'Avatar' Gets Mixed Praise From Paraplegics
Wheelchair users find paraplegic character Jake Sully inaccurate, but uplifting.
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Experts say infections could spread if fountains aren't cleaned properly.
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Many pediatricians may not be aware of telltale signs of the deadly activity.
Beer Prevents Prostate Cancer? Really?
Experts explain how to read the studies we wish were true.
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CDC finds uptick of salmonella cases from frogs, but other pets can infect, too.
Breastfeeding Deaths: Should Mothers Worry?
Infant reportedly died while being breastfed, sparking debate.
Exercise May Keep Your Cells Young
Study finds 50-year-old athletes have cells that look decades younger.
Two-Thirds of Chickens Laced With Bacteria?
Watchdog says two thirds of chickens from stores had salmonella, campylobacter.
Truth Squad: Feast-and-Famine Diet Works?
ABCNews.com takes a look at the best and the worst fad diets.
The Top 7 Deadliest Foods for Thanksgiving
Experts explain how to make Thanksgiving better for your diet.
Who'd Foot the Bill for Cosmetic Surgery Tax?
Doctors already envision loopholes in health care bill's cosmetic surgery tax.
I'm Obese? Big Fat Deal, Some Say
Nearly one obese person in 10 feels no need to lose weight, a new study says.
Physician Rails Against Coke Partnership with Doctor Group
A partnership between AAFP and Coca-Cola poses an ethical problem, one doc says.
Food Poisoning May Hurt for Life
Doctors say foodborne illness might cause long-term problems such as seizures.
E. Coli Concern: Would You Eat Once-Tainted Meat?
Govt. standards allow previously contaminated meat, if cooked, onto your plate.
Which Rubber Gives Users the Safest Sex?
A consumer group finds which rubber gives users the safest sex.
Trick or Treat or Trauma?
Halloween night revelry can land some in the emergency room.
Drinking the Coca-Cola? Doc Group Assailed
Some are criticizing the AAFP for forging a partnership with Coca-Cola.
Is Detox a Cover for Fad Diets?
The latest Los Angeles trend of "detox" may hurt more than heal.
You Wear a Helmet, But Are You Covered?
Interviews in a free clinic spark reflection on women without health insurance.
Corner Stores a Threat to City Kids' Waistlines?
A new study shows many kids buy unhealthy snacks twice a day at corner stores.
Coke on Soda Tax for Obesity: It's You, Not Us
The CEO of Coca-Cola argues lack of exercise, not soda, is to blame for obesity.
Midlife Fat Could Mean Disease in Old Age
A new study links chronic disease in old age to women's weight in middle age.
Kids May Be Less Healthy if Mom Works
A study linked kids' unhealthy exercise and eating habits to moms who work.
Being Healthy Is a Popularity Contest
Your social status as a kid can affect your health later in life, research says.
The Top 5 Weirdest Weight Loss Products
New technology created more ways we can look foolish while trying to look good.
Not Exercising Could Mean Big Babies
A study shows moms who exercise little during pregnancy have bigger newborns.
Med Diet Healthier, Not Cheaper
Study shows the Mediterranean diet may be more expensive than unhealthy diets.
Is IQ and Baby Formula Study a Ploy?
Doctors say breast milk is best, despite a study finding a formula raises IQ.
Throwing the Book at Childhood Obesity
Characters from a favorite children's story are enlisted in obesity campaign.
Why Chocolate Studies Are a Headache
Conflicting information about a favorite sweet could leave indulgers confused.
Kettlebells: Latest Fitness Trend or Fad?
A new fitness tool promises a fast, full-body workout and stronger muscles.
Yoga Helps Stretch Away Back Pain
The ancient discipline cuts lower back pain by nearly half in a new study.
6 in 10 Adults Can't Digest Milk
New research explores the genetic trait that allows people to digest dairy.
Anti-Fat Camp: Shedding Pounds as a Family
From classes to calisthenics, fitness camp makes health a family priority.
Obesity Can Cut Years Off Lifespan
Extreme obesity can shorten people's lives by 12 years, a new study found.
'Is This Drug Better, or Just New?'
Drug firms should reveal efficacy of new drugs compared to older ones, some say.
Monitoring Disease -- by Satellite?
Spacecraft may one day prove instrumental in predicting and tracking outbreaks.
Coconuts May Be Nature's Gatorade
Dietician: "Coconut water ... actually ha[s] a mix of electrolytes."
Is Exercise for Weight Loss Really Pointless?
Doctors react to the claim that going to the gym may do nothing for weight loss.
Hard Times May Mean Bigger Waistlines
More debt may be linked to more obesity, according to new research.
Slapping Your ER Nurse? Survey Shows Abuse
More than half of ER nurses say they've been hit, shoved or slapped on the job.
Coming to America? Cancer Risk May Worsen
A new study shows that coming to the U.S. changes cancer rates in Hispanics.
Can Social Media Fight STDs?
Facebook and YouTube are part of a new program to educate teens about STIs.
Why I Gave My Kidney to a Stranger
One woman's journey to donate her kidney.
Why Do We Spend $34B on Alternative Meds?
A national study shows how much America spends on alternative care, but not why.
Is Cutting Out Weight With Surgery Safe?
A new study finds that bariatric surgery has very low compication risks.
Can Certain Foods 'Arouse' Your Brain?
Research shows overeating could be caused by specific brain activity.
No-Fat Meals and Other Diet Mistakes
Nutritionists say dieters can miss the point, and flavor, when eating healthy.
Mom's Diet Before Conception May Affect Baby
New research suggests those hoping to be moms should watch their diet.