No Evidence for Diet's Impact on Autism?
Groups want more studies after panel says there's no evidence for special diets.
Mom: 'Marijuana Saved' Autistic Son's Life
Can THC treat symptoms of ASD?
Docs May Dump Parents Who Won't Vaccinate
Some parents fear autism, but doctors say disease outbreak is worse.
Travolta's Blackmail Trial Spurs Autism Debate
John Travolta's testimony in extortion case has won him support and criticism.
Home Autism Detector Worries Some Doctors
A device meant to detect autism in toddlers' chatter has some doctors worried.
Autistic Boy Devastated After City Bans Pet Pig
Family says pet pig Loopey has done wonders for capabilities of autistic son.
Autistic Marine Court Martialed, Bad Conduct Discharge
Spotlight now turns on how Pvt. Joshua Fry was recruited into Marines.
Research Suggests Genetic Link in Autism
Scientists unlock groundbreaking clues in deciphering the genetics of autism.
Financial Challenges Among Autism's Costs
While tackling autism is costly, low-income families now have more resources.
Oxygen Chamber a Treatment for Autism?
Researchers say hyperbaric chamber treatment merits further study.
Love Conquers All for One Autistic Couple
Both David Hamrick and Lindsey Nebeker are autistic, and in love.
Autism Lobby Unswayed By Vaccine Ruling
Most doctors applaud the ruling; advocacy groups say the legal battle isn't over
Life 101: Learning to Live With Autism
A campus program teaches students with autism life's daily skills.
Epilepsy Drug Linked to Autism Risk
Study: Kids exposed to epilepsy drug in utero are more likely to develop autism.
Parents of Autism Harbor Hope, Fear
For parents of those with autism, the future may seem perpetually unclear.
Not Seeing Social Cues a Danger of Autism
People with autism expose themselves to danger by not recognizing social cues.
Trying to Solve Autism's Mysteries
Researchers hope to answer autism's elusive questions.
Life After an Autism Diagnosis
Autism in America: How families must adjust.
In Search of the Elusive 'Autism Answer'
Autism in America: How proper diagnosis eludes many families.
Outrage Over N.J.'s Mandatory Flu Shots
New Jersey mandates flu shots for preschoolers, stirring outcry from parents.
Millions of Flu Vaccines May Go Unused
State laws on flu shot prescriptions may result in vaccines going to waste.
Study: Flu Shots for Tots Are Ineffective
Shots do not reduce doctor visits or hospitalizations in recent flu seasons.
PETA Campaign Angers Autism Groups
N.J. Billboard ad purports link between milk and autism risk.
Study: Autism Not Linked to MMR Vaccine
New research attempts to end the debate on vaccine-autism link.
How Important Is the Chickenpox Vaccine?
Doctors urge a two-shot schedule, but some parents won't allow one.
Online Autism Fund: Godsend or Money Pit?
An online effort aims to help parents afford autism treatment, but will it work?
Transit Theft: Mischief or Medical Condition?
Transportation fixation has been linked to Asperger syndrome.
X-Files Actress on Vaccines: Ignore Stars
Amanda Peet joins the fray in the public debate over childhood vaccination.
Flying Rough for Autistic Kids, Families
Parents of autistic children confront unique challenges when it comes to travel.
Savage's Quips Enrage Autism Community
Autism researchers and advocacy groups condemn the talk radio shock jock.
Study Reveals Genetic Clues to Autism
Scientists look to DNA from Middle Eastern families to solve the autism mystery.
IVF Advance: Are 'Designer Babies' Next?
As doctors take the next step in embryo screening, ethicists mull its impact.
Govt. Group Urges New Vaccines for Kids
Health experts say the new vaccines offer more protection with fewer jabs.
A Cure for Shyness? Some Say Not
Researchers balk at media reports hyping the effects of the "love drug" hormone.
Insurance vs. Autism: The Problem of Costly Care
Insurance companies and parents face tough choices.
Autoimmune Diseases Linked to Autism
Celiac disease, a digestive disorder, boosts the odds of autism in offspring.
Caring for Autistic Teens
Dr. Tim on the challenges parents face as their autistic children grow up.
Nation's First Adult Autism Clinic
California center to run on grants and philanthropy.
Film Portrays Parents' Autism Dilemma
A family's mission to help a son when doctors aren't sure of his diagnosis.
The High Cost of Autism
A Harvard study estimates that it costs $3.2 million to raise an autistic child.
The Truth About Your Child's Shots
Pediatrician Alanna Levine on which vaccines your child should get and when.
Learning to Love
A couple finds a connection despite both having autism.
Ruling on Autism and Vaccines
The court finds no link between autism and mumps, measles or rubella vaccines.
Students With Autism Learn Independence
Chapel Haven West offers education and life skills to students with autism.
PETA Asks: Got Autism?
A billboard in Newark, N.J., claims autism may be linked to cow's milk.
Mitochondrial Autism Link Explored
Dr. Bruce Cohen explains new research on a possible cause for autism.
Healthy Life (08.13.08)
Dr. Bruce Cohen explains new research on a possible cause for autism.
Savage: 'Don't Act Like a Moron'
Upset parents of autistic children react to Michael Savage's comments.
Autism Diagnoses Skyrocket
One in every 150 children has been diagnosed with autism.
Tracking Bracelet for Humans
Lifesaving bracelet designed to keep children and the elderly out of harms way.
Possible Causes of Autism
There might be a link between a mitochondrial disorder vaccine and Autism.
Child Autism's Effect on Parents
Dr. Bryan King talks about the disorder and the family.
Living With Autism
Taylor Cross, 19, was diagnosed with autism at the age of six.
Turning Lens on Autism
Autistic teen spreads awareness with his film, "Normal People Scare Me."
Jenny McCarthy Curses Out Doctors
The actress blasts medical experts during debate of the autism-vaccine link.
Genetic Link to Autism
A genetic abnormality on chromosome 16 increases risk of autism by 100 percent.