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Loss Of Hair Due To Stress?
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Should Pregnant Women Risk Mood Meds?
A new report offers guidelines on treating pregnant women with depression.
Toddler Depression -- Real or a Phase?
A study of toddlers with depression finds problems may continue in grade school.
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Can Real Men Admit They're Depressed?
Admitting they are depressed should be a sign of strength for men, not weakness.
Trauma, Depression Can Cause Seizures
Researchers seek to decode seizures of an emotional nature.
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How to Finally Beat 'Recession Depression'
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Truth Squad: The Exercise/Depression Link
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Surgery May Reveal Brain's Religious Center
Have scientists discovered why some have a "talent" for religion?
Deadly Brain Lesion Fuels Artist's Talent
Brain tumors can cause inhibitions to fall and the inner Van Gogh to emerge.
Skin Disorder Patients Can't Recognize Disgust
Study finds psoriasis patients may stop recognizing repulsive looks.
Why Your Brain Craves a New Sensation
Researchers believe they have located the brain's "adventure center."
Do You Have Brain Cells Devoted to Oprah?
Seeing or hearing familiar people trigger the same brain response, study says.
British Celebs to Donate Brains for Research
BBC's Jeremy Paxman and actress Jane Asher urge more to follow suit.
Brain Doesn't Lie: Mapping Love and Hate
A study trying to map hate in the brain found similarities to "love circuits."
Opinion: When Biology Doesn't Explain Gay
Researchers say gay brains are different; this bride says her brain is straight.
Sleep Apnea Therapy Improves Golf Game
Study finds therapeutic device can improve golf scores as well as sleep.
Best and Worst States for Sleep
A government survey showed who gets the most sleep and who gets the least.
Cutesie Ads Endangering Your Baby?
Magazine ads may create confusion about how babies should sleep, study says.
6 Hours of Sleep? It's Not Enough
New research suggests it's rare for someone to need only six hrs. sleep a night.
Diabetics: Beware of Sleep Apnea
The condition poses a health threat but testing and treatment are simple.
Eye-Opening Sleep Solutions
Too little or too much sleep can have a drastic effect on health, studies say.
Domestic Violence... While Sleepwalking?
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Zzzzzzz-Mail: Writing E-Mail in Your Sleep
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Did Sleeping Pills Lead to Alleged Rape?
A man accused of raping a woman taking sleep aids said the sex was consensual.
Ginkgo a No-Go for Slowing Cognitive Decline
New research shows the herbal supplement does little for memory and attention.
Learning While Sleeping May Not Be Crackpot Idea
A new study suggests sleeping may enhance our memories.
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