Watch: Chicago Teen Sings for Pope Francis
The high school senior shared her struggles with bullying before performing.
Missing GW Student Last Seen Swimming in South Africa
Nicholas Upton is originally from Connecticut.
Pope Francis Holds Virtual Audience in ABC News Event
Americans in Chicago, Texas and California participated.
Erika Death Toll Rises, Hurricane Fred Forms Off Africa
Fred is the second hurricane in the Atlantic Basin this year.
Scientists Discover Ice Cream That Doesn't Melt
A team of scientists has discovered the secret ingredient.
Putin Pumps Iron, Grills in Newly Released Photos
Photos show Putin working out, grilling with Dmitry Medvedev.
Erika Dissipates Over Cuba
At least 20 people were killed in Caribbean island of Dominica.
How Radar, Deathbed Confession May Help Solve Nazi Train Mystery
Polish official is "more than 99 percent certain" the train exists.
Senior ISIS Member Killed by Drone Strike Inside Syria
A senior ISIS cyber recruiter killed by US drone strike on Aug. 24.
Clashes During Israeli Raid to Arrest Militant in West Bank
Clashes erupt during Israeli raid to arrest a Hamas leader in the West Bank
Singapore's Ruling Party in Unprecedented Electoral Contest
Campaigning starts in Singapore elections where ruling party faces unprecedented opposition
Street Stalls Show Shifting Face of North Korean Economy
Flourishing street stalls show entrepreneurial undercurrent in North Korean economy
Rioters Rampage Against Residence Law in Northeast India
Rioters rampage against new residence law in northeast Indian state, 3 dead
Suicide Bomber Attacks Tribal Police in Pakistan, Killing 3
Suicide bomber attacks tribal police in northwest Pakistan, killing 3 and wounding 35
China Factory Indexes Ebb in New Sign of Economic Weakness
China factory indexes fall to multiyear lows in fresh sign of economic sluggishness
Australian, Thai Journalists Acquitted of Defaming Thai Navy
Thai court acquits Australian, Thai journalist on charges of defaming Thailand's navy
Unstable Antenna Atop Trump Tower Closes Streets in Toronto
Unstable antenna atop Trump tower closes streets in Toronto's financial district
Chemical Factory Explodes in Eastern China, Killing 1
Chemical factory explodes in eastern China, killing 1 just weeks after massive Tianjin blasts
UN: Satellite Images Show Temple of Bel in Syria "Destroyed"
UN: Satellite image shows main building, columns of Palmyra's Temple of Bel "destroyed"
Texas Church Participates in Virtual Papal Audience
Hear from immigrants at the Sacred Heart Catholic Church on what it was like to be addressed by Pope Francis.
Homeless Shelters in Los Angeles Take Part in Virtual Audience With Pope Francis
Hear about a single mom's experience getting to tell her story directly to the pope
Chicago High School Takes Part in Virtual Audience With Pope
Hear from the Christo Rey Jesuit High School student who was asked by Pope Francis to sing a song.
Pope Holds a Virtual Audience With Americans Ahead of Visit to the US
The pontiff holds a special event with ABC News involving Americans in Chicago, Texas and California.
Vladimir Putin Exercise Video Emerges
The Russian president's workout is previewed in this rare look at his routine.
A History of Popes in the U.S.
Pope Francis will be the fourth pope to ever visit the United States. The first pope came to America in 1965.
Pope Francis In A Minute
Pope Francis will visit the U.S. in September. The 266th pope is known for being humble, questioning the church and being an...
Train Hero Spencer Stone Describes 'Slow Motion' Struggle
The American serviceman injured while stopping a gunman on a train last week said charging the attacker was a long sprint,...
WN 08/31/15: Pope Francis Gets Ready For His Historic Visit to the United States
Trump takes on Clinton aide over email use; the best and worst cities for driving.
GMA 08/31/15: Iowa Poll Shows Bernie Sanders Gaining Ground Against Hillary Clinton
Hulk Hogan Discusses WWE Firing and Addresses Racist Comments; MTV Video Music Awards: The Biggest Moments of the Night
This Week 08/30/15: Hillary Clinton Email Scandal Impacting Poll Results?
Guests: Bernie Sanders, Bobby Jindal, Amy Klobuchar, Newt Gingrich, LZ Granderson, Julie Pace, Cokie Roberts
Nightline 08/28/15: What Virginia On-Air Shooting Survivor Remembers About the Incident
Celine Dion's Return to the Stage in Vegas; 'Warlords of Ivory': Tracking Ivory After Elephant Kills
20/20 08/28/15: 'Tragedy on TV'
Lone Survivor's Harrowing Tale of Virginia On-Air Shooting; Years Before Shooting, Vester Flanagan's Big TV Break Turned...
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