Valuable Ebola Lessons the US Can Learn From Nigeria
Nigeria is now Ebola-free, the World Health Organization says.
Ebola Quarantine Ends With 'Praise to God'
Family of Ebola victim leaves home for first time in 21 days as quarantine ends.
Why Rats, Mosquitoes and Water Don't Spread Ebola
Ebola FAQ to calm your nerves and help you sleep at night.
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Marathoner Covers 52.4 Miles to Run It Backward, Too!
A Minnesota man runs a marathon backward and forward in under nine hours.
Ebola Scare Turns Dallas Hospital Into a 'Ghost Town'
Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital official outlines how to win back patients.
Ebola Scare Sends Caribbean Cruise Ship Back Home
Passenger fears ship has become a "floating petri dish."
Ebola Patient's Fiancee Thanks Health Care 'Angels From God'
"We are so happy this is coming to an end," Louise Troh said.
Girl Celebrates End of Chemo With Magical 'Unicorn' Ride
Lily Raffray, 5, said she wanted to meet a unicorn.
Workers Who Treated Ebola Patient Told to Stay Home
Approximately 70 Dallas hospital employees affected by order.
Experimental Treatments That Could Help Stop Ebola
Every Ebola patient in the U.S. has received an experimental treatment.
Hospital Worker Who Handled Ebola Samples Is on Cruise Ship
The health care worker self-quarantined during a trip.
Ebola Nurse Goes From Good to Fair After Trip to NIH
Pham went from good to fair following trip to NIH in Maryland.
Ebola World View: Who Has It and Where
Second Ebola case in Texas brings total to eight on U.S. soil.
Timeline of the Ebola Virus in America
How the Ebola virus came to the United States and spread.
Number of Biocontainment Beds for Ebola Patients in US May Surprise You
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Dallas Hospital Apologizes Over Handling of Ebola Case
ABC News's Dr. Richard Besser talks to Texas Presbyterian Health's Dr. Daniel Varga on the Ebola misdiagnosis.
First Ebola Patient's Family Cleared of Risk of Infection
Thomas Eric Duncan's family and friends were allowed to leave the quarantined apartment.
Ebola Victim's Fiancee on Quarantine Release: Thrilled To Be Free But Mourning
George Mason of Wilshire Baptist Church says Duncan's fiancee doesn't blame the hospital for his death.
Cruise Ship Returns With Passenger Monitored for Ebola
Lab technician connected to the treatment of Dallas Ebola patient Thomas Eric Duncan.
Ebola Survivor Pleads for Focus to Shift to West Africa
ABC News chief medical editor Dr. Richard Besser talks with former Ebola patient Dr. Kent Brantly.
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Dr. Richard Besser gives a timeline for when we can expect an Ebola vaccine.
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Dr. Jay Varma explains what precautions you should take when using public transportation.