Fall Babies May Have Higher Asthma Risk
Researchers probe a possible link between the month of conception and asthma.
Asthma's Course Differs by Gender
By puberty, condition may be passing phase in boys, but more permanent in girls, study says.
Babies: Blame Mom for Allergies, Asthma
New research suggests that a mother's environment can affect her unborn child.
The Most Polluted U.S. Cities
Pittsburgh Beats Out Los Angeles as U.S. City With Worst Air Pollution
No Escape From Microscopic Creatures
A study in Denmark found dust mite products don't work, yet doctors disagree.
Is Asthma Drug Linked to Suicidal Behavior?
Singulair is under review after suicidal thinking was reported in patients.
Breathe Easy: New Asthma Guidelines
Some doctors say the 400-page guide will improve clinical practice.
To Inhale or Not to Inhale Steroids
Children with Asthma Face Risks With and Without Inhaled Steroid Medications
Obesity May Worsen Impact of Asthma
Heaviest lose ability to inhale as deeply or exhale as fully as normal weight individuals.
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How to deal with your summertime allergies.
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How to Use Inhalers
Dr. Hale Yarmohammadi explains how to properly use an inhaler.
Asthma and Gender Differences
A new study on adolescents with asthma yields surprising results.
Dust Mites and Asthma Attacks
Research indicates that products aimed at tackling mites may not be worthwhile.
Smog and Asthma
Tips to help those living in areas with high levels of pollution.
Controlling Asthma Attacks
Parents that have children with asthma should be aware of new guidelines.
Your Job May Give You Asthma
Chemicals involved with certain jobs may trigger occupational asthma.
Prevent Asthma With Aspirin
A new study shows that small amounts of aspirin may cut your risk of asthma.