Blast From the Past: Plague Strikes China
A rash of pneumonic plague in China claims at least three lives.
Can Good Bacteria Really Fight the Flu?
Study shows probiotics can ward off viral infections like the cold or flu.
Zicam Spray May Hurt Sense of Smell
Federal health officials warned manufacturers to cease marketing the products.
Top 8 Controversial Medical Conditions
Are some conditions real? Some still meet with skepticism from the public.
Kids Face 20-Fold Whooping Cough Risk Sans Jab
Parents' refusal of the pertussis shot may place kids in serious jeopardy.
In the Interest of Safety-- or Swine Flu Follies?
The swine flu has led to some drastic reactions. Is it overkill?
Timeline: Tracking the Spread of Swine Flu
A summary of the major developments in the H1N1 outbreak.
WHO: Swine Flu Pandemic Alert to 5
Over 160,000 U.S. schoolchildren to stay home from school on Thursday.
WHO Steps Up Swine Flu to Phase 4
U.S. cases hit 50, Mexico deaths at 149.
Tourism Hit by Swine Flu: U.S. Warns on Mexico Travel
Travel officials around the world are taking action to spot swine flu.
Swine Flu: Facts, Myths and Whether to Worry
Dr. Mehmet Oz gives tips for families on how to prevent swine flu infection.
With Flu Comes Deaths, School Closures
Unrelated incidents reveal the devastating impact of the flu season.
Common Cold Cure? Scientists Get Warmer
Researchers do genetic analysis of all known cold viruses.
Doctors Debate 'Delayed Vaccine' Schedule
Fears over vaccine side effects cause come parents to delay vaccination.
Cleaning Up the Top 10 Myths About Germs
Which fears about microbes are real?
Whooping Cough Making a Comeback
More cases in teens and adults; parents often unaware of new booster vaccine.
Holiday Potlucks: Delicious or Disgusting?
Are potluck-weary participants' fears of germs and other nasties justified?
Backstreet Boy's Son Has Rare Disease
Baylee Littrell has a disease that causes blood vessel swelling.
Real? Top Ten 'Yuppie' Health Conditions
Doctors may swear an illness is real, but some conditions still meet skepticism.
Natural-Born Healers? Top 10 Products
A national survey names the most widely used herbs and supplements by adults.
Do Brits Have World's Best Cold Remedy?
Spanning the globe for eight popular folk medicines to relieve your symptoms.
Fever Over Low Flu Vaccine Rates
A majority of Americans have no intention of getting vaccinated, a survey finds.
Death Highlights Very Real 'Yuppie Flu'
A possible "mercy killing" draws attention to the controversial condition.
The Color of Health: What Mucus Tells You
Do the shades of mucus and phlegm reveal anything about your cold?
Not All Docs Get Flu Shots
Health care workers reflect on the pros and cons of getting flu vaccines.
Death by Common Cold: One Boy's Story
A virus that causes the common cold may have been a factor in a boy's death.
Docs to Patients: No More Drug Samples
Physicians are stopping free samples to avoid perceived drug company influence.
College Students Also Need Flu Vaccine
A new study shows college students may benefit the most from flu vaccines.
Google's New Site Aims to Find Flu Faster
The search giant hopes to detect flu outbreaks by monitoring user queries.
Cold Sore Virus Leads to Baby's Death
Parents lose their baby to HSV-1 virus 10 days after her birth.
10 Tips to Keep Kids Flu-Free
Experts give 10 tips to keep your child healthy after Halloween.
To Your Health! Ten Immune System Foods
Some foods may help your immune system fight off a cold.
Men Not So Macho Against the Flu
There may be some validity to the tease, experts say.
Mucus Experiment IDs Cold Culprits
Study: Refrigerator doors, other household surfaces, retain cold viruses.
10 Myths: Staying Healthy in Flu Season
Sort out fact from fiction in these common myths.
Man's Strep Throat Leads to Leg Amputation
In a rare case, a common infection leads to tragic results.
Down and Dirty: The Ten Most Germy Jobs
From meatpacking to computer repair, some professions come with more microbes.
Sick Bombs: 10 Places Where Germs Lurk
Everyday objects can have unexpectedly large numbers of germs.
God Bless You! Origins of Cold, Flu Phrases
Several common cold and flu expressions have catchy stories behind them.
Six Soups to Soothe a Cold
Under the weather? One of these soup recipes might be the perfect cold comfort.
Cold Hands, Warm Heart? Not So
Study: Physical comforts, like warm coffee, can sway your first impressions.
What's That You Say? 5 Voice Loss Myths
Experts dish on popular methods to regain your voice after a cold or the flu.
Mythbusters: Ten Misconceptions on Autism
Experts examine common misconceptions about autism.
How Downsizing Is Bad for Your Health
Losing you job could well hasten your death, one doctor says.
Are Money Worries Making You Sick?
Avoid catching a cold when your stress levels are up and the economy is down.
Got the Sniffles? Here's How to Feel Better
Doctors explain how to feel better faster from the flu and other ailments.
It's Not a Cold, It's Much Worse
Cold, flu symptoms may be red flags for illnesses that can really knock you out.
Millions of Flu Vaccines May Go Unused
State laws on flu shot prescriptions may result in vaccines going to waste.
Germ Tech: 7 Products to Vanquish Viruses
New technology will manhandle microbes without our even knowing it.
8 Cultural Remedies for Cold Comfort
Eight alternative elixirs for the common cold.
It's Not Just Us: Animals Get the Flu, Too
A variety of animals suffer from their own strains of seasonal influenza.
Battle of the Nasal Washes
Experts weigh in on three ways to keep your sinuses clear.
Study: Flu Shots for Tots Are Ineffective
Shots do not reduce doctor visits or hospitalizations in recent flu seasons.
Runny Nose Leads to Near-Death Ailment
College student suffers from rare inflammatory disease.
How to Tell if Your Sick Kid Is Faking It
Doctors give advice to help gauge your child's health.
Germ-Mobile: Your Car as Petri Dish
Experts uncover the germs and allergens that lurk in automobiles.
Treating a Cold and Flu the Holistic Way
Alternative medicine experts say which herbs and tricks they use on sick days.
Tragedies Remind That Flu Can Be Lethal
The flu kills an estimated 36,000 Americans every year.
Keeping Grandma and Grandpa Flu-Free
Dr. Marie Savard has advice for senior citizens facing another flu season.
Germy Docs a Hospital Plague? Yes and No
Hospital staff do their best to stay germ-free, but some things slip by.
Officials Debut Flu Season Plan: Will it Work?
Experts unveil their plans to fight the flu.
Flu-Free Campaigns? No Such Luck
Cramped quarters and close contact make for virus-ridden political campaigns.
Behind the Scenes of the Flu Vaccine
How flu vaccine is made each year -- and whether it will protect us this time.
Mass Transit: Breeding Ground for Flu?
As more people opt to take buses and trains, some warn of cold and flu spread.
Feverish to Fabulous: Beauty Tips for Flu
Feeling down, out, and ugly? A few simple tricks will have you feeling fresh.
9 Sports Moments Brought to You by the Flu
Some athletes have caught the flu before their biggest games.
Ten Simple Ways to Stay Flu-Free
Experts explain how to avoid catching the flu this season.
What to Do When You're Out of Sick Days
What do you do when you're sick -- and your sick days have run out?
How to Navigate the Cold and Flu Aisle
Doctors explain what works, what's hype and what medications not to mix.
10 Germy Surfaces You Touch Every Day
To stay safe from germs, what places need a good cleaning the most?
10 Myths About the Common Cold and Flu
Experts examine common misconceptions about colds and flu.
Keeping Your Day Care Kid Flu-Free
Pediatricians offer tips on how to keep your day care kid cold- and flu-free.
Can Warm Weather Cause the Flu?
Medical experts expose the season's most popular cold and flu myths.
How Sick Is Too Sick for School?
Decoding symptoms can be tricky for parents.
The Scary Truth About Influenza
The Flu Kills More Than 36,000 People Each Year -- Here's How to Protect Yourself
Are Flu Vaccines for Kids Safe?
Parents have mixed views about kids getting the CDC-recommended flu shot.
Anti-Flu Drugs Losing Punch
Flu Fighters Tamiflu, Relenza Could Be Less Effective Against Certain Viral Strains, Study Finds
Too Much Medicine
Flu shot surpluses across the nation could end up in the trash.
Life in the Time of a Pandemic
Disease Containment Strategies Have Major Economic, Social Implications
Hospitals Unprepared for Pandemic Surge
Severe Pandemic Could Double Need for Beds, Quadruple Need for Intensive Care
Nasal Flu Vaccine More Effective in Children
The new vaccine is less painful and more effective in kids, a study says
Vaccinated Kids Protect Whole Family
School-Based Flu Vaccine Programs for Children Protect Communities, Study Says
You Made the Diagnosis -- HLH
'Primetime' Gave You the Chance to Solve a Medical Mystery
Don't Kiss and Swell: How to Manage Mono
College-bound students may be at risk for mononucleosis infection.
What's Causing Little Evan's Illness?
A 16-month-old suddenly has fevers and pneumonia. What's the diagnosis?
With Liberty and Flu Jabs for All
Is a proposal that every U.S. man, woman and child get flu shots on the way?
Docs Fear Deadly Combo of Flu, MRSA
Infectious disease experts warn of a "perfect storm" of infectious disease.
Fatal Immunity and the 1918 Flu Virus
After 90 Years, the Flu Virus That Resulted in More Than 40 Million Deaths Still Can Kill