Diane Sawyer's Last Day on 'Good Morning America'
Highlights and goodbyes on Sawyer's last day after ten years anchoring "GMA."
'One More Time, Good Morning America'
"GMA" family, special guests say goodbye to Sawyer after 10 years on the show.
In the Operating Room With Dr. Oz
Dr. Mehmet Oz is on a mission to reduce the need for open heart surgery.
Families Plead for Americans in Iran
Three hikers were detained by armed guards, accused of illegal border crossing.
Obama's Thinking 'Evolves' on Health Care Requirements
ABC News Exclusive: Obama shares vision of health care reform with Diane Sawyer.
Second U.S. Face Transplant Patient Progresses
James Maki's surgery is only the beginning of innovative transplant procedures.
Roxana Saberi: 'I Was Never a Spy'
Roxana Saberi said she prayed, recited national anthem while in Iranian prison.
Transplant Patient's Amazing Resilience, Humor
'GMA' Exclusive: Diane Sawyer talks to Connie Culp about new face, shooting.
Ms. Independent: Michelle Obama
Her tightknit family had its own way of evaluating Barack Obama.
Some Choose to Pull the Trigger: When Kids Find Guns
Young adults' reactions range from pointing them at each other to taking them.
Could Being Armed Save You in a Shooting?
Saving yourself during mass murder-- having a gun isn't always the answer.
Laura Bush on Matters of the Heart
First Lady talks about heart disease, Jenna's wedding and Bill Clinton.
Prostitution in America
Two-hour Diane Sawyer special examines the world's oldest profession.
America's 1st Surviving Sextuplets Hit Teens
Diane Sawyer checks in on the six Dilley children, who turned 14 in May.
Calderon: U.S. Needs Mexican Immigrants
Mexican president says he wants to strengthen economy and keep workers there.
Sawyer Interviews Ford: Pardoning Nixon Was 'Absolutely Essential'
Despite Unpopularity, Former President Never Doubted His Decision
Sawyer Answers Questions, Reveals Surprise About Ahmadinejad
Diane Sawyer Talks About Ahmadinejad's Unlikely Habit, the Hajib Scarf and Iranian Women
Iranian President Says He's Ready to Cooperate on Nukes, Calls Holocaust an 'Excuse'
In an Exclusive Interview With Diane Sawyer, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Spoke About His Distrust of Israel
Syrian Youth: 'Let's Build a Bridge' to U.S.
Diane Sawyer Talks to Syrian Young People About the United States
Reporter's Notebook: Diane Sawyer in Mideast
'Good Morning America' Anchor Visits Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia
You Can't Judge an Iranian Woman by Her Cover
Diane Sawyer Discovers Women's Rights in Iran Are More Complicated Than Many in West Believe
Reporter's Notebook: Diane Sawyer's Reflections on North Korea
U.S., North Korea Worlds Away, 'GMA' Anchor Says
Diane Sawyer to Report From North Korea
ABC News Allowed Unprecedented Access Inside Secretive Nation
Diane Sawyer Tours North Korean School
Students Unable to Define Democracy, Have Unknowingly Watched American Movies
Diane Sawyer Answers Your Questions on N. Korea
The Only American Journalist in Communist Nation Last Week Answers Your Questions
Inside North Korea: Greeted With a 'Goodbye'
Cell Phones, BlackBerries Confiscated at the Border
'We Are a Dangerous Country'
Diane Sawyer Talks to. N. Korean Ambassador, General Public
Blog: Diane Sawyer on Daily Life in North Korea
'GMA' Anchor Visits Athlete's Home, North Korean Beauty Parlor
Diane Sawyer's Interview with North Korean General: 'War Is Inevitable'
Ri Chan Bok Says Talks Can Continue If Sanctions Are Lifted
EXCLUSIVE: North Korea on Another Nuke Test: 'Watch What Happens'
Vice Foreign Minister Says U.S., North Korea Don't Need to Be Enemies
A Hidden America: How to Help
Learn more, get involved and help children living in poverty in Appalachia.
Second Chances for 'A Hidden America'
One week made a huge difference for the "Children of the Mountains."
PepsiCo to Support Dentists in Appalachia
CEO tells Diane Sawyer Pepsi will work to recruit more dentists in the region.
'Children of the Mountains' Get Help
New hope for the children featured in Diane Sawyer's special on Appalachia.
Outpouring for 'Children of the Mountains'
Overwhelming response to Diane Sawyer's report: learn how you can help.
The Children of the Mountains' Struggle
Diane Sawyer reports on four children growing up in central Appalachia.
Update on Camden Kids: Valeska's Bicycle
Answering your questions about Diane Sawyer's recent report.
Diane Sawyer: ''My Heart Is Smiling'
Sawyer says "Good Morning America" one last time before moving to "World News."
'GMA' Welcomes George and Juju
Diane Sawyer and Chris Cuomo introduce the new team members to the anchor desk.
'GMA's' Trip Down Memory Lane
Diane, Chris, Robin and Sam reflect on the adventures they've been on together.
A Day in the Life of Diane Sawyer
Cameras follow Diane through her morning routine.
Diane Returns to the Weather Board
After years behind the anchor desk, Diane Sawyer delivers the weather.
Diane's Last Days on 'GMA'
'Good Morning America' invites you to spend Dianne Sawyer's last week with them.
Diane Sawyer's 'GMA' Journey
A look back at the anchor's many experiences at "GMA."
Anchors Chat About New Team on 1999 Broadcast
Gibson, Champion and Mora talk to Sawyer about anchoring "GMA."
Sawyer, Gibson On News of the Day From 1999 'GMA'
The two anchors chat about the headlines during the Jan. 18, 1999 show.
Diane Sawyer's First Morning on 'GMA'
Diane Sawyer and Charlie Gibson anchor the Jan. 18, 1999 broadcast.
Children of Camden
Viewer generosity put young Ivan Stevens on a road to a better life.
Children of Camden (Part 2)
Children try to survive amid rampant crime and drug use in Camden, N.J.
Catching Up With Camden Kids
Diane Sawyer revisits kids growing up in one of America's poorest communities.