Has Swine Flu Been Oversold?
If you warn of a pandemic but stop it, do you get credit?
Muslims Pray for H1N1-Free Hajj
As thousands journey to Mecca, officials concerned about spread of H1N1.
Welcome to the Vaccine Lab; Please Remove Your Clothes
One correspondent visits the only U.S. facility churning out the H1N1 vaccine.
Did Swine Flu Deaths Triple Overnight?
A change in accounting shows the uncertainty about the virus.
H1N1 Tuesday Surge Triggers Hospital's Emergency Plan
Traditionally a quiet day, this past Tuesday was busy for one New York ER.
H1N1 Cases: Healthy to Death's Door in One Week
Doctors say H1N1 virus can attack so viciously, other vital organs can fail.
Neti Pot Once a Day Can Cause Infections
Using a neti pot every day could aggravate sinus infections, study finds.
Wall St. Before Main St. in H1N1 Vaccine?
Reports that businesses were among groups getting vaccine has some crying foul.
Older Patients Most Likely to Die From Swine Flu
A Calif. study says those 50 or older are most at risk if hospitalized for H1N1.
Swine Flu at the Ballot Box?
States are taking measures to protect voters from the spread of H1N1.
Flu Mask Recommendations Based on Flawed Study
Authors retract study used to decide on surgical masks to prevent flu.
Flu Vaccine Benefits Moms and Babies
More moms may get the jab if flu shots lead to healthier babies, experts say.
Swine Flu: What the CDC Map Won't Tell You
A check of 60 hospitals reveals how swine flu varies from hospital to hospital.
Panic: H1N1 Vaccine Shortages Roil Public
Health Secretary Kathleen Sebelius urges Americans to be patient.
Swine Flu Emergency: What Does It Mean?
Precautionary move allows gov't, hospitals more flexibility dealing with flu.
H1N1 Vaccine Delay Dogs Doctors, Patients
Federal health officials say shortages will persist due to production delays.
Swine Flu Fact Check: Separating Fact From Fiction
From the vaccine to acupuncture, Dr. Richard Besser answers your H1N1 questions.
Who Lives and Who Dies: H1N1 Crisis May Swamp ICUs, Force Tough Calls
Experts warn of ICU strain, ventilator rationing in the face of swine flu.
Does Halloween Brew Germs or Just Fright?
The real ways to spread H1N1, or any illness, may not be what you think.
Docs: Seasonal Flu Shots Dangerously Scarce
Physicians nationwide fear there are not enough regular flu shots to go around.
Is the Media Hurting H1N1 Vaccination Rates?
Health experts say recent media reports could fuel complacency with the public.
1918 Flu Left Legacy of Heart Disease
Prenatal exposure to the virus has been linked to a spike in heart ills.
Swine Flu Vaccines to Arrive Next Week as Cases Rise
Health officials note rising cases and deaths, particularly in Southern states.
Was the Seasonal Flu Shot Risk a Scare?
CDC: No increased risk for H1N1 virus following last year's seasonal flu shot.
Dr. Besser's Tricks on How to Vaccinate
Find out how to make those shots as painless as possible for your kids.
Think It's Swine Flu? Don't Go For Rapid Test
Doctors report the rapid flu test is less sensitive to the new H1N1 strain.
Swine Flu, Near You? The Nation's Hot Spots
Southern U.S. first to battle deadly flu
Few ERs Are Equipped To Care For Children
A new report shows many hospitals are not prepared to handle pediatric patients.
One Dose May Do for Swine Flu
A single shot may be enough to confer immunity to H1N1, researchers say.
Had the Flu? It Was Probably Swine Flu
Despite fears, many have had the new flu strain -- and recovered.
Swine Flu Cuts the Kiss in Europe?
Swine flu worries have eliminated some honored traditions, especially in Europe.
When Influenza Hits the Government
What if swine flu strikes Capitol Hill?
Meet Dr. Richard Besser
Dr. Richard Besser brings decades of experience, swine flu expertise to new job.
CDC Reports On Pediatric Swine Flu Deaths
A new report emphasizes quick treatment for children who get swine flu.
Swine Flu To Put Health Care, Economy to Test
While the virus may not spell doomsday, it will place a burden on the system.
Swine Flu? There's an App for That
A new iPhone app tracks outbreaks in your area.
191 Illnesses at School: Swine Flu to Blame?
Nearly 1 in 5 pupils at a Nebraska high school is absent with flu-like symptoms.
The Swine Flu For Fun And Profit
How the swine flu is invading popular culture.
Drugstores Offer Flu Shots Early This Year
Widespread media coverage of the swine flu may send more people to get flu jabs.
Top 5 Swine Flu Hazards for College Students
College students beware: your campus is a breeding ground for swine flu germs.
Docs Question Severe Swine Flu Warning
Some say while severe swine flu exists, warnings may be overblown.
Swine Flu Vaccine Could Roll-Out Early
Influenza experts disagree as to whether an early roll-out is the best move.
Up to Half of U.S. Population Could Get Swine Flu
As students head back to school, White House report warns of dire H1N1 scenario.
Is the Govt. Scaring You Over Swine Flu?
One infectious disease expert says the CDC and others are stoking public fears.
7 Diseases Back From the Past
Leprosy, polio and TB are among diseases that plague millions worldwide.
What's an Adjuvant and Will It Be in Your Swine Flu Vaccine?
A potential vaccine additive has some on edge. Is there any reason to worry?
Back-to-School Guidance on Swine Flu
Feds release guidance; First volunteers get test vaccines.
Schools Prep for Swine Flu Closures
Government to release guidelines to help educators make H1N1 decisions.
Pot Lozenge to Curb Swine Flu Death?
One company hopes a marijuana lozenge will garner FDA approval.
Will Thimerosal Put a Cloud Over Swine Flu Vaccinations?
Concerns over thimerosal, expedited approval process ignite worries in some.
Who Gets Swine Flu Vaccine Before You
College kids to line up before elderly; Pregnant women among first in line.
Do Kids' Seizures Signal Swine Flu?
Doctors say kids with flu symptoms and signs of seizures may have the swine flu.
CDC Downplays Swine Flu Vaccine Fears
Goverment officials say U.S. preparations should preclude risk of shortage.
Tamiflu No Help for Pandemic Swine Flu?
Three cases of drug-resistant H1N1 swine flu worry some experts.
CDC: Health Workers Muffed Swine Flu Precautions
A small study suggests doctors and nurses may not be following safety measures.
Level 6: Swine Flu Now a Pandemic
Global health officials raise the pandemic alert level to phase 6.
Swine Flu Pandemic Declaration Imminent?
The World Health Organization is set to declare the first pandemic since 1968.
4 Swine Flu Myths You Needs to Know
Experts debunk common myths about infamous flu.
U.S. Begins $1B Swine Flu Vaccine Prep
The government has allocated funds to prepare for further swine flu spread.
Did Swine Flu Lurk in Pigs for Years?
New genetic research unlocks secrets of the rapidly spreading strain.
Older People May Be Immune to Swine Flu
Past exposure to other variants of H1N1 may be protective, the CDC says.
More Flu School Closings as Cases Top 10,000
In NYC, some emergency rooms fill with children and worried parents.
Swine Flu and Schools Closings: FAQ
Answers to your questions about swine flu-related school closures.
Boy's Death Not Swine Flu, But Fears Remain
More NYC schools are closed; mayor says virus has hit jail, too.
In the Interest of Safety-- or Swine Flu Follies?
The swine flu has led to some drastic reactions. Is it overkill?
Swine Flu vs. Bird Flu: An Equal Threat?
New research hints at why swine flu overshadows bird flu in pandemic potential.
Demand May Outstrip Initial Supply for Swine Flu Vaccine
Demand for the vaccine may outstrip the initial supply, with nearly two-thirds saying they'd get it if their doctor...