Driving While Under the Influence of... Caffeine?
Lawyer says a caffeine-induced psychosis may have caused a hit-and-run crash.
Miscarriage Grief Can Live On
Doctors say unresolved grief after a miscarriage may lead to anxious mothering.
NFL Institutes New Concussion Policy
New rules are aimed at preserving safety of players, proponents say.
Cycle of Solitude: Loneliness Is Contagious
Your lonely feelings can drag others into a cycle of solitude, researchers say.
Mother-Son Incest: Hidden in Shame but Rising
Mother-son incest victim describes shame, and redemption through his son.
Is Preschool Just TV Time?
Kids in some preschools may watch more TV than parents know, study says.
'You're Adopted!' Hurts, Even in Adulthood
Adoptees face discrimination, lifelong identity struggles, says landmark study.
Relaxation Drinks Send the Wrong Message?
Drinks marketed to young adults are raising concerns in the medical community.
Babies May Read Your Poker Face
A Harvard lab finds babies can recognize fear and anger before they can talk.
PTSD: Each Day 18 U.S. Vets Commit Suicide
The Fort Hood shooting puts spotlight on soldiers suffering from PTSD.
Babies Cry With an Accent, Study Finds
A study found newborns cry with the melody of their parent's language.
How Could People Watch Rape 'Like an Exhibit'?
Experts explain inaction by bystanders in a California rape case.
New Face Emerges for Formerly Disfigured Man
Surgery removed 11 pounds of tumors from James O'Neal's face.
Media Violence, Sex Threatens Kids: Docs
The AAP says TV, music and video games may be sending kids unhealthy messages.
Scary Breath-Holding Spells Turn Kids Blue
When frustrated or surprised, kids may hold their breath until they faint.
Has Medical Journalism Sold Its Soul?
One doctor warns the encroachment of marketing threatens journalistic integrity.
Balloon Boy Hides Like Tom Sawyer Seeing 'Funeral'
Child experts say children hide out of fear, stress or need for attention.
Bye Bye Menstrual Cramps? Drug to the Rescue
About 15 percent of women have pain so bad they cannot go to school or work.
The Risky Sex Act That May Threaten Your Child
One doctor fears autoerotic asphyxiation may threaten more kids that thought.
Rape Victim Fights for Homeless Predators
Abuse victim protects children by finding homes for Miami's sex offenders.
Heiress Double Suicide: 'Complicated Grief'?
Daughter jumps off bridge where step-father took life after murdering mother.
Doctor to Lesbians: No Insemination for You
Lesbian couple and clinic settle suit after couple is denied insemination.
Congregation Embraces Transgender Minister
Rev. David Weekley reveals to congregants of Oregon church he was born a girl.
Being Healthy Is a Popularity Contest
Your social status as a kid can affect your health later in life, research says.
Travolta's Blackmail Trial Spurs Autism Debate
John Travolta's testimony in extortion case has won him support and criticism.
Embryo Mix-Up Yields Son; Heartbreak Ahead
More experience loss as La. fertility clinic closes after confusing 100 embryos.
The Top 5 Weirdest Weight Loss Products
New technology created more ways we can look foolish while trying to look good.
Teens With Cars Are Twice as Dangerous
Teens with their own cars are more likely to be in crashes, study shows.
Abortion Addict Confesses 15 in 16 Years
Half of all abortions are repeats, among older women who use contraception.
By a Nose: Brand New Brain Surgery
A novel procedure offers tumor removal through the nostrils.
Ex-Priest Questions Repressed Memories
Lawyers: repressed-memory testimony at Paul Shanley's trial was junk science.
Autistic Boy Devastated After City Bans Pet Pig
Family says pet pig Loopey has done wonders for capabilities of autistic son.
Why Chocolate Studies Are a Headache
Conflicting information about a favorite sweet could leave indulgers confused.
Top 12 Bizarre Pet Accidents
Pets with the most outrageous health claims might earn a Hambone Award.
Yoga Helps Stretch Away Back Pain
The ancient discipline cuts lower back pain by nearly half in a new study.
Essence of Toad? Amphibian in Diet Pepsi
Florida man's soda is one example of surprise ingredients found in some foods.
Antidepressants in Pregnancy a Tough Call
Depression drugs during pregnancy may be a double-edged sword, one doctors says.
Testosterone May Guide Women's Careers
A study showed testosterone may influence females' business choices.
The Unmedicated Dangers of 'Mad Pride'?
Critics of 'Mad Pride' movement point to a tragic killing in Maine.
Woman Doped Breast Milk, Police Say
A woman allegedly drugged her baby to get attention from the child's father.
Rare Syndrome Means Girl Can't Stop Eating
"I could eat until I die," says 26-year-old Kate Kane.
Health Care Anger or Mob Think?
Experts see group think and smoldering anger behind rowdy town hall meetings.
Secret Addiction Possible in Taconic Crash?
Husband denies wife drank to excess. Could she have hidden a secret habit?
George Sodini's Diary Reveals Seeds of a "Plan"
Experts weigh in on the Pennsylvania shooter's final blog entries.
Slapping Your ER Nurse? Survey Shows Abuse
More than half of ER nurses say they've been hit, shoved or slapped on the job.
How Survivors Will Cope With Gym Class Terror
Survivors likely to suffer anxiety and flashbacks following Tuesday's shooting.
'Psycho Donuts': Sweet or Stigmatizing?
A "crazy" themed doughnut shop in California is drawing customers and protests.
Disabilities No Problem for These Campers
More summer camps are catering to kids with special needs.
Life With Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
Bridget, 15, cannot hug her own parents without twisting and screeching.
Toddler Depression -- Real or a Phase?
A study of toddlers with depression finds problems may continue in grade school.
Can Lyme Disease Affect Your Personality?
Roaming ticks can carry disease linked to mental problems, some believe.
Read My Face: What Presidents Don't Say
Obama's reaction to the Gates-cop affair "leaks" out in nonverbal clues.
Living With Plastic Surgery Mistakes
Experts say a botched plastic surgery can turn a life upside down.
When Jaundice Leads to Brain Injury
A rare condition makes normal movement, communication impossible for children.
Can Certain Foods 'Arouse' Your Brain?
Research shows overeating could be caused by specific brain activity.
Air Pollution May Hurt IQ in the Womb
Prenatal exposure to some airborne chemicals may affect a baby's intelligence.
Did Sleeping Pills Lead to Alleged Rape?
A man accused of raping a woman taking sleep aids said the sex was consensual.
Do You Have Brain Cells Devoted to Oprah?
Seeing or hearing familiar people trigger the same brain response, study says.
Do You Suffer From the Summer Bummers?
As temperatures rise, mood tanks for some who claim a rare form of depression.
Jawbreakers? Save Your Teeth From Stress
Perpetual teeth grinders are in for a lifetime of pain, say dentists.
New Parkinson's Treatment: Miracle on Two Wheels?
Patients take to biking to help regain control over motor functions.
Top 7 Amazing Organ Donations
Recent medical advances and open hearts led to some amazing donations tales.
Fetal Recall: Do We Have Memories in Womb?
Dutch doctors say the unborn may have memories by the 30th week of pregnancy.
Push Masturbation, Prevent Pregnancy?
A leaflet that advises an "orgasm a day" to prevent pregnancy stirs debate.
Truth or Myth? 5 Bathroom Health Hazards
Bathtub slips and falls are only one way your bathroom can pose a health threat.
Forget the Aspirin: Try Swearing
Four-letter words may be effective painkillers, new research suggests.
When Your Mom, Wife Both Have Cancer
Experts say stress hits big when cancer strikes both a parent and a spouse.
HBO Inflames Dr. Death's Critics
Al Pacino stars as Dr. Kevorkian -- "Jack the Dripper"-- in HBO movie.
Mind Games Dangerous For Schizophrenic Kids
Childhood schizophrenia brings demons within into the real world.
Stop-Smoking Meds Get Suicide Warning
The FDA will immediately require drugs like Chantix to carry boxed warnings.
U.S. Srs. Outshine Brits in Brainpower Test
Better education and lower depression rates could lead to sharper seniors.
Epileptic Seizures May Dissipate After Brain Surgery
Surgery can lead to successful outcomes for those with epileptic seizures.
Suicide May Have Alcohol Link
One in four suicides is linked to alcohol intoxication, new research reports.
Sudden Death Risk With ADHD Drugs?
Parents like Ann Hohmann believe the drugs led to the death of their children.
Cerebral Palsy Can't Keep Pitcher Down
Despite the disability, 17-year-old is a key player on high school varsity team.
When Dad Couldn't Care Less About Baby
Dads who lack an instant bond with their kids need not panic, psych experts say.
Kiddie Cliques Start Early in Life
The social pecking order starts in preschool but isn't inevitable, experts say.
Paging Dr. Love? Clinic for Heartbroken
One clinic zeroes in on how modern medicine can help heal heartbreak.
Eye-Opening Sleep Solutions
Too little or too much sleep can have a drastic effect on health, studies say.
The Zoloft Defense: Real or Scapegoat?
A court case raises questions about side effects of a popular antidepressant.
Top 6 Body Betrayals From Sweat to Blushing
For some, uncontrolled physical reactions can dominate their lives and careers.
For Toddlers, TV May Delay Talking
Babies who spend too much time in front of a television may start talking later.
Moving May Up Adolescent Suicide Risk
Parental instability may be the root of the problem, say researchers.
Special-Needs Kids Injured, Killed by Teachers
Committee report finds hundreds of special-needs children injured, even killed.
Living With Schizophrenia: One Man's Story
Brandon Staglin finds that schizophrenia is no barrier to living, finding love.
Docs Hail Face Transplant Patient's 'Resilience'
Diane Sawyer sits down with Connie Culp in a GMA EXCLUSIVE Friday.
Swine Flu: A Handwasher's Hell?
OCD experts say swine flu is the least of their germ-phobic patients' concerns
'Elephant Man' Disease: One Day at a Time
Fighting neurofibromatosis-- a sometimes-disfiguring flaw.
ADHD Drugs Help Affected Kids In School
Children with ADHD do better academically if they take medication.
British Celebs to Donate Brains for Research
BBC's Jeremy Paxman and actress Jane Asher urge more to follow suit.
Walking, Talking After Gunshot to the Head
Rare survivors can walk, talk or even make tea after a gunshot to the head.
Surviving Columbine: What We Got Wrong
Myths about bullies, goths and school safety persist 10 years after Columbine.
VA Tech and Columbine: Portrait of a Killer
A decade after Columbine, there is still no easy profile for teen killers.
Drinking in the Economy Has a No-Win Twist
Addiction experts say the economy is contributing to delays in treatment.
'That's So Gay': Words That Can Kill
Anti-gay taunts in school lead to 11-year-old's suicide and calls for change.
Trauma Haunts Columbine 10 Years After
Ten years after Columbine, its victims still report post-traumatic stress.
Face Transplant Patient Recovering Well
Docs express cautious optimism over the country's second-ever face transplant.
Why Disasters Bring Out Our Best and Worst
Some crises reveal the heroes and the not-so-heroic among us.
Making the Most of the Spring Mood Bounce
Warmer weather and longer days mean a healthier body and mind.
Why? The Alarming Leap in Mass Murders
The nation reels from the latest mass killings; eight this year alone.
The Large and Restless: Belly Linked to RLS
People who are obese have 60 percent more risk of getting restless legs.
Stars' Mantra: Get 1M Kids to Meditate
Experts say transcendental meditation cuts stress and boosts performance.
New Drug of Choice: HIV Medication
Teens in South Africa smoking powerful anti-retroviral drug for a cheap high.
Taunted Teen Takes Own Life: Bully-Cide?
Parents' lawsuit claims their son endured nonstop bullying before his suicide.
Vegetarian Teens Face Eating Disorder Risk
Young vegetarians eat healthier than most but may be more prone to binge eating.
Sect Mom: Starved Son to Rise From Dead
Ria Ramkissoon wants charges against her dropped if her son is resurrected.
Why I Got My DNA Tested for Alzheimer's
ABC News' Terry Moran's personal story of facing the disease.
Was Natasha Richardson's Death Avoidable?
Doctors differ on whether early medical attention could have spared the actress.
Are the Religious More Afraid of Death?
A new study finds religion may play a strong role in end of life decisions.
Hitting the Bottle Too Hard? Take the Test
A new Web site helps users gauge how severe their drinking habits are.
Losing Heart: Depression Meds Have Risks
A new study reveals a possible link between the drugs and sudden cardiac death.
Thanks, Dad: Old Pop Could Mean Low IQ
Older fathers may have less intelligent offspring.
Harsh 'Reality': Getting Dumped on Live TV
The season finale of "The Bachelor" stirs up outrage and concern.
Putting a Stake in 'Emotional Vampires'
Do you find that some people drain your happiness and energy?
Hospital Horrors Even Docs Can't Stomach
In rare cases, even seasoned ER workers become traumatized.
Extreme Child Phobias: The List of 7 Biggies
Experts say a phobia in childhood can keep kids sick, homebound or in danger.
Women Gamers More Hard-Core Than Men
Female players rack up more hours online than male gamers, a new study suggests.
5 Things Science Says About Your Valentine
Should you care if his genes are just not that into you?
Zzzzzzz-Mail: Writing E-Mail in Your Sleep
Researchers document a new type of bizarre parasomnia.
Money Sick? What Drives High-Risk Fraud?
Former con artist, psychologists explain what it takes to pull off major fraud.
What's Behind Internet Conspiracy Empires?
As conspiracy communities grow, mental health docs are left with big questions.
Latest Teen Mutilation Fad: 'Self-Embedding'
Report finds new type of self-injury, but some doctors aren't surprised.
The Horrific Effects of Tranquilizer Detox
FDA, patients say quitting "benzos" abruptly can lead to horrific side effects.
Scientists Explain Mystery of 'Face Blindness'
Researchers are unlocking the secrets of a rare brain condition.
Smarter People More Likely to Vote
New research reveals that brainier people vote more often.
Brain Doesn't Lie: Mapping Love and Hate
A study trying to map hate in the brain found similarities to "love circuits."
'Happy Puppet' Syndrome's Sad Reality
A rare genetic condition leads to developmental difficulties, happy disposition.
Kids With ADHD Can Strain Marriages
Parents of ADHD kids are twice as likely to divorce, study says.
Are Economic Depression Suicides a Myth?
Experts say money trouble is a risk, but suicides are far more complicated.
PETA Campaign Angers Autism Groups
N.J. Billboard ad purports link between milk and autism risk.
Scientists Discover a Narcolepsy Gene
Narcolepsy patients say any news is good news for the incurable disorder.
In Game of Attraction, Some Led by Nose
Smell may be more important than you realize when it comes to finding a mate.
Do Alzheimer's Patients Have 'Duty to Die?'
Ethicists and Alzheimer's advocates decry Baroness Mary Warnock's comments.
Your Body Is All in Your Head
A new study suggests the brain can be easily tricked into abandoning a hand.
Should Parents Accompany Kids at School?
Experts debate the merits of helping your child through a first day of school.
Truth Squad: The Exercise/Depression Link
Does running help you chase away the blues? New research offers insight.
Most College Kids Have Thought of Suicide
A new study suggests the problem of suicide in university students is growing.
A Lifetime of Memories Erased by Seizure
For one woman, seizure-related memory loss means an entirely new life.
Will Fear of Flying Hit New Heights?
A rash of high-profile emergency landings in recent weeks could spook travelers.
Gambling, Sex and More -- From a Pill
Patients are often unaware of the rare, bizarre side effects of a popular drug.
Fireworks Can Trigger Seizures, Migraines
Expert: Some might be unaware of susceptibility to fireworks-triggered seizures.
St. John's Wort No Help in ADHD
A popular herbal supplement may be overrated in the treatment of mood disorders.
When Depression Is Gone for Good
Half of depression sufferers never have a recurrence, research suggests.
Mood May Be Written In (and On) Genes
Researchers say epigenetics may hold clues for decoding mood disorders.
At a Loss: Coping With Miscarriage
One woman shares her story of how she dealt with a failed pregnancy.
Preventing Another Virginia Tech
Colleges step up efforts to ensure students get adequate mental health care.
Pro-Suicide Sites Push People Over Edge
Study concludes that pro-suicide Web sites may push people over the edge.
Depression May Up Alzheimer's Risk
Scientists say depression may spur brain changes that lead to the disease.
Light Sleep Means Heavy Risks for Babies
Infants who don't sleep enough may be at risk of obesity and emotional problems.
Lord, Hear His Prayer, Again and Again...
A man describes his rare religious form of obsessive compulsive disorder.
Is Depression Contagious?
Experts say a person's moods can affect his or her partner's risk of depression.
Debilitating Secret: Pulling Out Your Hair
Sufferers of trichotillomania pull out their own hair, strand by strand.
Fergie Dishes on Crystal Meth Paranoia
As the pop star tells Marie Claire, drugs can sometimes trigger a psychosis.
Cost of Creativity: Bipolar Disorder & Stars
Bipolar disorder can bestow the highest highs and the lowest lows.
When Suicide Clusters Shatter Communities
Teen suicides leave three communities gripped by fear and uncertainty.
Iraq Vet Gets Dog, New Chance at Life
Sgt. Bill Campbell's dog watches his back and reminds him to take medicine.
Will God Get You Out of Your Depression?
Religion can help or harm your mental health, depending on your denomination.
The Sweaty Secret to Better Mood
Exercise is widely known as a natural mood booster.
Awake in Surgery? Monitors May Not Help
Researchers say a brain monitor won't lower the chance of waking during surgery.
Laughter Therapy Takes Off in South Korea
Solemnity and Confucian tradition give way to giggling sessions for the sick.
Can Bullying at Work Lead to Suicide?
Experts say bullying at work is worse for your health than previously thought.
Can a Computer Read Your Mind?
A new computer program can guess what you're looking at.
Utah's Secret Renews Mormonism Debate
Two studies find depression widespread in Utah.
Myths About Mind and Mood Revealed
What's your mental health IQ? Find out now!
Chew on This: Foods That Affect Your Mood
Nutritional experts say many foods can influence the way we feel.
Delta Burke Opens Up About Her Depression
The actress entered a psychiatric hospital in January to get treament.
Middle-Aged Misery: Why 44 Is Worst Age
People in their 40s tend to be the most depressed, new research suggests.
Does Depression Shrink Your Brain?
A new brain imaging method could help provide answers to this phenomenon.
Antidepressants, Psychotherapy and Your Teen
What You Can Do to Catch Depression Early -- and How to Help
Depression Hits When You Least Need It
Lee Woodruff discusses how she overcame her battle with situational depression.
So Many Stars Hooked on Painkillers
Painkiller addictions are becoming more of a hollywood woe.
FDA caution, 'research drought' cuts drug approvals
Federal approvals of new drugs last year sank to the lowest in five years, a drop some industry analysts attribute to more...