Tasmanian Devils Evolving to Resist Cancer
A contagious cancer has wiped out an estimated 80 percent of the marsupials.
Islamic State Group Says Spokesman Killed in Syria
The Islamic State group says its spokesman has been "martyred" in northern Syria
El Salvador Judge Orders Ex-Attorney General Remain in Jail
A judge in El Salvador has ordered that the country's former attorney general remain in jail on new charges that he divulged...
Diplomats Disagree Over Syria Chemical Sanctions
The U.N. Security Council fails to agree on whether Syria merits sanctions over the use of chemical weapons
Mexico Issues Transit Visas to Surge of African Migrants
Mexican immigration authorities say 424 migrants from African countries arrived at the southern state of Chiapas over two...
ISIS Buried Thousands in 72 Mass Graves
The Associated Press has documented and mapped 72 of the mass graves.
AP Documents 72 Mass Graves Left by IS Militants
The AP has documented 72 mass graves in lands liberated from the Islamic State group, with many more expected to be uncovered...
Brazil Senate Debates Fate of Rousseff, Final Vote Wednesday
Senators deciding whether to oust President Dilma Rousseff head into a long night of debate, with so many wanting to speak...
Egypt's New Law on Churches Angers Christian Critics
Egypt's lawmakers on Tuesday passed the country's first law spelling out the rules for building a church, a step Christians...
Correction: Clean Energy-New England Story
Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island officials are joining with electric utilities to evaluate more than 50...
3 Men in Line for Brazilian Presidency Accused of Corruption
Impeachment proceedings against President Dilma Rousseff have put a spotlight on corruption in the ranks of Brazil's...
ISIS Claims Top Spokesman Killed in Syria
Pentagon officials say they are aware of the report.
Bears Bat at GoPros
A wildlife photographer got some great footage of bears as they wandered around the woods, as well as their interacting with...
Thousands of Refugees Rescued off the Coast of Libya
Thousands of refugees trying to reach Europe were rescued off the coast of Libya on Monday morning after their overcrowded...
Lightning Storm Kills Hundreds of Wild Reindeer in Norway
A lightning storm killed more than 300 reindeer in Norway over the weekend, according to the Norwegian Environment Agency,...
Suicide Bomber Strikes Wedding in Iraq, Kills 15
An Iraqi security official says a suicide bomber has struck a wedding south of Baghdad, killing at least 15 people.
Sen. John McCain Dedicates Arizona Playground to ISIS Hostage Kayla Mueller
Mueller's parents Carl and Marsha Mueller were at the event for their daughter, an American aid worker who was captured by...
Aerial Footage Shows Destruction and Clean-Up Efforts in Italy
Aftershocks continued to rattle crews today as firefighters searched for survivors in the earthquake-hit town of Amatrice.
Green Sea Turtle Released Back Into the Wild
Ella the green sea turtle was released back into the wild after spending four years at a Cairns rehabilitation centre after...
Great Britain's Iconic Phone Booth Becomes Full-Service Coffee Shop
The Kape Barako coffee shop in Hampstead serves coffee, tea, pastries, sandwiches and milkshakes.
World News 08/29/16: Gene Wilder Passes Away at Age 83
Huma Abedin Splits With Anthony Weiner Following Another Sexting Scandal; EpiPen Manufacturer Responds to Political Pressure...
08/28/16: Donald Trump's Wavering Stance on Immigration
Guests: Chris Christie, Donna Brazile, Michael Leiter, Symone Sanders, Alex Castellanos, Ana Navarro, Stephanie Cutter,...
GMA 08/28/16: Police Hunt For Killer of Dwyane Wade's Cousin
Southwest Flight Makes Emergency Landing After Catastrophic Engine Failure Midair; Defense for 'Making a Murderer' Subject...
Nightline 07/21/16: Donald Trump's Big Night Accepting GOP Nomination
Donald Trump, from Building an Empire to Presidential Nominee; Fox News Chief Roger Ailes Resigns
07/15/16: Answers For Annie
Virginia Teen Found Dead Behind Dumpster in Baltimore; Parents Determined to Find Answers in Daughter's Mysterious Death