades of Working With Star Gave Three Stylist Friends Unique Insight Into the Real Michael Jackson
The Last Days of Michael Jackson: Part 1
After last rehearsal, star tells concert promoter: "I'll take it from here."
The Last Days of Michael Jackson: Part 2
What happened inside the Jackson home on the night before his death?
The Last Days of Michael Jackson: Part 3
Jackson's doctor, Dr. Conrad Murray, comes under scrutiny after star's death.
Michael Jackson's Dollars and Cents
How Jackson made and spent a mountain of money - and how he felt about it.
Michael Jackson: Legacy
Usher, Justin Bieber and other stars talk about influence Jackson had on them.
Dr. Conrad Murray Wants 'To Take His Life Back'
Michael Jackson's physician returns to his practice in Texas today.
Jackson's Doctor's Texas Office Raided
L.A. police raid Dr. Murray's clinic, the doctor who was with M.J. when he died.
Unreleased Michael Jackson Song Leaked
An unreleased Jackson song called "A Place With No Name" hits the Web.
'84 Accident: M.J.'s Head Ignites in Flames
Jackson said the incident triggered his addiction to prescription drugs.
Where Will Michael Jackson Be Buried?
The King of Pop's body is in a temporary vault at Forest Lawn.
Understanding M.J.'s Ailment
Lupus is an autoimmune disease that affects 1.5 million people.
Justin Bieber on Michael Jackson
Teen star on King of Pop: "He was an all-around entertainer... He did it all."
Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' Date Speaks
Ola Ray from "Thriller" video: "I could not believe I was the one chosen."
Director John Landis on Michael Jackson
"By the time of 'Black and White' he was pretty crazy," says "Thriller" director
Michael Jackson: Ambulance at Neverland
Paparazzi footage licensed from Ben Evenstad, shot through gate of Jackson home.
Michael Jackson: The Kids, 1 Year Later
Friend Frank Cascio: Kids "respect" mom Debbie Rowe; "It is what it is."
Jackson Sisters: We Are Grateful
La Toya, Janet and Rebbie address a spillover crowd at Nokia Theater.
Barbara Goes Inside the Jackson Memorial
Walters talks about what she experienced while sitting near the singer's family.
Chris Cuomo Does the Moonwalk
Anchor shows off his version of the Michael Jackson signature move.
Doctor on the Paternity of Jackson's Kids
Arnie Klein: "To the best of my knowledge" I'm not the biological father.
Dermatologist on M.J.'s Surgeries
Arnie Klein says Michael Jackson thought of his face as a piece of art.
Investigating Jackson's Needle Marks
Track marks reportedly found on M.J.'s arms are consistent with sedative use.
Jackson's Ex-Wife and Her Horses
Footage of Michael Jackson's ex-wife in the stables with her horses.
Exclusive Look Inside M.J.'s Mansion
Michael Jackson spent his final months living in this multimillion dollar home.
Planning an Icon's Memorial
Jackson family spokesman Ken Sunshine on what to expect at M.J.'s tribute.
Jackson's Close Friend Remembers
Frank Cascio recalls visits the pop star made to Cascio's family home.
History of High-Profile Funerals
Jackson's memorial comes almost 32 years after the gathering at Graceland.
M.J. Fans Get a Ticket to Remember
Eager Jackson fans see memorial as a final chance to pay tribute to the singer.
Remembering MJ
As L.A. gears up for Tuesday memorial for King of Pop, battle over estate rages.
Did Michael Jackson Take Deadly Drugs?
Some of the prescription drugs found in the pop star's house can be deadly.
Free Tickets for Jackson Memorial
Details are released for the Michael Jackson Memorial service in L.A.
Michael Jackson's Video Artistry
Biographer talks about huge influence of "King of Pop's" greatest music vids.
Was Michael Ready to Perform?
Contributor Chris Connelly looks at the musician's health leading up to his tour
Michael Jackson: The Last Rehearsals
The singer performs "They Don't Really Care About Us" June 23, 2009.
Michael Jackson's Life in Pictures
From a small tot to adult star, Michael Jackson has led a picture-worthy life.
The King of Pop's Musical Legacy
Michael Jackson's influence can be heard in hip-hop, pop and R and B.
Behind the Jackson 5
Correspondent Elizabeth Vargas looks at the original boy band front man.
Michael Jackson's Trials and Tribulations
For all the acclaim and adulation, there was a side to him many found bizarre.
Michael Jackson's Inner Circle Reacts
Jackson family attorney said Michael's death was not completely unexpected.
Explaining Cardiac Arrest
Dr. Tim Johnson provides medical perspective on Michael Jackson's death.
Mourning Fans Stop for the King of Pop
Crowds across the globe gathered to listen to Michael Jackson's music.
Legalities Shroud Jackson Estate
Days later, concern over the estate of Michael Jackson start to heat up.
Did Michael Jackson Battle Addiction?
Dr. Marie Savard explains why it's so difficult to break free from painkillers.
Jackson Impersonator 'Shattered' by Death
A New Jersey man talks about the singer's influence on his life.
The Michael Jackson 911 Call
Emergency caller says the singer was found on the bed and unresponsive.
Obama Remembers Michael Jackson
Gibbs says Obama reflects on the star, keeping in mind his "tragic" life too.
World Mourns Death of a Pop Icon
Fans from England to Pakistan express shock over Michael Jackson's death.
Jackson's Legacy: 'We Are the World'
The singer co-wrote the song to benefit people starving in Africa.
Usher on Performing With Michael Jackson
The musician reacts to the pop icon's death and recalls their working together.