Swiss Psychiatrist Fights Fear With LSD
A Swiss Psychiatrist is offering LSD to patients to combat their fears.
Govt. Offers URL for Those Down and Out
New government web site aims to help those depressed, suicidal due to recession.
Are Economic Depression Suicides a Myth?
Experts say money trouble is a risk, but suicides are far more complicated.
Truth Squad: The Exercise/Depression Link
Does running help you chase away the blues? New research offers insight.
Most College Kids Have Thought of Suicide
A new study suggests the problem of suicide in university students is growing.
When Depression Is Gone for Good
Half of depression sufferers never have a recurrence, research suggests.
Mood May Be Written In (and On) Genes
Researchers say epigenetics may hold clues for decoding mood disorders.
Pro-Suicide Sites Push People Over Edge
Study concludes that pro-suicide Web sites may push people over the edge.
Depression May Up Alzheimer's Risk
Scientists say depression may spur brain changes that lead to the disease.
Is Depression Contagious?
Experts say a person's moods can affect his or her partner's risk of depression.
Will God Get You Out of Your Depression?
Religion can help or harm your mental health, depending on your denomination.
Can Bullying at Work Lead to Suicide?
Experts say bullying at work is worse for your health than previously thought.
Laughter Therapy Takes Off in South Korea
Solemnity and Confucian tradition give way to giggling sessions for the sick.
Utah's Secret Renews Mormonism Debate
Two studies find depression widespread in Utah.
Myths About Mind and Mood Revealed
What's your mental health IQ? Find out now!
Chew on This: Foods That Affect Your Mood
Nutritional experts say many foods can influence the way we feel.
Delta Burke Opens Up About Her Depression
The actress entered a psychiatric hospital in January to get treament.
Middle-Aged Misery: Why 44 Is Worst Age
People in their 40s tend to be the most depressed, new research suggests.
Does Depression Shrink Your Brain?
A new brain imaging method could help provide answers to this phenomenon.
Antidepressants, Psychotherapy and Your Teen
What You Can Do to Catch Depression Early -- and How to Help
Depression Hits When You Least Need It
Lee Woodruff discusses how she overcame her battle with situational depression.
So Many Stars Hooked on Painkillers
Painkiller addictions are becoming more of a hollywood woe.
FDA caution, 'research drought' cuts drug approvals
Federal approvals of new drugs last year sank to the lowest in five years, a drop some industry analysts attribute to more...
Depression During Pregnancy
Advice for moms suffering from depression during and after pregnancy.
Magnetize Your Mind
The FDA has approved a brain stimulator for those suffering from depression.
The Freshman Blues
Reports indicate depression affects a quarter of all college students.
Workplace Bullies and Stress
Study finds menacing co-workers can cause more stress than sexual harassment.
Busting Depression & Bipolar Myths
Dr. Tim Johnson separates fact from fiction on mind and mood.
Depressed Moms
A new study shows that new mothers face a high risk of major depression.
Depression Before Pregnancy
One in seven women become depressed at some point before pregnancy.
Confronting Situational Depression
Lee Woodruff talks about her own situational depression and antidepressants.
Dealing With Situational Depression
Lee Woodruff battled depression after her husband suffered a brain injury.
How Do You Cope?
GMA Radio listeners tell us how they deal with situational depression.