Couple Turns Hospital ICU Into Wedding Chapel as Groom Battles Cancer
The groom was diagnosed with terminal cancer last year.
It's Breast Cancer Awareness Month: A Look at How Many Women and Men Are Affected
There are more than 3.1 million breast cancer survivors in the U.S.
Teen Dies After Ingesting Synthetic Psychedelic Drug, Police Say
The Michigan teen was found while he was having a seizure, police said.
Family Mourns Father Who Fought to Raise Money for Cancer-Stricken Stepdaughter
Both father and daughter were fighting cancer at the same time.
Player's Death Highlights Difficulty of Diagnosing Abdominal Injuries
Evan Murray died after his spleen was lacerated from abdominal trauma.
Girl Gets Hepatitis After Drinking Online Green Tea
The teen said she wanted to lose weight.
'GMA' Clarification Regarding WebMD
'GMA' Clarification Regarding WebMD
Flu Shots Go Zero-Gravity for NASA Research
Astronaut Scott Kelly got his flu shot aboard the International Space Station.
Doctor Channels MacGyver to Help Asthmatic Toddler Aboard Flight
Dr. Khurshid Guru said the toddler was struggling to breathe on the flight.
FDA to Review Birth Control Implant After Complaints
Essure birth control was first approved in 2002.
How Much the Cost of Daraprim Could Drop After Controversy
Turing Pharmaceuticals agreed to drop the price after a widespread outcry.
CDC Predicts Flu Vaccine Will Be More Effective Than Last Year
Last year's vaccine was less effective after a flu strain mutated.
Recovering Addict Writes Heartfelt Letter to Thank Cop
Police Officer Sean Hurley said he was touched by the letter.
Man With Amnesia Finds His Family After 11-Year Search
Benjaman Kyle has made headlines in his search for his identity.
Asthmatic Sea Otter Learns to Use an Inhaler
Sea otter diagnosed with asthma after being exposed to wildfire smoke.
Woman Searches for Birth Mom 28 Years After Abandonment
Andrea Klug-Napier wants to meet her birth mother who left her in 1987.
Experts Call GOP Debate Vaccine Claims 'False' and 'Dangerous'
Republican frontrunner Donald Trump and Dr. Ben Carson weighed in on vaccines.
Mom Holds Surviving Conjoined Twin For First Time
Amber McCullough remains with her daughter Hannah as she recovers.
Photo of Military Moms Breastfeeding in Uniform Goes Viral
Tara Ruby posted the picture on Facebook.
Doctor Aims to Perform Head Transplant in 2017
A patient has reportedly agreed to be a part of the experimental procedure.
Bestselling Author Helps His Former Teacher Get a New Kidney
Friend of author saw his plea for help on social media.
Chipotle Linked to Salmonella Outbreak in Minnesota, Health Officials Say
At least 45 people have been sickened in the statewide outbreak, officials said.
Firefighter Turns First Responder at His Own Wedding to Save Guest
Cody Campbell helped save a guest from choking.
More Teens Vaping Pot, Researchers Say
Teens can use devices to inhale pot vapor instead of nicotine.
Family Alleges Pest Fumigation Left Boy Severely Injured
The 10-year-old boy has been left impaired after fumigation, family said.
Family Opens Up About Newborn's Inoperable Brain Tumor
Every day of Abigail's life is filled with love.
Norovirus-Like Illness Sickens at Least 125 Students
Dozens of students were sent home after they started showing symptoms.
More Parents Catching Early Signs of ADHD in Children
More children under age 6 are being diagnosed with the disorder.
Royal Pain! Chicken Pox a Blemish on KC Baseball Team
Adults can face worse complications when infected with chicken pox.
Cause of Mysterious Brain Disease Linked to Mad Cow-Like Protein
The disease is fatal for patients after a swift neurological decline.
Dozens of Students Sent Home Due to Mysterious Illness
More than 100 students from two North Carolina schools had symptoms.
New 'Calculator' Figures Out Your 'Heart Age'
New heart "calculator" lets you find out how old your heart really is.
See a Pair of Twins Hear Their Mom for the First Time
Kayla and Kiara Hernandez were born with moderate hearing loss.
Real On-Air Violence Can Traumatize Viewers
Alison Parker and Adam Ward were killed during a live interview.
Couple Marries After Doctor's Visit Reveals Woman is in Labor
Stephanie Tallent and Jason Nece got married and had a baby in one day.
Leah Still Gets Own Wheaties Box Cover
Daughter of Bengal's player Devon Still was honored on Wheaties box.
Yelp Posting Info on Docs, Hospitals Alongside Your Favorite Eatery
Yelp mines trove of federal data to help users pick doctors, even ERs.
The Amazing Ways 3-D Printing Is Changing Health
FDA approved first pill made with 3-D printer technology.
Mysterious Muscle-Wasting Condition in 4 Siblings Baffles Doctors
All four children suffer from a mysterious disease.
Brain-Eating Amoeba May Have Infected Child
Rare infection suspected after child becomes critically ill.
Dr. Besser's Look at Life Inside the Hot Zone
Dr. Richard Besser reports on the growing outbreak from Monrovia, Liberia.
The 4 Most Confusing Things About Sugar
What's the deal with sugar? No doubt, sugar is the diet villain du jour.
Life Events That Can Lead to Divorce
Most couples face plenty of stressors and life changes, both big and small.
Ways Exercise Makes You Look and Feel Younger
The powers of a steady fitness routine are impressive.
Ways to Deal With Painful Sex
When you've always enjoyed sex and suddenly it hurts, it can be upsetting.
Meet the Window Washers That Transform Into Superheroes for Sick Kids
This rappelling trio brightens the day for pediatric hospital patients.
Cancer Lessons I Learned From a Fictional Teenage Boy
That love scene from "The Fault in Our Stars" is so intense.
Breast Cancer 2015 by the Numbers
The stats that impact more than 3.1. million breast cancer survivors in the U.S.
Washington, D.C. Cat Cafe Trials New 'Cat Yoga' Concept
Crumbs and Whiskers cat cafe in Washington, D.C. hosts its first "cat yoga" trial class on Sept. 22, 2015.
High School Teen Dead After Taking Synthetic Drug
Alexander Snyder was having a seizure when he was found by law enforcement face-up in a watery marsh.