What Is An Allergy?
Dr. Jordan Josephson answers the question: 'What Is An Allergy?'
What Are Some Common Allergies?
Dr. Stacie Jones answers the question: 'What Are Some Common Allergies?'
What Are Common Symptoms Of Allergies?
Dr. Rodney Taylor answers the question: 'What Are Common Symptoms Of Allergies?'
Is There Really A Season For Allergies?
Dr. Josephson answers the question: 'Is There Really A Season For Allergies?'
Why Do More Kids Have Food Allergies?
Dr. Jones answers the question: 'Why Do More Kids Have Food Allergies?'
Could I Have An Allergy Without Knowing?
Dr. Josephson answers the question: 'Could I Have An Allergy Without Knowing?'
Dangerous To Leave Allergies Untreated?
Dr. Josephson answers the question: 'Dangerous To Leave Allergies Untreated?'
What Kind Of Doctor Treats Allergies?
Dr. Josephson answers the question: 'What Kind Of Doctor Treats Allergies?'
Can I Ever Be Cured Of My Allergy?
Dr. Jordan Josephson answers the question: 'Can I Ever Be Cured Of My Allergy?'
When Should I Call 911 For An Allergy?
Dr. Josephson answers the question: 'When Should I Call 911 For An Allergy?'
Relationship Between Asthma And Allergy?
Dr. Camargo answers the question: 'Relationship Between Asthma And Allergy?'
I Have Allergies, Do I Have Asthma Too?
Dr. Camargo answers the question: 'I Have Allergies, Do I Have Asthma Too?'
Pollution And Asthma, Allergies?
Dr. David Peden answers the question: 'Pollution And Asthma, Allergies?'
What Is The 'Hygiene Hypothesis'?
Dr. Wayne Morgan answers the question: ''What Is The 'Hygiene Hypothesis'?''
Welcome to ABC News OnCall+ Allergy
ABC News Medical Editor Dr. Tim Johnson on overview of allergies
Can My Child Get My Allergies?
Heredity plays a key factor in what allergies you develop, one expert says.
Fighting Food Allergies With Food
New research offers hope for people suffering from peanut allergies.
The Truth About Hypoallergenic Dogs
Dr. Samuel Friedlander dispels some myths about hypoallergenic dogs.
The Lady in the Steel Bubble
A woman with extreme allergies is forced to take down her sterile home.
How to Make a Gluten-Free Cake
Kate Speach demonstrates allergy-free cooking for the OnCall+ Allergy Center.
Gas Your Way to Allergy-Free Living
Tests are under way to see whether carbon dioxide can relieve allergy symptoms.
Allergic to Your Cell Phone?
Dr. Doris Day shows you how to test your cell phone for nickel.
Ladybugs: A New Seasonal Allergen
Expert advice on Asian ladybugs and how to eliminate the allergenic pests.
Acupuncture: Hay Fever Pain Reliever
A seasonal allergy sufferer swears by acupuncture for symptom relief.
6 Tips For a Home Free of Mold
Mold inspector Jeffrey May gives guidance from basement to bathroom.
Hunting for Mold
Follow a mold inspector as he tours the home of an 80-year-old woman.
Is Acetaminophen Linked to Allergies, Asthma?
Babies given acetaminophen had an increased risk for developing asthma.
How to Spot Mold in Your Home
Mold expert Jeffrey May inspects a home in which mold is suspected.
In One Nostril, Out The Other
Many swear by nasal irrigation as a remedy for allergies, sinusitis and colds.
Five Tips for an Allergy-Free Home
An allergy sufferer offers advice on tackling household allergens.
No Relief for Ragweed Allergies
Millions suffer from worse allergies as the climate change helps weeds thrive.
Is Your Pet Allergic?
Tips for tending to your pet when allergies strike.
Health Insurance and Rare Food Allergies
A family's insurance company refuses to pay for a young girl's special formula.
Are You Allergic to the Holidays?
Experts provide tips for seasonal sufferers of allergies and asthma.
Living With Food Allergies
Tips to help you identify whether your child has a food allergy.
Suppress Allergy Outbreaks
Expert advice on how to control and treat your allergies.
Allergy-Free Peanuts
Researchers may have developed an allergy-free peanut.
Allergic to Electromagnetism
Electrohypersensitivity forces a woman to wear protective gear all the time.
Ahh-Choo!: Stop the Sneezing!
The latest on the allergy front affecting everything from testing to treatment.
Allergy Season Comes Early
Allergy sufferers are in for a pollen "superburst" this season.
Can Controversial Doc Cure Your Ills?
Critics say environmental medicine clinic is dangerous.
Cutting Edge or Reckless Medicine?
Critics say Dr. William Rea is injecting patients with jet fuel components.
Just When You Think Your House is Clean
One family finds germs and allergens in surprising places.
Pets Can Make Babies Healthier
Study shows exposure to cats and dogs could limit a child's allergies.