New Genes Linked to Alzheimer's
The discovery may help researchers learn more about the degenerative disease.
Early Alzheimer's Rises for Under-65-Year-Olds
Alarming statistics shows early-onset of the disease hitting more in midlife.
Alzheimer's Symptoms May Come in Your 50s
Signs of AD may show up earlier than expected.
NO-Mega 3? Alzheimer's Myths Busted
A new study reveals omega threes don't combat Alzheimer's Disease.
Say What? Language Skills May Ward Off Alzheimer's
Early language abilities may protect memory decades later, researchers say.
Think You Understand Alzheimer's?
"Virtual Dementia Tour" mimics the debilitating effects of the disease.
The Voices of Alzheimer's Caregivers
Four Alzheimer's caregivers describe their challenges in a roundtable talk.
Puzzling Out 10 Alzheimer's Myths
Experts debunk or confirm these 10 beliefs.
Why Chimps Don't Develop Alzheimer's
Study shows the plaques in non-human primates differ from those in humans.
Is Alzheimer's Disease in Your Future?
A new tool may hold the answers to Alzheimer's risk.
When Alzheimer's Strikes Too Soon
Lisa Carbo was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer's at age 53.
Making Your Home Alzheimer's-Safe
From lighting to flooring, how to Alzheimer's-proof every room in your home.
Shriver Wants to Erase Shame of Alzheimer's
Calif. first lady Maria Shriver gives inside look at Alzheimer's in HBO film.
Shriver: Devastation of Alzheimer's
Calif. first lady Maria Shriver gives inside look at Alzheimer's in HBO film.
Why I Got My DNA Tested for Alzheimer's
ABC News' Terry Moran's personal story of facing the disease.
Alzheimer's Care: Personal & Financial Costs
With no cure for Alzheimer's, families must often provide years of tough care.
Do Alzheimer's Patients Have 'Duty to Die?'
Ethicists and Alzheimer's advocates decry Baroness Mary Warnock's comments.
A Blood Test for Alzheimer's?
New research hints at the possibility of early detection, but experts balk.
Alzheimer's vs. Dementia? Subtle Difference
Reagan Jr. on Thatcher daughter's memory loss tell-all: "monumental bad taste."
Beware Do-It-Yourself Alzheimer's Cures
The latest hope for the disease is a drug with a commonly available ingredient.
'Baby Talk' Irritates Alzheimer's Patients
Caregivers for the elderly should avoid certain patterns of speech.
Allergy Drug Turned Alzheimer's Therapy
Preliminary clinical results showed first-time gains in dementia treatment.
Hopes Dashed for Alzheimer's Drug
As researchers give up hope on one drug, doctors insist all is not lost.
Brain Games: Do They Really Help?
Games to sharpen the brain are gaining popularity but experts remain skeptical.
Alzheimer's Boom: 1 in 8 Baby Boomers to Develop Disease
New report predicts 10 million Americans will suffer from Alzheimer's.
YOU ASKED, WE ANSWERED: Responses to Alzheimer's Questions
Dr. Ronald Petersen responds to our viewers' questions.
An Alzheimer's Hat -- Will It Work?
While one U.K. researcher says the device is promising, others are skeptical.
Dementia Developments
New research on Alzheimer's and steps you can take to protect your memory.
Predicting Alzheimer's
Can neural imaging combined with memory testing detect Alzheimer's disease?
Caring for Aging Parents
How to make those tough decisions when taking care of older relatives.
Alzheimer's Puts Family on Edge
Blane Wilson let ABC's "Primetime" document the trials of caring for his mother.
New 5-Minute Alzheimer's Test
Researchers find more accurate test to detect Alzheimer's disease.
Answering Your Medical Questions
Dr. Tim Johnson answers readers' questions about swine flu and Alzheimer's.
15-Point Scale May Predict Alzheimer's Risk
Adults who scored high on the test were more likely to develop the disease.
Overcoming Alzheimer's Obstacles
Easy ways to make your home safer for someone with Alzheimer's.
'The Alzheimer's Project'
A look at Maria Shriver's new documentary on Alzheimer's disease.
Maria Shriver's Experience With Alzheimer's
The advocate discusses her new TV show and book, "The Alzheimer's Project."
Spotting Early Signs of Alzheimer's
Your loved ones may not always notice the symptoms, but you might.
Exercise May Reduce Dementia Risk
Exercising your brain as you age may reduce the odds of memory problems.
The Battle Against Alzheimer's
Maria Shriver testifies on Capitol Hill about research for the disease.
Ginkgo Biloba No Help for Alzheimer's
Seniors taking the herbal supplement did not reduce odds of dementia.
Friends, Family May Ward off Dementia
Study finds elderly who have broad social networks lose less memory over time.
Alzheimer's Disease and Heredity
Children whose parents both develop Alzheimer's are at higher risk themselves.
Terry Moran's Moment of Truth
Part 1: A personal journey that looks at testing to combat Alzheimer's disease.
Terry Moran's Moment of Truth
Part 2: A personal journey that looks at testing to combat Alzheimer's disease.
Coping With Alzheimer's
What new hope is there for the millions of families affected by the disease?
Train Your Brain
Everyday exercises that can help prevent memory loss.
How Blood Sugar Affects Memory
Diabetics may experience mild memory problems starting in late middle age.
Leaner Body Makes for Better Memory
A study finds that verbal memory increases with weight loss.
PTSD's Long-Term Effects
Report: soldiers suffer from memory loss, depression and aggressive behavior.
Google Searching Might Improve Memory
A new study finds that Internet searching exercises the brain.
Vitamin B Doesn't Slow Memory Loss
Study finds that vitamin B does not improve memory in Alzheimer's patients.
Good Cholesterol Linked to Good Memory
High-density lipoprotein, or HDL, may ward off middle-aged forgetfulness.
Contestants' Remembrance
National Memory Championship tests competitors' total recall.
5 Body Parts to Pamper
The top not so sexy but important body parts everyone should take care of.