Yoga Helps Stretch Away Back Pain
The ancient discipline cuts lower back pain by nearly half in a new study.
Doctors Dismiss Women's Chronic Pain
Women make up majority of nation's 116 million chronic pain patients.
Do Women Feel More Pain Than Men?
Stanford University study says women feel pain more strongly than men.
One Third of Americans in Pain, Study Says
IOM Reports 116 million in U.S. Have Chronic Pain; Costs $650 Billion Each Year.
Chronic Pain Not Funny, Says Comedian
Women in Pain conference teaches nonconventional therapies based on mind.
Do Redheads Really Feel More Pain?
Dentists and docs may have to tread gingerly when it comes to redheads.
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ABC News OnCall+ Answers on Acupuncture
Links to doctors from top medical institutions addressing acupuncture treatment.
Frankincense Provides Relief for Osteoarthritis
Enriched extract of Indian herbal remedy showed improved mobility in 7 days, study says.
Trying to Take Back Childbirth
Growing number of women want birth to be a natural process, not a medical one.
Are Magnets the Key to Melting Migraines?
Preliminary tests of a hand-held device to zap away migraines are promising.
Acupuncture Eases Side Effects of Head, Neck Cancer Treatments
Narcolepsy drug also helped with severe fatigue among patients on chemotherapy.
Massage Eases Pain, Anxiety After Surgery
It's now standard post-surgical practice at some U.S. hospitals.
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