10 Eye-Opening Truths and Myths About Sleep
Sleep researchers explain what's behind 10 common sleep myths.
Help Me Fix It: Taking on Insomnia
Battle those sleepless nights with these tips for healthy rest.
Old Age May Not Interfere with Sleep, Study Says
A large Chinese study found people in very old age have no problem sleeping.
Getting More Sleep Can Change Your Life
Lack of sleep is the most common sleep complaint among Americans.
Best and Worst States for Sleep
A government survey showed who gets the most sleep and who gets the least.
Learning While Sleeping May Not Be Crackpot Idea
A new study suggests sleeping may enhance our memories.
6 Hours of Sleep? It's Not Enough
New research suggests it's rare for someone to need only six hrs. sleep a night.
Eye-Opening Sleep Solutions
Too little or too much sleep can have a drastic effect on health, studies say.
Holiday Heart Concerns? Sleep on Them
New research suggests that the heart may benefit from a good night's sleep.
Oregon Man Beats Up Wife in Sleep
Judge treats loving couple as domestic abuse case and separates them.
Zzzzzzz-Mail: Writing E-Mail in Your Sleep
Researchers document a new type of bizarre parasomnia.
The Boy Who Couldn't Sleep
Since birth, Rhett Lamb, 3, has struggled to get a good night's sleep.
Restless Legs Scientists Find Gene for Sleep-Kicking
Asleep but not at rest: scientists find a gene linked to sleep kicking.
The Zoloft Defense: Real or Scapegoat?
A court case raises questions about side effects of a popular antidepressant.
Scientists Discover a Narcolepsy Gene
Narcolepsy patients say any news is good news for the incurable disorder.
How to Get Kids to Sleep in Their Own Beds
A sleep intervention could be a parent's ticket to child-free bedtime.
Sweet Dreams: Gadgets That Improve Sleep
Cameras, wristbands and more that monitor sleep and adjust bedtime routines.
Sleep Apnea Therapy Improves Golf Game
Study finds therapeutic device can improve golf scores as well as sleep.
Hypnosis the Secret to Sleep?
Author of "I Can Make You Sleep" shares his top tips for successful slumber.
Searching for a Good Night's Sleep
Tired "GMA" correspondents tried new products that promise to aid in sleep.
Maybe You Shouldn't Just Sleep on It
Two studies suggest sleeping on a complex decision may not be helpful after all.
Alternative Therapies to Help Me Sleep?
Dr. Reena Mehra answers the question: 'Alternative Therapies to Help Me Sleep?'
Tips on Stopping Snorers From Snoring?
Dr. Reena Mehra answers the question: 'Tips on Stopping Snorers From Snoring?'
What is Sleep Apnea, How Do I Treat It?
Dr. Reena Mehra answers the question: 'What is Sleep Apnea, How Do I Treat It?'
Tingling Sensation Keeps Me Up at Night?
Dr. Reena Mehra answers the question: 'Tingling Sensation Keeps Me Up at Night?'
Temporary Paralysis Before Waking Up?
Dr. Reena Mehra answers the question: 'Temporary Paralysis Before Waking Up?'
Welcome to ABC News OnCall+ Sleep
ABC News Medical Editor Dr. Tim Johnson on sleep and your health.
Pill-Free Fix for Insomnia
Dr. Richard Besser explains cognitive behavioral therapy as a sleep solution.
Sleep Apnea Solutions
The latest devices to help sleep apnea sufferers get a better night's sleep.
Sleep Solutions
Tools that promise to help you get better sleep.
Could One Extra Hour of Sleep Save Your Life?
A news study says more sleep can dramatically improve your health.
Getting Your ZZZs
Hypnotist and therapist Paul McKenna discusses his new sleep-aid book.
Shut-Eye Study Reveals Rest Requirements
Scientists discover why some people can get by on fewer hours of sleep.
Attacked by Sleeping Husband
A husband beats his wife in his sleep. Is he to blame?
Sleep Talker a Big Online Hit
What happened when Adam Lennard's wife posted his midnight ramblings on a blog?
'Sleep Eaters' Binge Without Knowing
Half-conscious, suffers of sleep eating disorder binge on frozen pizza, soap.
Eyes Wide Open
Imagine never being able to sleep... ever.
Having Sleep Problems?
Tips for those struggling with insomnia.
Entourage Star Lives With Insomnia
Debi Mazar talks about dealing with the disorder.