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Most Surprising Allegations in Ebola Nurse Lawsuit
Nurse Nina Pham survived Ebola but is suing the hospital where she caught it.
Gender Identity is Biological, Study Says
As many as one in 100 people could have a gender identity disorder.
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New Report Shows Surge in Heroin Deaths
A new CDC report reveals that fatal heroin overdoses nearly tripled between 2010 and 2013.
Teen Who Woke Up Paralyzed Walks Again
Jessica Shainberg is regaining mobility after she was diagnosed with a spinal cord disease that paralyzed her from the waist...
Family Battles Laws That Kept Brain-Dead Pregnant Women Alive
The family of a brain-dead pregnant woman is fighting to stop the tragedy from occurring again in a new documentary "The...
Mom Turns Terminal Cancer Diagnosis Into Uplifting Blog
Whitney Cox, 27, wants to inspire others with her blog after being diagnosed with stage IV cancer.
Teen Fighting Cancer Gets Sweet 16 Surprise
Abby Snider's fight with leukemia inspired the community to plan an epic party for the teen's big birthday.
Blind Man's Guide Dog May Also Lose Sight
Rob Henry's golden retriever Kehotay, his guide dog of eight years, has developed eye problems that may cause him to go...
Potential Bioterror Agent Released from High-Security Lab
Officials are investigating how a deadly bacteria escaped from Tulane University's National Primate Research Center in...
Nurse Nina Pham Suing Hospital Over Ebola Procedures
The Ebola survivor's lawsuit alleges that Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital didn't train the staff to treat Ebola.
New Leprosy Cases Hit Florida
Three people in Volusia county were diagnosed with the rare illness, which is also known as Hansen's Disease.