Astronauts Arrive at Space Station After Extra Long Trip
A journey that usually takes six hours took them two days.
EBay Disclosed Sellers' Personal Information to Bidders
EBay shares sellers’ information with bidders.
Spelling Suing Benihana Over Alleged Burn Injuries
Tori Spelling is suing Benihana restaurants over alleged burns.
Jailed Ky. Clerk Offers 'Remedy' in Marriage License Battle
Kim Davis thinks she has a solution to her problem.
How 'Secret' Mobile Apps Help Kids Hide Texts, Photos
The apps are drawing warnings and concern from officials and parents.
5 Things to Know This Morning: Thinking It Over
5 Things to Know This Morning
Dog Provides Comfort to Recovering VA Shooting Survivor
Vicki Gardner was "bright-eyed" and "bushy-tailed" going into physical therapy.
Golden Retriever Definitely Loves the Dog Days of Summer
Video of this pup really enjoying splashing around in the water has gone viral.
Judge Overturns Tom Brady's 'Deflategate' Suspension
The Patriots quarterback challenged the NFL's 4-game suspension.
Clerk Jailed Over Refusing Same-Sex Couples Marriage Licenses
Clerk Kim Davis in jail for contempt of court over same-sex marriage.
Check Out These Labor Day Deals
The holiday weekend is here, which means big bargains and huge end-of-summer deals.
Young Boy Hospitalized for Fumigation Poisoning
Peyton McCaughey, 10, is suffering severe brain damage and is unable to move his limbs after his home's termite tenting.
EBay Can Share Your Personal Information With Bidders
The e-commerce giant can provide potential buyers with your personal information, though it's now adjusting the policy.
Tori Spelling Sues Benihana Over Alleged Hibachi Burns
The actress and reality star allegedly suffered third-degree burns at the popular restaurant.
New Trial Set for Plastic Surgeon Accused of Orchestrating Hit
The Texas doctor allegedly paid a hitman three silver bars to kill a romantic rival in a love-triangle.