The First (Quick) Fix
Bill Weir introduces The Quick Fix, a daily feature on
Quick Fix: Bill, Like, So Dislikes 'Like'
Bill Weir, verbal vigilante, cracks down on the 'virus of the English language.'
Quick Fix: Winning the Mommy Wars
JuJu Chang examines the battle on the home front: Mommy vs. Nanny.
Quick Fix: Saddest Job Ever
John Berman on the not-so-glamerous life of a television correspondent.
Can Christianity and Science Coexist?
Dr. Francis Collins, an evangelical and prominent geneticist, defends evolution.
Quick Fix: ESPN's Father and Son Baseball Rivalry
John Anderson suffers as his son declares himself a citizen of Red Sox Nation
Quick Fix: This Is Why You're FAT!
ABC's Jeremy Hubbard introduces you to "the gross food movement."
Quick Fix: Spandex Travel Tips from Kiss
ABC's John Berman gets travel tips from Paul Stanley.
Quick Fix: Juggling Schedules and Free Time
Juju Chang looks for the balance with children's activities and playtime.
Quick Fix: Line Psychology
Becky Worley tells you how to outmaneuver the masses to shorten wait time.
Quick Fix: Embarrassing Interviews Part 2
50 Cent turns the interview tables on Dan Harris, grilling him on fidelity.
Quick Fix: Running Barefoot
Following the NYC Marathon, ABC's John Berman checks in with a sneaker cynic.
Quick Fix: Juju Juggles Halloween
ABC's Juju Chang is trying to hold on to family costume themes for Halloween.
Quick Fix: Incivility in Paris
The city struggles to protect its public bicycles from theft and vandalism.
Quick Fix: A Visit to Bagram Airfield
ABC's Jim Sciutto gets a taste of daily life on the army base in Afghanistan.
Quick Fix: News 'Costumes'
ABC's John Berman shows you how he "dresses to the story."
Quick Fix: JuJu Juggles' Greatest Hits
ABC's JuJu Chang: How many hits do you need for a greatest hits collection?
Quick Fix: Publicist Interference
Dan Harris asks: Is it ever wise for a publicist to interrupt an interview?
Quick Fix: Hand of Death?
ABC's John Berman takes a look at the dangers associated with handshaking.
Quick Fix: What's in a Name?
ABC's Juju Chang consults for advice on baby names.
Quick Fix: Fall Is for Football
From NFL's gridiron to Friday night lights, football is synonymous with autumn.
Quick Fix: Cool Cats Who Love Cats
ABC's Dan Harris reintroduces you to two testosterone-filled, cat-loving guys.
Quick Fix: MLB Postseason Contentment?
ABC's John Berman assures us he is not seeing "red" after the BoSox's ALDS fall.
Quick Fix: Juju Juggles -- Family Secrets
Serial killer's daughter explains how she came to terms with her dad's crimes.
Quick Fix: Is the 'Pill' an Enemy to Macho Men?
Study shows birth control pills may steer women toward effeminate men.
Quick Fix: Embarrassing Interview Moments
ABC's Dan Harris reveals a collection of awkward banter with interviewees.
Quick Fix: John Berman vs. Dan Harris
Why is ABC's John Berman often mistaken for his colleague Dan Harris?
Quick Fix: When Is It OK to Curse?
ABC's JuJu Chang juggles how to talk to children about swear words.
Quick Fix: The South's Most Loved Liberal
ABC's Bill Weir talks with Kris Kristofferson about war and President Obama.
Quick Fix: 'I Am' Meditating
Dan Harris tries out Deepak Chopra's method for meditating.
Quick Fix: Running With Bolt
ESPN's John Anderson catches up with the world's fastest man.
Quick Fix: Berman's Macho Makeup Tips
ABC's John Berman creates a "howcast" about staying manly while wearing makeup.
Quick Fix: Juju Juggles Boys and Chores
Could it be parents are sexist when it comes to household duties?
Quick Fix: Questions You Didn't Ask
ESPN's John Anderson shares thoughts on social networking, sports and the Boss.
Quick Fix: Hipster Summer Camp
Dan Harris visits All Tomorrow's Parties in New York State's Catskill region.
Quick Fix: Not-So-Special Star Wars Special
Was Lucas' 1978 "Holiday Special" a sign of underwhelming prequels to come?
Quick Fix: JuJu Juggles School Bullies
Anti-bullying programs in schools focus on student bystanders stepping in.
Quick Fix: Cash and Ego
How "mine's bigger" built America.
Quick Fix: Atheist Comedy
Comedian David Cross chats with Dan Harris about the humor in not believing.
Quick Fix: Summer Movie Rewind
ABC's John Berman gives his opinions of the blockbusters he did not see.
Quick Fix: 10-Step Guide to College
ESPN's John Anderson breaks down the college essentials.
Quick Fix: Rainn Wilson's Musical Side
"The Office" star addresses criticism over naming Weezer's album "Raditude."
Melanie Oudin: The Next Cold Warrior
The teen tennis sensation talks about defeating four Russians at the U.S. Open.
Quick Fix: Becky Is Addicted to Technology
Technology contributor Becky Worley thinks in Facebook and Twitter updates.
Quick Fix: Cracking Bolt's Bolts
ESPN's John Anderson put's runners record sprint times in perspective.
Quick Fix: Killing Fields to Kiddy Porn
ABC's Dan Harris connects Cambodia's child sex rings to genocide under Pol Pot.
Quick Fix: Sciutto's 'London Calling'
ABC's Jim Sciutto takes you on a tour of his home away from home.
Quick Fix: Juju Juggles iPhone Apps
ABC's Juju Chang might as well face it, she's addicted to Apple's iPhone apps.
Cash, Coke and Credit: Money Secrets Revealed
Nine out of every ten U.S. bills has traces of cocaine in its fibers.
Weir's Quick Fix for Social Networking
Bill Weir does something that scares him -- logging into Facebook and Twitter.