25 Years in Arthritis: New Treatments, Hope
Biologics and other advancements have helped those with the painful condition.
Moldy Smell Spurs Tylenol Arthritis Pill Recall
Company calls the diarrhea and stomach pain from the caplets "nonserious."
Killer Heels? Women's Shoes Tied to Pain
High heels may be at the root of certain foot ailments, new research finds.
Pfizer Pays $2.3B, but Will It Change Industry?
As long as profits outweigh penalties, drugmakers may continue practices.
Do Redheads Really Feel More Pain?
Dentists and docs may have to tread gingerly when it comes to redheads.
FDA's Strong Darvon, Darvocet Warning
The agency warns of a fatal overdose risk but still allows the drug on shelves.
No Vicodin? No Fear! Alternatives Exist
Doctors say even if the FDA bans combination drugs, relief is still possible.
Acetaminophen Vote Baffles Some Docs
Panel votes to nix prescription acetaminophen combos.
Nurse Jackie: A Model For Hospital Drug Use?
Readily available drugs may put nurses and physicians at risk for drug abuse.
Tech Pains: Computers Land You in ER
Serious computer injuries outpaced the number of new computer owners.
In Pain? Top 8 Fashion Hazards
Doctors say some skinny jeans, thongs and boots really can cause damage.
Shrapnel Dislodges From Man's Jaw After 65 Years
British war vet awakened by a piece shrapnel from his jaw.
Tylenol Can Pose Liver Dangers
FDA group proposes recommendations on acetaminophen, one man shares his story.
'Fridge' Hospitalized With Rare Disorder
Famous football player has a rare syndrome often confused with Guillain Barre.
Insurers' 'Fail First' Policy Angers Patients
Are 'fail first' insurance policies a salvo for healthcare quality?
Dog-gonit! Pet-Linked Falls Injure Thousands
A new CDC report highlights the dangers of tripping over dogs and cats.
'The Body Broken': A Life in Pain
Lynne Greenberg says living with pain is possible with the right strategy.
Time to Heal: Fallen Lance Down but Not Out
Lance Armstrong will see if clavicle surgery, Tour de France are in the cards.
Heal the Injury With Blood?
Doctors are trying concentrated blood plasma injections for injuries, arthritis.
Spinal Fusion Procedure Relieves Back Pain
250,000 Americans have the surgery each year; new procedure cuts recovery time.
Truth Squad: Common Pain Myths
Experts debunk these popular misconceptions about why we hurt.
Kidney Stones and Kids: A Painful Combo
On the rise in young people, these tiny stones can cause excruciating pain.
Cooking Oil Injections? Beauty's Ugly Side
Korean case shocked the globe, but U.S. doctors report horrors in bad economy.
11 Injury-Prone High School Sports
High school athletics and the injuries associated with each sport.
Addicted Doctors: Time for Drug Tests?
Professors say addiction issues for new doctors have continued for decades.
'Like a Soldering Iron': Pain of Sssnakebites
Snakebites in the U.S. are seldom deadly -- but invariably excruciating.
Others' Pain May Be Pleasurable for Bullies
Study shows some youths may be wired to enjoy seeing people get hurt.
Children Fear Discussing Their Arthritis
Children keep quiet about their juvenile arthritis for fear of rejection.
When Your Pain Has No Name
Chronic pain can be all the more traumatic when its origins are a mystery.
Jackson Has 'Floating Woman's Syndrome'
Janet Jackson's form of vertigo once challenged medicine's view of migraines.
Does Your Knee Hurt? Time to Suck It Up
For most knee pain, one expert says skip the surgery.
Are Magnets the Key to Melting Migraines?
Preliminary tests of a hand-held device to zap away migraines are promising.
Impaled By a Javelin: Fighting the Pain
Photog Ryan McGeeney and gymnast Kerri Strug both toughed out their injuries.
Pole Walking Offers Low-Pain Workout
One fitness expert suggests pole walking as an exercise option.
When Big Breasts Are a Big Pain
While one woman seeks the world's largest breasts, others want theirs reduced.
Beating Arthritis With Diet and Exercise
Positive lifestyle changes can help you take control of your arthritis.
The Legend of the Healing Naked Canines
Ancient dogs were once viewed as a cure-all.
What Your Figure Means for Your Pain
Orthopaedic surgeons explain how some common body features really do cause pain.
Dieting Away the Pain
Pain eating at you? Maybe it's time to bite back.
Exterminating Those Zits From Hell
The cause of painful infuriating acne isn't clear, but clearer skin is possible.
10 Cosmetic Procedures You Should Avoid
Some medical beauty procedures are not worth the risk.
Yao's Fracture: Will Chinese Medicine Help?
Doctors are split on whether the traditional remedies will speed Yao's healing.
Child Abuse Dials Up the Volume on Pain
New research reveals people with a history of abuse feel more intense pain.
Massage or Massacre? Spa Injuries Exposed
One woman tells her story of a massage that sent her to the hospital.
Snakebit: Surviving the Black Mamba
African governments and the WHO combat continent's snake bite problem.
The Mysterious Pain of 'Charley Horse'
Millions are saddled with the odd and unexplained leg pain.
Is Your Dog Depressed, Bored or in Pain?
If food puzzles don't work, try therapy and a checkup before "puppy Prozac."
Drinking Worm Eggs to Treat MS?
Five multiple sclerosis patients try the unorthodox therapy next month.
Ouch! Bites That Hurt the Most
What it's like to have a nail in your heel while walking on hot coals, and more.
Pain-Free Dentists: Fact or Fiction?
The Hypochondriac asks: Is there a such thing as painless dental work?
Painful Sex Still a Painful Secret
Many women see up to five doctors before they're diagnosed with a problem.
So Many Stars Hooked on Painkillers
Painkiller addictions are becoming more of a hollywood woe.
Can Meditation Help Cure Back Pain?
Seniors who meditate may be able to control back pain more effectively.
'Let Me Take Your Pain Away' in Iran
What are the traditional and modern remedies for pain relief in Iran?
Headaches: What a Pain in the Neck!
The tension in your neck may be causing your headaches. How to break the cycle.
What's Hairy and Toothy and Most Likely Benign?
The Hypochondriac asks: Could it be a dermoid?
When Your Pain Defies Description
The language of pain is rich with words, but grasping them can be difficult.
Pain for My Love?
Love can sting and burn, for those who hope to please their partners.
Medical Mystery: Like Matches in Your Mouth
"Burning mouth syndrome" sentences some to an incurably painful tongue for life.
Why Paper Cuts Hurt So Much: The Mystery
Experts offer theories on how such little cuts can hurt so much.
Secret Cures for Menstrual Cramps
Herbal options may help some women control pain from period.
10 Tips for Using Painkillers Safely
Recent events show the danger of drug cocktails. Here's how to protect yourself
Pain Can Harm Your Brain
Long-lasting pain can have effects on your mental state, new research suggests.
Headaches and Sex: "Yes, Tonight Dear"
Doctors discuss how sex can both cause and cure headaches.
Scarring Away Your Pain
Prolotherapy involves scarring the body's tissues to take away pain.
Why It Feels Good to Scratch
Researchers use a brain scan to unlock the mystery of why we scratch.
Celebrities Suffer From Pain, Too
Being rich and famous doesn't mean immunity from chronic pain.
The Seat of Your Discomfort
Your uncomfortable office chair could be the root of your back pain.
Crazy or Brilliant? Home Remedies for Pain
Homemade pain relief ranges from magnets to hitting your head with a hammer.
Major Headache? Seven Common Migraine Triggers
What you do -- and what you don't -- may be bringing about your migraines.
Could Experimental Surgery Solve Spine Pain?
A new surgery appears to have helped one man in his spinal stenosis battle.
Sickle Cell Sufferers Face Uncommon Pain
Intense pain, along with fatigue, is a common hallmark of the genetic condition.
Paula Abdul's Horrific Chronic Pain Battle
Paula Abdul's stardom may bring to light life with chronic pain.
Homebrewed High -- Can Poppy Tea Kill?
Some say tiny poppy seeds yield a drink with potentially deadly effects.
Are Naked Mole Rats Nature's Stoics?
Scientists unlock the secrets to how the critters endure painful stimuli.
A Legitimate Pain? Fibromyalgia Debate Persists
While patients insist the pain condition is real, some doctors remain skeptical.
Solutions for Post-Workout Pain
Fitness resolutions have you in agony? How to cut the pain out of your program.
3 Minutes a Day to Keep Back Pain Away
Simple exercises and lifestyle changes go a long way in warding off back pain.
Real or Fake, Acupuncture Helps Back Pain
A new study leads some to believe that relief could be psychosomatic.