5 Things to Know About the Flu Shot
Read these five flu shot facts to get ready for flu season.
Spices Top List of Possibly Tainted Foods
Find out which foods are most likely to make you sick.
Risk of Stillbirth Higher With Home Births
A new study finds that home births can be a risky proposition.
Limes Blamed for Girls' Second-Degree Burns
Five friends were diagnosed with phytophotodermatitis caused by limes and sun.
How Ideas About Cancer Are Changing
12 Million Americans are Cancer Survivors.
Chipotle Makes Surprising Menu Addition
Chipotle is the first national fast food chain to offer a vegan meal.
Even Royal Parents Face Sleepless Nights
As new parents, Will and Kate are in for sleepless nights and messy diapers.
Mandela Puts Spotlight on Palliative Care
Palliative care offers relief from symptoms of serious illness.
Gluten-Free Help With Weight Loss?
Consumers are snapping up gluten-free goods to the tune of $4.4 billion a year.
'Tell Me the Truth, Doctor' Answers Your Health Questions
Dr. Richard Besser deciphers fact from fiction in his new book.
How to Join Dr. Besser's Twitter Chat
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Get the Facts About Breast Cancer
Most Americans know someone who's had breast cancer.
Tweet Chat Wrap Up: Medicine Gets Personal With Genomics
Personal Genomics Is Revolutionizing Medicine
Childhood Cancer Cure Rate Is Up Since '70s
Experts say there is cause for optimism in the fight against childhood cancer.
Newborn Screening Live Blog
September is Newborn Screening Awareness Month.
Mammograms: More Harm Than Good?
False positives can take a psychological toll that can linger for years.
Melanoma Hitting More Young Women
Despite rising melanoma rates, death rate is declining, study finds.
CRE Tops List of Scary Superbugs
The hospital-acquired infection evades most if not all antibiotics.
Queen Elizabeth Hospitalized
Queen Elizabeth hospitalized with symptoms of gastroenteritis.
Mediterranean Diet Fights Heart Woes
Eating a diet rich in olive oil and nuts can lower the rate of heart troubles.
Inside Robin Roberts' Courageous Fight Against MDS
A personal and candid look at the "GMA" anchor's brave journey.
Can You Do Yoga if You Aren't Flexible?
I always thought that of yoga as something only done by young, lithe ballet enthusiasts. It was definitely not something...
Is Religion Good for Your Health?
Faith and medicine frequently intersect. My patients and I often talk about spirituality when we discuss medical issues. For...
Over 50? Join 'Colonoscopy Club'
When I moved to New Jersey from Atlanta three years ago, one of the biggest challenges was finding a doctor I could connect...
Easy Ways to Protect Your Heart
As American Heart Health Month comes to a close, I wanted to take some time to talk about prevention. We actually know a lot...
Daily Aspirin Is Not for Everyone
I was sitting down to watch the bowl games on New Year’s Day when the phone rang. It was my dad.  A year ago, he’d called to...
Yes, You Can Die From a Broken Heart
It’s hard to imagine someone getting to adulthood without experiencing the pain of a broken heart.  It’s all part of living...
Stomach Bug Sickens People in 8 States
Health officials are looking for the source of the parasite.
HPV Shots Working Despite Dismal Use
Vaccines against the cancer-causing human papillomavirus appear to be working better than expected in the U.S., given the...
Tweet Chat Wrap-Up: Childhood Obesity Awareness
ABC News held chat since September is Childhood Obesity Awareness Month.
Woman Finds Fountain of Youth By Drinking 6 Bottles of Water a Day
42-year old Sarah Smith claims drinking water helped take 10 years off her face.
10 Percent of Imported Spices Contaminated: FDA
Dr. Richard Besser discusses a warning about spices contaminated with salmonella and bug parts.
Pasta Linked to Depression in New Study
Study found women who ate diets heavier in refined grains were about one-third more likely to suffer
Limiting Your Child's Screen Time
Learn the benefits of tracking your children's time on the computer.
Jerky Treats Reportedly Killed 600 Dogs
FDA reports a mysterious illness linked to jerky treats has sickened more than 3,600 dogs.
Researchers Claim Baldness Cure Found
Dr. Richard Besser discusses advancement by scientists who say they've found a new way to grow hair.
Experimental Cancer Treatment Offers Hope
ABC News' Dr. Richard Besser has the details on this breakthrough procedure.
Death Wish Coffee Has Twice the Caffeine
Drinking the "world's strongest cup of coffee" is like having two cups at once.
Leukemia Cure? Possible Major Medical Breakthrough
Memorial Sloan-Kettering researchers genetically alters patients' own immune cells to fight a deadly form of leukemia.
Study Reveals 1 in 50 Schoolchildren Have Autism
Government survey of parents shows higher numbers than previous estimate.
False Positives Prevalent in Breast Cancer Screenings
A new study finds 60 percent of abnormal mammograms are not cancer at all.
Z-Pak Could Lead to Death for Those With Heart Conditions, Says FDA
Dr. Richard Besser reports a possible concern over a very popular antibiotic.
Melanoma Skin Cancer Risk in Women Could Be Reduced by Aspirin Use
Dr. Richard Besser reports on study that could affect the lives of millions of women.
Can Earbuds Lead to Hearing Loss?
The popular headphone design may damage hearing.
Doctors Struggle to Contain New Bacteria
ABC News' Dr. Richard Besser has the details on this nightmare bug.
Woman, 87, Dies After Nurse Allegedly Refuses CPR
A 911 operator pleaded with the nurse to give the woman CPR after she collapsed.
Queen Elizabeth Hospitalized With Stomach Virus
Dr. Richard Besser discusses the queen's recent stay at the hospital.
Mediterranean Diet Could Help Reduce Heart Disease
Dr. Richard Besser reports on the latest study reaffirming value of popular diet plan.
Robin Roberts' Journey: Saying Goodbye
Part 2: In June 2012, Roberts announced her condition on "GMA" -- then came a shocking loss.
Hand Sanitizers and Soaps Put to the Test
ABC's Dr. Richard Besser compares the best ways for killing germs