Meds Found in Water
AP report raises concerns over long-term health effects of contaminated water.
A Look at CT Scans
Many doctors prescribe CT scans when they are not needed.
The Graveyard Shift
Working at night may have some adverse effects on your attention span.
How Sleep Affects Pregnancy
Pregnant women who get less than five hours of sleep may gain even more weight.
Trouble Sleeping?
A look at insomnia and how it can affect you.
Shedding Holiday Weight
Get rid of extra pounds with advice from a fitness expert.
Vitamins May Not Safeguard Your Health
Dr. Slatore discusses whether there are benefits to taking supplements.
Vegetarian Thanksgiving
Recipes for a meat-free Thanksgiving meal.
Shop for Local Produce
Local farmers markets are good for the environment and your health.
Eating Healthy With Diabetes
Advise for diabetics on how to enjoy healthy eating during the holidays.
Food Allergies on the Rise
Kids with food allergies should be aware of potential risks in Halloween candy.
Reducing Sweets in Schools
School districts take steps to provide healthy food for students.
The Genetics of Diabetes
Genetics plays a different roll in Type I and Type II diabetes.
Avandia and Heart Attacks
Some experts feel that the FDA's ruling on the diabetes drug is inconclusive.
Heart Disease in Young Adults
Use of prescribed medications to control blood pressure and cholesterol rises.
Genetic Testing for Breast Cancer
A look at the accuracy of the test for the breast cancer gene.
Personal Victory Over Cholesterol
One woman's account of how she lowered her cholesterol.
Accessing Your Health Records Online
The Cleveland Clinic's Dr. Martin Harris weighs in on Google's new health plan.
What Do Your Initials Say About You?
New study suggests people's initials influence their careers and relationships.
Plastic Surgery Safety
Experts discuss the importance of patients knowing their doctor's credibility.
Pregnant Athletes
A look at how pregnancy can affect athletic performance.
Healthy Living for Pets
An animal expert discusses ways to ensure your pet lives a healthy life.
Europeans Healthier Than Americans
New study finds Americans have higher rate of chronic illness than Europeans.
Hysterectomy Options
Many women are getting hysterectomies despite less invasive alternatives.
Pregnancy After 40
A look at the risks facing 40-and-older women who have babies.
The Pill Linked to Heart Disease
A new study links oral contraceptives to an increase of artery-clogging plaque.
Women in Clinical Trials
Fewer women are participating in clinical trials for heart disease.
Breast Cancer Recurrence
A new study finds a higher rate of recurrence in black women.
Turning Lens on Autism
Autistic teen spreads awareness with his film, "Normal People Scare Me."
Living With Autism
Taylor Cross, 19, was diagnosed with autism at the age of six.
Teen Pregnancy
A teen parent talks about her life-changing experience.
Signs of Autism in Children
New pediatric guidelines for diagnosing autism are released.
Inadequate Health Care for Kids
Study suggests children in America are not getting good health care.
Lifestyle Changes for Overweight Kids
Simple solutions for solving the obesity epidemic in children.