Additional Mind & Mood Resources
Organizations providing assistance and information on mind and mood conditions.
Swiss Psychiatrist Fights Fear With LSD
A Swiss Psychiatrist is offering LSD to patients to combat their fears.
Govt. Offers URL for Those Down and Out
New government web site aims to help those depressed, suicidal due to recession.
Are Economic Depression Suicides a Myth?
Experts say money trouble is a risk, but suicides are far more complicated.
Truth Squad: The Exercise/Depression Link
Does running help you chase away the blues? New research offers insight.
Most College Kids Have Thought of Suicide
A new study suggests the problem of suicide in university students is growing.
When Depression Is Gone for Good
Half of depression sufferers never have a recurrence, research suggests.
Am I Depressed?
Answers to your questions on identifying and treating depression
Patients Open Up
Patients share their experiences battling mental illness
Talking Different Types of Treatment
From therapy to medication, we explore your options
Where Can I Turn?
What to do if you believe you are depressed
Stigmas Surrounding Mental Illness
Fighting the stigmas that often block our road to recovery
The Future of Treatment
A look ahead at the treatment for depression
Depression During Pregnancy
Advice for moms suffering from depression during and after pregnancy.
Magnetize Your Mind
The FDA has approved a brain stimulator for those suffering from depression.
The Freshman Blues
Reports indicate depression affects a quarter of all college students.
Welcome to ABC News OnCall+ Depression
ABC News Medical Editor Dr. Tim Johnson on depression