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Is U.S Troop Surge Working in Iraq?
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Iran Stalls British Sailor Release
After promising to release one British female detainee, Iran is balking.
Controversial, Cute Bear Delights Crowds
A white polar bear cub, whose fate has created controversy, makes public debut.
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Terry McCarthy tours the only part of Iraq where security is not an issue.
The Umbrella Gets an Extreme Makeover
Dutch company boasts an aerodynamic, ultimate umbrella.
Violence on the Rise in Afghanistan
Suicide bomb attacks have increased fivefold over the last few months.
Where To Park? Not in Baghdad
Baghdad bans parking, but how will 3 tow trucks enforce new rule?
Pakistan Kite Festival Deaths
Annual kite festival in Pakistan marred by at least 11 deaths.
Vandals Attack Gaudi's Dragon
Vandals attack Barcelona's famous dragon sculpture by Antoni Gaudi.
Russian Baby Abuse Probe
Prosecutors investigate whether babies were gagged at a hospital to keep quiet.
South Pacific Island Murder Trial
A man is on trial for the first murder on Norfolk Island in 150 years.
Congress Stormed in Ecuador
Supporters of President Correa storm congress, suspending debate on reform.
A National Guard Mother's Worry
Mom fears her daughter, son-in-law both will be in Iraq. Who'll watch the kids?
Israelis Seen Abusing Caged Palestinians
Jewish settlers harass a Palestinian family in the heart of Hebron.
Vietnam to Officially Join WTO
Vietnam is preparing to become the World Trade Organization's 150th member.
Final Welsh Gold Mine Closing
Welsh gold mine is closing because miners cannot find any more nuggets of gold.
Hussein's Rise and Fall
Once a friend to the U.S., the Iraqi dictator became an enemy to many.
China Faces Aging Crisis
China faces a crisis in caring for its old people unless state funds increase.
Man Goes Mad in Jordanian Parliament
A member of Jordanian parliament is restrained after a fight.
Situation in Darfur Grows More Dire
Sudanese government refuses to admit 20,000 U.N. peacekeepers.
Fiji Swears in Temporary PM
The ruling military government in Fiji has sworn in a caretaker prime minister.
Thailand Buries Tsunami Dead
The last 125 unidentified victims of the Thailand tsunami have been buried.
Ex-Spy Investigation Continues
A friend of the late ex-Russian spy has been tested for radiation poisoning.
Slain Lebanese Minister Laid to Rest
Thousands attend funeral, while others protest against Syria.
World Dominos Record Falls
4,079,381 dominos fell in the Netherlands to beat the World record.
A Way to Make a Better Toilet
Exhibit in Bangkok features the latest and greatest toilets.
Great Apes Rescued From Great Fire
Rescuers save orangutans from wildfires in the jungles of Borneo.
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Jim Hammond wants to break the 100-meter seniors world record.
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