Additional Heart Disease Resources
Organizations providing assistance and information on heart disease.
What Is Heart Disease, What Causes It?
Dr. Robert Califf answers the question: 'What Is Heart Disease, What Causes It?'
What Is A Heart Attack And What Are The Causes?
Dr. Bijoy Khandheria answers the question: 'What Is A Heart Attack, Causes?'
Most Common Heart Disease Risk Factors?
Dr. Cuffe answers the question: 'Most Common Heart Disease Risk Factors?'
How Does A Woman's Risk Change With Age?
Dr. Lori Mosca answers the question: 'How Does A Woman's Risk Change With Age?'
Family History Of Stroke And Heart Risk?
Dr. Miller answers the question: 'Family History Of Stroke And Heart Risk?'
Cholesterol And Heart Attacks?
Dr. Steven Nissen answers the question: 'Cholesterol And Heart Attacks?'
Is The Atkins Diet Heart-Healthy?
Dr. Lichtenstein answers the question: 'Is The Atkins Diet Heart-Healthy?'
Is Coffee Associated With Heart Disease?
Dr. Wylie-Rosett answers the question: 'Coffee And Heart Disease?'
Is Baby Aspirin Okay For A 75-Year-Old?
Dr. Krumholz answers the question: 'Is Baby Aspirin Okay For A 75-Year-Old?'
What Are The Symptoms Of Heart Disease?
Dr. Christopher Cannon answers the question: 'Symptoms Of Heart Disease?'
Dr. Oz on Avoiding Holiday Heart Stress
Researchers found an increase in cardiac deaths during the holiday season.
Heart Patients Dying for Health Reform
Chronic diseases cost Americans billions insurance, out-of-pocket expenses.
When a Skipped Heartbeat Is Fatal
Roger Moore, Elton John suffer arrhythmia suspected in case of Breslin daughter.
Five Ways to Boost Your Energy
Statins treat high cholesterol but they can also make you lethargic.
Hidden Heart Problems for College Athletes
Up to one-third of college athletes may show signs of a dangerous abnormality.
Night Owls May Face Higher Heart Risk
Those who stay up late may be more prone to heart disease, researchers say.
Barbara Bush Making 'Excellent' Recovery
Aide says Barbara Bush was "alert and funny" after surgery.
High Fructose Means High Blood Pressure
New study finds a link between a high fructose diet and high blood pressure.
Salty Suspects: High-Sodium Foods
Dr. Tim Johnson discusses the effects salt-filled foods may have on your body.
Strep Throat and Heart Damage
If left untreated, strep virus can evolve, causing scarring on the heart valves.
Welcome to ABC News OnCall+ Heart Disease
ABC News Medical Editor Dr. Tim Johnson on heart disease