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Dr. Besser: Your Family's Health
Does It Make Kids Fat? Pediatrician is on a mission to eliminate white rice cereal from babies' diets.
Check-Up Checklist Print out the test chart and bring it with you to your next appointment.
GMA OnCall: Top Tips
Trivia: Prevent Heat Stroke in Teens
Avoid heat-related illness in student athletes.
Dr. Besser: Keep Kids' Cholesterol in Check
Check out Dr. Richard Besser's tips that could help protect your children.
Healthy Summer: What's in Your First Aid Kit?
Enhance your first aid kit to treat summer's health hazards.
Fish Oil and Cancer: Get Omega-3
Study: 32 percent lower risk for women who regularly use fish oil supplements.
America's Health: Check-Up Checklist
Print out the test chart and bring it with you to your next appointment.
FDA: Aphrodisiac Coffee Potentially Deadly
Aphrodisiac coffee has Viagra-like effects and could be deadly, FDA warns.
Nearly 70 Percent of Older Americans Obese
Obesity contributes to many chronic conditions among the elderly
Get Tested: Preventative Health for Men
Talk to your doctor about which tests you should take.
Food Safety: Protecting the Nation's Food
See the CSPI's riskiest food and learn how to help keep your family safe.
OCD: Spot the Signs & Get Help
'Obsessed': New A&E series looks at lives of those with OCD.
Short on Sleep? How to Beat Insomnia
Battle those sleepless nights with these tips for healthy rest.
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VIDEO: The FDA has recalled liquid versions of Tylenol and Benadryl.
Massive Children's Medication Recall FDA investigates recall of over-the-counter liquid cold and allergy meds.
6 Months to a Healthier Lifestyle
Dr. Oz explains easy methods to increase your life expectancy.
Get Vaccinated: Whooping Cough Dangers
Pertussis has increased dramatically, and can be deadly to infants.
CDC Report: Americans at Risk of Heart Disease
45 percent of adults have high blood pressure, high cholesterol or diabetes.
FDA Considers New Cancer Vaccine
Dr. Richard Besser discusses the possible approval of a prostate cancer vaccine.
Sugar's Connection to Heart Disease
New study shows consuming processed foods with added sugar increases heart risk.
Tanning Dangers for Teens
Study finds some salons let minors tan longer than the FDA recommends.
How to Save Your Own Life
Dr. Mehmet Oz explains first-aid techniques you can perform on yourself.
Germs on Planes
Dr. Tim Johnson offers tips to avoid getting sick on a plane.
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