Devon Still Says Daughter Leah Has No Signs of Cancer
Leah Still battled Stage 4 cancer last year.
World AIDS Day: See How Much Has Changed in the Fight Against HIV/AIDS
Researchers have made huge strides against the virus that causes AIDS.
How NYC Salt Warning Could Affect Your Dinner
Certain NYC restaurants will start posting sodium levels on their menus.
Former NFL Player Frank Gifford Suffered From CTE, Says Family
Doctors found signs of the progressive degenerative disorder after his death.
Drug With 4,000% Price Hike Will Be Sold Half-Off to Hospitals
Turing Pharmaceutical was criticized for raising the price of a drug to $750.
Hold the Stuffing! Beware of Thanksgiving Calorie Overload
What you need to know about your Thanksgiving calorie load.
New Studies Show How Moms Also Benefit From Breast-Feeding
Studies suggest breast-feeding may cut a woman's risk of cancer and diabetes.
Costco Chicken Salad Linked to E.coli Outbreak, CDC Says
People in seven states have been sickened in E.coli outbreak.
Girl Fights Rare Case of Breast Cancer at Age 8
Chrissy Turner is battling a breast cancer that most commonly strikes children.
Cancer-Stricken Infant Kissed by Pope Is Responding to Treatment, Parents Say
Parents say they are thankful that treatments have been more effective.
NIH Says It's Retiring All Research Chimpanzees
Fifty chimpanzees will be sent to sanctuaries in the U.S.
Board Games Can Reveal How Sleep Deprived You Are
ABC News' own Dan Childs played board games as he stayed awake for 2 days.
'GMA 40 for 40': See Dan Childs Stay Awake for 40 Hours
ABC News' Dan Childs stayed up for the entire "GMA" livestream event.
Broken Hearts Can Be Deadly, Doug Flutie Cites Mom as Example
Doug Flutie announced his parents died within an hour of each other.
Extreme Sleep Deprivation: How Navy SEALs Handle No Sleep
The extreme techniques used by Navy SEALs for dealing with no sleep.
'GMA 40 for 40': See Day 1 of the 40-Hour Experiment to Stay Awake
Watch live coverage of Dan Childs as he tries to stay awake.
Report Raises Concerns About Antibiotic-Resistant 'Superbugs'
A new report raises concerns about antibiotics used on farm animals.
Girl With Leukemia Who 'Married' Her Nurse Now Gets First Dance
Abby Sayles, 4, was celebrated during a "wedding reception."
Oh Baby! Mom Welcomes Rare Identical Triplets
Bridget Hogan gave birth to three identical sons.
How to Talk About Paris Attacks With Children
A French magazine released a supplement to explain the attacks to children.
Find Out What Happens When You Give Up Sleep For Days
Our intrepid reporter will forgo sleep for 40 hours.
Utah Hospital Warns 4,800 People of Possible Hepatitis C Exposure
Health officials said former employee may have exposed patients.
Woman Gives Birth an Hour After Finding Out She's Pregnant
Judy Brown was surprised to find out she had been expecting her first child.
Infant in Remission After Cancer Breakthrough With 'Edited' Cells
Immune cells were "edited" by scientists so that could attack her cancer.
X-Ray Reveals Swallowed Bobby Pin in Boy's Kidney
The boy recovered after doctors removed the pin during surgery.
Man's Tapeworm Headache Sheds Light on Rare Condition
Luis Ortiz said he had a massive headache before doctors found the parasite.
Pregnant Woman Undergoes C-Section After Being Thrown From Car
The woman was thrown from a car during an accident.
15 New E. Coli Cases as Chipotle Hit With Lawsuit
Chipotle Facing scrutiny over E. Coli cases and lawsuit over outbreak
YouTube Star Infected With Dengue Fever in Hawaii
Hawaii officials announced they are investigating an outbreak of Dengue fever.
Guinness Goes Vegan
Fish bladders have been used in some U.K. beers.
Teen Awakes From Sleepwalking 9 Miles From Home, Police Say
Taylor Gammel, 19, was missing for three hours before she woke up.
Sherwin-Williams Develops Bacteria-Killing Paint to Help Fight Hospital Infections
Experts say more help is needed in stopping hospital infections.
Fitness Instructor Writes Moving Essay About Body Shaming
Taryn Sisco and her partner said they were stunned to see the bullying letter.
Mom Says Newborn Daughter Detected Her Breast Cancer
Shakti Dalal was nursing her daughter when she was diagnosed with cancer.
Researchers Find Married Patients Fare Better After Heart Surgery
Researchers examined how married patients recovered after surgery.
Teen Sleepwalks 9 Miles Before Being Found by Police
Taylor Gammel, 19, has no memory how she ended up miles from home.
Researchers Investigate if Woman Can Smell Parkinson's Disease
Joy Milne believed she could smell her husband's Parkinson's disease.
This Boy Must Eat Every Hour to Stay Healthy
Owen Torti's body will break down muscle if he doesn't eat every hour.
Dr. Besser's Look at Life Inside the Hot Zone
Dr. Richard Besser reports on the growing outbreak from Monrovia, Liberia.
The 4 Most Confusing Things About Sugar
What's the deal with sugar? No doubt, sugar is the diet villain du jour.
Life Events That Can Lead to Divorce
Most couples face plenty of stressors and life changes, both big and small.
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The powers of a steady fitness routine are impressive.
Ways to Deal With Painful Sex
When you've always enjoyed sex and suddenly it hurts, it can be upsetting.
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This rappelling trio brightens the day for pediatric hospital patients.
Twinless Twins Grieve Together
People whose twin has died have found one another on Facebook.
How Scientists and Doctors Use Baby-Friendly Tricks to Study Infants
The high- and low-tech ways scientists get babies to be happy test subjects.
Cancer Lessons I Learned From a Fictional Teenage Boy
That love scene from "The Fault in Our Stars" is so intense.
CDC Warns of Deadly 'Kissing Bug'
The bug, named because it generally bites around the mouth and eyes, carries a parasite that can cause a potentially fatal...