Exercise, Diet, Meds: Diabetes Control Keys?
Lifestyle changes and proper meds may lead to long-term diabetes control.
Mediterranean Diet May Let Diabetics Dial Back Drugs
Rich in whole grains and healthy oils, the diet may help cut high blood sugar.
Type 2 Diabetes: What You Need to Know for Your Diet
Dr. Marie Savard offers tips on how to effectively control type 2 diabetes.
Diabetes Advance Could Simplify Life
An artificial pancreas could be a major advance in the treatment of diabetes.
Record Swap: 16-Kidney Exchange
The first 16-person kidney swap might be a model for future organ donations.
DIY Dialysis: Is It for Everyone?
In-home and overnight treatments may offer some dialysis patients better health.
Diabetics: Beware of Sleep Apnea
The condition poses a health threat but testing and treatment are simple.
Why Diabetics May Want to Skip Heart Surgery
For diabetics, heart drugs may be just as effective as bypass surgery or stents.
New Test for Diabetes Gets Experts' Nod
The screening test, called the A1c assay, allows more convenient diagnosis.
Maggots to the Rescue? Curing Leg Ulcers
An ancient but uncommon therapy may help avoid amputation.
Child's Play? Teens Getting Gastric Bypass
A new study suggests that the radical operation may reverse diabetes in some.
Economy Means Hard Choices for Diabetics
As treatment costs rise and the economy tanks, some diabetics can't keep up.
Study: Water Bottles May Link to Diabetes
Doctors say BPA is showing up too often in diabetics and heart patients.
Could Embryonic Stem Cells Cure Diabetes?
A study in mice shows promise for humans with diabetes.
Do Big Breasts Up Diabetes Risk?
While new research links breast size to diabetes risk, doctors remain skeptical.
Parents Must 'Draw the Line' With Diabetes
Freedom-seeking diabetic teens may see parental efforts to help as a hindrance.
Medical Warning Tattoos in Vogue?
Some diabetics opt for tattoos instead of bracelets to warn emergency personnel.
Slimming Down by Taxing Soda
San Francisco is proposing a tax on big retailers selling sugary sodas.
Huckabee's Marathon: Rotund to Runner
GOP candidate's diabetes, weight struggle shapes health-policy views.
Managing Diabetes With Exercise
Are you doing what it takes to handle or prevent diabetes?
A Diabetic at the Thanksgiving Table
Making diabetes-friendly changes to holiday meal plans is easier than you think.
When Traveling With Diabetes, Be Prepared
Diabetes experts say diabetics must take special precautions when traveling.
Pregnant Halle Angers Docs on Diabetes
Halle Berry caused a stir after saying she'd weaned herself off insulin.
School-Based Diabetes Care OK'd in Calif.
A new settlement may set a precedent for public schools in other states.
Diabetes Drugs Debate: Old or New Meds?
Study calls "tried-and-true drugs" effective; makers say docs need more choices.
Selenium Supplements Up Diabetes Risk
The mineral that some believe wards off cancer may bring about diabetes.
Diabetes Danger for Moms to Be
A little-known condition may mean risks for mothers and their babies.
Pitcher David Wells Reveals Diabetes Diagnosis
The MLB pitcher, known for wild ways, vowed to clean up and beat the diabetes.
A Possible Cure for Diabetes?
Stem cell transplants slow type 1 diabetes progression but remedy still far off.
New Hope for Type 1 Diabetes Patients
An experimental diabetes treatment shows enormous promise.
Managing Diabetes and Sports
Learn how to control your blood sugar while engaging in physical activity.
Diabetes-Friendly Restaurants
NBA legend Earl "the Pearl" Monroe discusses Diabetes Restaurant Month.
Diabetes and Oral Health
Gum disease can make blood sugar harder to regulate, causing diabetes to worsen.
Want the Whole-Grain Truth?
Popular among top chefs, ancient grains can make a nice addition to your pantry.
More Dangers of Low Blood Sugar
New research finds that diabetes may raise risk for dementia in older adults.
Foods to Balance Your Blood Sugar
The DTOUR method may help many deal with diabetes.
Cost for Treating Diabetes Soars
About 1 out of every 10 health care dollars goes to treating the disease.
Bad News for Diabetics
Medicare will not cover weight loss surgery in diabetic patients.
Sick of Skin Punctures
One frustrated diabetic invented a new way to take her insulin injections.
The Dangers of BPA
The chemical bisphenol A has been linked to heart disease and diabetes.
Understanding PAD
Actress Phylicia Rashad urges people to learn about peripheral artery disease.
Diabetes and A1C Levels
A1C levels are the No. 1 warning sign for out-of-control diabetes.
Supplements Can Increase Risk of Diabetes
The supplement selenium may operate as a catalyst for the onset of diabetes.
Diabetics Skip Insulin to Be Skinny
Alarming percentage of diabetics are cutting back on insulin to lose weight.
Does Leading Diabetes Drug Cause Death?
New studies suggest a link between Avandia and heart attacks.
Genes Predict Diabetes Risk
Different disruptions in genes identified that can predispose one to diabetes.
Preventing Type 2 Diabetes
Adapting a healthier lifestyle to reduce the risk of Type 2 diabetes.