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East Meets West for Cancer Patients
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Statins May Reduce Lung Cancer by 50%
Statins, used to control cholesterol, may also stave off lung cancer.
Survivor Continues Cancer Battle for Others
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FDA Approves New Breast Cancer Drug
Tykerb could signal new hope for women whose chemotherapy fails.
New Addition to Arsenal Against Breast Cancer
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Texans Still Opposed to Perry's HPV Plan
The state's House of Representatives votes to overturn mandatory vaccinations.
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No link exists between surgery and cancer, one expert writes.
New Prostate Cancer Test Not Ready for Prime Time
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MRIs Help in Breast Cancer Diagnosis
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Dispelling Cancer Myths
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Robin Roberts' Breast Cancer Announcement
The "GMA" anchor has been diagnosed with an early stage of breast cancer.
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Research suggests a link between race and an aggressive form of breast cancer.
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Statins, which lower cholesterol, may also lower risk of prostate cancer.
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Widely used statin drugs protect the heart, and may also prevent strokes.