Dr. Oz on Avoiding Holiday Heart Stress
Researchers found an increase in cardiac deaths during the holiday season.
Cheap Vitamin B Best for Clearing Arteries?
Niacin, a form of vitamin B, leads to clearer arteries than a popular drug.
Heart Patients Dying for Health Reform
Chronic diseases cost Americans billions insurance, out-of-pocket expenses.
Kids Have Strokes More Often Than Thought
Children and teens can have strokes, but doctors don't always recognize it.
Heart Device Might be Useless for Women
A study finds devices implanted after a heart attack may not save women's lives.
Can Thunder Thighs Help Heart Health?
Bigger thights might mean smaller risk of heart disease, researchers say.
Are Heart Attacks More Deadly for Women?
A study shows age or illness may cause the gender gap in heart attack survivors.
Meds Can Help Even With Borderline BP
Researchers suggest treating pre-hypertension to prevent cardiac disease.
11 Most Hazardous High School Sports
For heart death, lacrosse tops out at 19 fatalities nationwide since 1980.
Heart Attacks Like Hughes' Can Be Unexpected
A heart attack is often the first symptom of heart disease.
Defying Dialysis, Man Bikes Across Country
Shad Ireland has no working kidneys, but managed to bike across America.
Have You Had Your Omega-3 Today?
A new analysis may pave the way for greater acceptance of the fish oil nutrient.
5 Best States in Which to Have a Heart Attack
It's better to be in New Jersey than in Oklahoma if you have a heart attack.
Agent Orange Exposure Linked to Parkinson's
Exposure in Vietnam may be linked to heart disease and Parkinson's, study finds.
Study Shows Risk of Bypass Surgery Technique
The popular "keyhole technique" for vein harvesting may be riskier than thought.
Uh Oh, Cheerios: FDA Cracks Down on Cereal 'Drug'
The FDA says Cheerios ads improperly market the cereal as a cholesterol drug.
When a Skipped Heartbeat Is Fatal
Roger Moore, Elton John suffer arrhythmia suspected in case of Breslin daughter.
Five Ways to Boost Your Energy
Statins treat high cholesterol but they can also make you lethargic.
'Polypill' No Heart Risk Magic Bullet for Now
What happens when you combine 3 BP drugs, a statin and aspirin in 1 pill?
New Sign of Heart Disease: Your Neck?
New research says neck width may reveal your risk.
New Heart, Second Chance for Baby Girl
One year after her heart transplant, Kaidence Stephenson is thriving.
Holiday Heart Concerns? Sleep on Them
New research suggests that the heart may benefit from a good night's sleep.
In Heart Attack, Gender Matters
Women may be more likely to die from severe heart attacks, researchers say.
Heart Drug 'Hype'? Docs Debate Crestor
Despite recent enthusiasm over the drug, not all docs are prescribing it more.
Deadly Wait for Hearts for Nonwhite Kids
Heart-transplant waiting lists may be more deadly for kids of color.
Artificial Heart Gives New Hope to Patients
French scientists build an artificial heart that beats much like the real thing.
Dancing Won't Un-Break Braxton's Heart
Angina should not keep the singer from competing on "Dancing With the Stars."
Rare but True: When Sex Leads to Stroke
While uncommon, a heart defect and sexual activity can increase risk.
Tiny Propeller in Heart May Save Lives
A new device known as Impella can help ailing hearts.
Can Heart Screenings Save Young Athletes?
While some advocate tests, others say they are too expensive to be mandatory.
Stroke on Your Mind? Stroke Your Feline
New research links owning a cat with a lower risk of heart attack and stroke.
Heart Disease Myths You Need to Know
Dr. Tim Johnson exposes six common myths you should know about heart disease.
Heart Disease, Stroke-Related Deaths Down in U.S.
Death rates from heart ailments are dropping faster than ever.
Heart Risks for Super Bowl Fans?
The thrill of the game may pose heart risks for some fans, a new study suggests.
High Fructose Means High Blood Pressure
New study finds a link between a high fructose diet and high blood pressure.
Sweet Studies: Chocolate and Heart Health
A new study reveals heart attack survivors can benefit from eating chocolate.
Hidden Heart Hazards
Why you might want to screen your teen athlete for dangerous heart abnormalities
Heart Attack Hazards
A new study looks at the differences between heart disease in men and women.
Keeping Track of Your Cholesterol
Healthy habits can keep cholesterol levels in check.
Healthy Mouth, Healthy Heart
A closer look at the link between good oral and cardiac health.
Tweeting for Health
Celebrity Trainer Gunner Peterson on the Twitter workout.
How to Use a Defibrillator
Knowing how to help someone in cardiac arrest could save a life.
Music to Your Heart?
Dr. Tim explores the connection between music and heart health.
Keep Your Heart Healthy
Patients who use e-mail to contact their doctors reduce risks for heart disease.
Acid Reflux Safety Concerns
Do acid reflux medications change the way your body absorbs calcium?
Atkins Diet's Veggie-Friendly Facelift
A vegetarian version of the famous diet shows promise in study.
Laura Bush Tells 'The Heart Truth'
Heart disease is the leading cause of death among American women.
New Research Challenges Old Belief
Drug treatment may benefit those without history of high blood pressure.
Recovering Robin Still Makes Them Laugh
Williams jokes about his heart surgery with David Letterman on late night TV.
Walking Your Way to Better Heart Health
New study shows the benefits of long-distance walking.
Treating Ministrokes as Emergencies
Patients experiencing a ministroke should receive immediate medical treatment.
Black Widow: First Husband's Death
Part 3: Michael Wallace died from an apparent heart attack.
Silent, but Deadly Heart Attacks
New research suggests silent attacks occur more often than doctors thought.
Can the Economy Break Your Heart?
Find out how these tough economic times could affect your heart.
Possible Aspirin Risk
New research finds anti-clotting medications may cause bleeding in the brain.
Was This Man Pushed to His Death?
Police are investigated after a man at G-20 protests suffers a heart attack.
A Real Life Medical Drama Starring Babies
Questions of morals and ethics surround a controversial baby heart transplant.
Heart to Heart
One sickly infant's heart may be the key to saving another baby girl.
Heart to Heart
One sickly infant's heart may be the key to saving another baby girl.
Lifestyle Changes With Heart Failure
New instructions for people to live longer despite heart failure.
Sleep Your Way to a Healthier Heart
Find out how an early bedtime may lower your risk for heart disease.
Salty Suspects: High-Sodium Foods
Dr. Tim Johnson discusses the effects salt-filled foods may have on your body.
5 Body Parts to Pamper
The top not so sexy but important body parts everyone should take care of.
4 Things You Don't Know About Your Heart
Dr. Tim examines the latest in heart health news.
The Battle Against Heart Disease
Brand new medical discoveries promise to save lives.
New Information on Your Heart
Groundbreaking progress in the battle against heart disease.
Katrina's Lingering Health Effects
Long after the hurricane, New Orleans cardiologists noticed a disturbing trend.
The Katrina Health Effect
Storm may have long-lasting effects on heart health.
Trucker Becomes a Highway Hero
George Lantzy used his rig to slow down a car driven by a heart attack victim.
Exercise Guidelines
Thirty minutes of brisk walking can boost your health and increase lifespan.
Traffic May Trigger Heart Attacks
Study finds patients were more likely to have been in traffic before symptoms.
Middle-Age Aspirin Therapy
A daily dose of aspirin may reduce risk of heart attack and stroke.
Lower-Sodium Diets May Save Lives
Your heart will thank you for ingesting one less gram of salt per day.
Vitamin D and Heart Disease
Research suggests a link between heart disease and low levels of vitamin D.
Age, Heart Risks Linked to Mental Decline
High blood pressure, obesity, and diabetes may cause damage to the brain.
Extra Pounds Take Your Breath Away
In addition to increasing heart disease risk, obesity can impair lung function.
Bush Chokes Up Over Barbara's Heart Surgery
Barbara Bush's heart surgery takes an emotional toll on the 41st president.
Troubled Marriages Hard on the Heart
Marital strain can increase stress and the risk of heart disease for women.
Barbara Bush Recovering After Surgery
The former first lady underwent open heart surgery to replace her aortic valve.
Dangers of the Late Shift
A night shift could increase chances of contracting diabetes or heart disease.
Barbara Bush Undergoes Heart Surgery
Former first lady is recovering at a Houston hospital after open-heart surgery.
Strep Throat and Heart Damage
If left untreated, strep virus can evolve, causing scarring on the heart valves.
Some Cancer With Your Cocktail?
A new study shows a few drinks a week can raise a woman's cancer risk.
Five Steps to Prevent Heart Disease
Dr. Suzanne Steinbaum explains steps women can take to prevent heart disease.
Can Anger Kill?
Find out if losing your temper can have dire medical consequences.
Control Your Anger, Save Your Life
Research reveals anger can trigger dangerous rhythm disturbances in the heart.
Fast-Food Towns Pose Stroke Risks
Residents of areas with more fast-food joints may face more health risks.
Women and Strokes
Find out why strokes often go undetected in women.
The Heart of an Epidemic
Doctors are questioning why there is an epidemic of women suffering strokes.
Teen Receives New Heart
After months of machines keeping her alive a South Carolina teen has a new heart
Race and Transplants
Are children of color more likely than others to die waiting for a new heart?
Young Children, Old Arteries
Research shows that obese children can have the arteries of a 45-year-old.
The Importance of Potassium
Learn why potassium is so big a part of a healthy diet.
Gender Matters in Heart Transplants
Female patients fare better with female hearts, and the same is true for men.
Give Your Heart a Break
Taking statins can reduce the heart attack rate by more than 50 percent.
Pacemakers Can't Keep a Beat
Researchers report that headphones can interfere with pacemakers.
Hypertension on the Rise
Dr. Jacqueline Hollywood discusses ways to reduce hypertension.
Heart Disease Linked to Depression
Study finds depression levels are three times greater among heart patients.
February Is Heart Health Month
ABC'S David Puente with Selecciones Magazine on how to keep a healthy heart.
Myths About Heart Disease
Dr. Tim Johnson exposes six common myths about deadly heart disease.
Heart Disease in Minority Women
Black and Latina women face greater risk of heart disease than white women.
Lady in Red: Laura Bush
The first lady campaigns for awareness on heart disease.
Super Bowl Heart Attacks
Watching high-stakes sports events can increase your risk of heart attack.
Vitamin D Heart Benefits
People with vitamin D deficiencies could be at higher risk for heart attacks.
Fasting May Help Heart Health
A study spotlighting Mormons finds they are less likely to have heart disease.
Heart Disease Affects All Ages
Heart disease deaths in young adults hold steady.
Young Adults and Heart Disease
Obesity and lack of exercise reverse medical progress.
Birth Control and Heart Disease
New research cites increased risk of heart disease in women who take the pill.
Women in Clinical Trials
Fewer women are participating in clinical trials for heart disease.
Rival for Plavix: Prasugrel
A new blood-thinning drug could change the way doctors treat heart disease.
Living With a Defibrillator
A woman with heart disease shares her experience with a chest implant.