What Is An Autism Spectrum Disorder?
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Accurate Autism Depiction in 'Rain Man'?
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Family History And Autism Spectrum Risk?
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Can My Parenting Cause Autism In My Kid?
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Is Autism Present From Birth?
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Which Autistic-Like Behaviors Are Okay?
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Signs Of Autism In A Preschooler?
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Prognosis For A Child With Autism?
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Maintaining A Marriage Despite Autism?
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What Is An IEP?
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Do Vaccines Cause Autism?
03.06.08: Those who say yes are cheering the results in a new court case.
Girls and Autism
01.23.08: Are the tests for autism biased against girls?
Story of Survival
10.19.07: Missing for four days, a teenage boy with autism is found alive.
The Face of Autism
10.15.07: How can you tell if your child is autistic?
The Autism Epidemic
06.26.07: Are vaccines to blame for the rise in the number of autistic kids?
Daily Bullying: Living with Asperger Syndrome
04.04.07: High-functioning form of autism causes social awkwardness and angst.
Siblings Cope with Autism
06.06.06: "Sib Shops" help siblings of autistics share their experiences.
Love is Complicated Even for the Autistic
06.30.06: An autistic man deals with the ups and downs of love.
Adults With Autism
05.10.07: Adults with autism search for 'a place in the world.'
Autism: Finding the Words
02.28.05: A look at one of the keys that unlocks the mysterious doors of autism.
To Find the Words
09.01.03: As one family deals with autism, a promising approach is discovered.
Ruling on Autism and Vaccines
The court finds no link between autism and mumps, measles or rubella vaccines.
Autism Up Close
An overview of Autism Spectrum Disorder.
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The various treatments available to autistic patients.
Autism Advancements
What does the future hold for the disease and its treatments?
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