The ABCs of Breast Health
ABC News is going pink for breast cancer awareness.
Male Runner Beats Breast Cancer Twice
Breast cancer in men is rare, but is still a killer.
'Jolie Effect' Raises Awareness, Fear of Breast Cancer
Jolie's doctor says her story saves lives but others say it raises fear.
Should You Get Breast Cancer Gene Testing?
Rare mutations can raise your risk of breast cancer.
How to Spot the Signs of Breast Cancer
Spotting the symptoms could save your life.
Are You at Risk for Breast Cancer?
Steps you can take to reduce your risk.
Not All Breast Cancer Has a Lump
Inflammatory breast cancer doesn't have a lump and is harder to detect, treat.
Woman Founds Breast Cancer Organization from Waiting Room
Sharsheret, a breast cancer organization, created by 28-year-old with cancer.
Cancer Makeovers Help Heal
For cancer patients, looking good can be an important part of healing.
Men Ignore Early Signs of Breast Cancer
Men struggle to get screening tests like mammograms.
Woman Blames Drug for Cyst Burst
Viv Robins believes taking tamoxifen caused her ovarian cyst to burst.
Sex and Cancer -- Breaking the Taboo
Focused on treating the disease, oncologists often neglect to ask about sex.
'Cancer-versary' Latest Sharing Party
NYC woman served 'boobie cakes' and champagne, but banned gifts.
Menopause at 23: Physical and Emotional Toll
Jackie Townsend entered early menopause because of cancer treatment.
Hope for Moms-to-Be Battling Cancer
Treating the cancer doesn't mean terminating the pregnancy, studies find.
One Gene, Three Women: A Family's Experience of Breast Cancer
A mother and her two daughters all share the BRCA1 gene.
'SCAR Project' Documents Young Breast Cancer Victims
As a long-time fashion photographer, David Jay had shot photos of a model named Paulina numerous times. They became close...
4 Things That Hurt More Than a Mammogram
The things many women do for beauty hurt more than getting a mammogram.
Show Us Your #GMASurvivorSelfie
ABC News is going pink for October to raise breast cancer awareness.
5 Things You Need to Know About Breast Cancer
How women can lower their risk; what ups chances of developing disease.
Young Women Might Benefit From Mammograms
New study reveals that women who don't get checked for breast cancer could be at risk despite age.
Married Cancer Researchers Both Diagnosed with Breast Cancer
Dr. Oliver Bogler and his wife, Dr. Irene Bogler, were diagnosed at the same age.