The Style Guru Who Lives at Home with His Mom


Last June, Sledd decided to reach out to some of his diverse fans by posting a video called "Show your Pride." He says in the video, "Coming out is always a risk, I mean, you never know how anyone will react because of our society."

Sledd is clearly proud and confident of the person he is and it seems to gives many others the courage to come out, or at least consider coming out. "I had [received] so many emails asking, "I think I'm gay. Please help."

"I think it's really big for people to see that I live in a small town and I'm gay and I don't care and I'm not afraid. I think it shows them, 'Hey, I could do that'." Therefore, in honor of Gay Pride Month, Sledd called for people to post their own videos, "Leave a video response, even if its two seconds. Everybody come out. Show your pride!"

Within no time, he received hundreds of videos from people all over the world, showing their support and voicing their stories and opinions, both gay and straight. Sledd said, "I'm opening doors. Or maybe opening windows, maybe I haven't gotten to doors yet ... " After all, he still works part-time at the Gap.

Only time will tell what the future holds, and what kinds of doors Sledd will open for others. However, it is safe to say that at this point, the Internet has opened more than just windows for William Sledd.

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