No Quarantine for Nurse While She Awaits Hearing, Judge Rules
New temporary court order doesn't keep Ebola nurse from public places.
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Maine Pizzeria Delivers Pie to Ebola Nurse
Moose Shack pizzeria got police approval to deliver pie to Kaci Hickox.
Ebola Nurse to Officials: Don't Violate 'My Civil Rights'
State officials will seek to get court order to force quarantine on Kaci Hickox.
Crash Test Dummies Gain Weight to Save Lives
Obese people are 78 percent more likely to die in a car crash.
NYC Marathoner Reboots After Injury Nearly Cost Him a Leg
Ken Dunbar almost lost his right leg from a soccer collision.
Happy Birthday, Jonas Salk!
The creator of the polio vaccine would have turned 100 on Tuesday.
2nd Dallas Nurse Ebola-Free, Released From Hospital
Amber Vinson leaves Emory University Hospital Ebola-free.
Woman Goes From Paralyzing Spinal Injury to Walking Through Front Door
Jaime Carnucci is walking after a spinal cord injury.
Nurse Won't Follow Maine Quarantine Rule, Lawyer Says
Kaci Hickox says she has no Ebola symptoms and is no risk to others.
Google Working on Pill That Searches for Illnesses
Google is developing tiny particles to search for problems in your bloodstream.
Dogs Give Therapeutic Cuddles to Marysville After Shooting
Dogs also comforted people after Boston Marathon bombing, Sandy Hook shooting.
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Ebola Worries Ease a Bit Despite Preparedness Concerns
Ebola worries have eased slightly in the latest ABC News/Washington Post poll, despite a broad sense among Americans that...
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How to Properly Put on a Hazmat Suit
Doctors at the NIH in Maryland demonstrate the use of protective equipment used for treating Ebola patients.
Hannah Storm's Campaign for Children
The sports journalist is giving back beauty.
Nurse Breaks Ebola Quarantine
Police keep an eye on Kaci Hickox as she goes on a bike ride in Maine.
Early Days of Modern Medicine Shown in Haunting Photos
Dr. Stanley Burns' archive of medical photography underscores how far modern medicine has come in just over 100 years.
President Obama Praises Health Care Workers in Fight Against Ebola
White House sets two different quarantine guidelines for health care workers and U.S. troops in West Africa.
2ND Dallas Nurse Released After Being Declared Ebola Free
Amber Vinson released from Emory University Hospital in Atlanta.
Quarantined Nurse Released by New Jersey Officials
CDC announces new quarantine guidelines for health workers returning from West Africa.
5-Year-Old Child with Fever to Be Tested for Ebola in New York
Nurse Kaci Hickox to be released from quarantine in New Jersey.
Fan Favorite Song That Made Dionne Cringe
“I was crying all the way to the bank”.
Health Worker Quarantined in New Jersey Tests Negative for Ebola
State enacts mandatory quarantine protocol on the same day the worker was suspected of having the deadly virus.