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David Rakel, M.D., Wisconsin
'Alternative' or 'Integrative Medicine'?
David Rakel, M.D., University of Wisconsin
Victoria Maizes, M.D, Arizona
Take More Vitamin C For Cold And Flu?
Victoria Maizes, M.D, Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine
Barrie Cassileth, Ph.D, Sloan Kettering
Websites For Reliable Information?
Dr. Barrie Cassileth answers the question: 'Websites For Reliable Information?'
Brent Bauer, M.D., Mayo
Difference Between Herb And Supplement?
Brent Bauer, M.D., Mayo Clinic
Ronald Glick, M.D., UPMC
Different Types Of Massage Techniques?
Ronald Glick, M.D., University of Pittsburgh Medical Center
Linda A. Lee, M.D, Hopkins
Combine Alternative And Conventional?
Linda A. Lee, M.D, Johns Hopkins Integrative Medicine
What Is Tai Chi?
Daniel Monti, M.D., Thomas Jefferson University Hospital
Kathi J. Kemper, M.D., Wake Forest
Alternative Approaches To Acne?
Kathi J. Kemper, M.D., Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center
Herbs and Supplements
Difference Between Herb And Supplement?
Who Might Benefit From Multivitamin?
St. John's Wort For Depression?
Mind/Body Medicine
How Does Yoga Improve Health?
What Is Meditation?
What Is A Hypnotherapy Session Like?
CAM and Cancer
Websites For Reliable Information?
Safe To Have Acupuncture?
Safe To Have Massage?
CAM Basics
How To Find An Alternative Physician?
Verify Alternative Medicine Treatment?
Differences In Visits Between Doctors?
CAM Trends
Top 10 Supplements in the U.S.
CAM in the News
The OnCall+ CAM News Center
CAM Buzz
Helpful, or Harmful?
Dr. Timothy Johnson
OnCall+ CAM Contributor
David Rakel, M.D., Wisconsin
Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin Department of Family Medicine
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