Dramatic Video Shows Migrants Rescued From Sinking Ship
Dozens perish in Mediterranean shipwrecks this week.
Puerto Rico Senators Override Veto, Halt Tax Increase
Puerto Rico's governor has lost a battle to increase a business-to-business tax and impose a transition to a value-added tax...
Tax Fraud Police Search McDonald's French Headquarters
French police have searched McDonald's headquarters outside Paris after a probe was opened for alleged aggravated tax fraud...
Hero of Canada Parliament Attack Tackles Protester in Dublin
A Canadian diplomat who became a national hero when he shot a jihadi gunman inside the Ottawa parliament has tussled with a...
More Than 4,000 Migrants Rescued in Single Day
More than 4,000 are rescued at sea in one of the busiest days of the Mediterranean migrant crisis, and at least 20 die trying...
Serbia Under Pressure From Russia Over Its EU Goals
Serbia's prime minister has met with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow amid reports that the Kremlin is worried...
US Soldiers Recount Harrowing Descent from Mt. Everest
2nd Lt. Harold Earls encountered dangerous conditions coming down Mt. Everest.
Mexico: Townspeople Kidnap Lawmakers to Seek Mayor's Ouster
A group of indigenous Mexicans has kidnapped two lawmakers in the southern state of Chiapas, held them overnight and finally...
Clashes, Oil Blockades Over France's Economic Future
French authorities struggled against nationwide strikes and a groundswell of public anger at a high-stakes government attempt...
The Latest: Afghan, Sudanese Migrants Clash in Calais Camp
French police say there have been violent clashes between Afghan and Sudanese migrants at Calais' sprawling makeshift camp...
The Latest on EgyptAir Flight 804
ABC News' Pierre Thomas gives us the latest on EgyptAir Flight 804.
Dramatic Video Shows Migrants Rescued From Sinking Ship
Dozens perish in third Mediterranean shipwreck this week.
Caroline Kennedy Talks Obama's Visit to Japan
The U.S. ambassador to Japan explains how the tense moment in Okinawa underscores the importance of the U.S.-Japanese...
Obama, Japan PM Visit Holy Site After Awkward Encounter
The president and prime minister strolled through the Ise-Jingu Shrine before meeting with other G7 leaders. The world...
Video Shows Bees Swarming Car With Queen Presumably Trapped Inside
The man who recorded the bees said it was the "best thing to happen" in years.
Ukrainian Pilot Released in Dramatic Prison Swap
Nadezhda Savchenko, a Ukrainian pilot held prisoner by Russia for almost two years, returned home to Kiev today following a...
President Obama Lectured by Japanese Prime Minister Over Okinawa Murder
President Obama extended his "sincerest condolences and deepest regrets" for what he termed a "tragedy" in Okinawa, after a...
600-Foot Sinkhole Swallows 20 Cars in Italy
A section of road collapsed and filled with water beside the Arno River in Florence.
Video Shows Lions Licking Water Off Tent in Botswana With Campers Inside
Following an overnight downpour at the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, several lions are recorded licking water off a tent.
Tortoise Burned in Fire Gets Custom 3D Printed Shell
The tortoise looked like Freddy Krueger before his new shell.
GMA 05/26/16: Hillary Clinton's Email and How They Will Affect Her Campaign
1 Killed, 3 Injured at New York City Rap Concert; Billionaire Reveals He Funded Hulk Hogan's Gawker Lawsuit
Nightline 05/25/16: 'Daughters For Sale.'
How Young Girls Are Being Sold for Sex on Backpage.com; Confronting Backpage.com's CEO on Allegations of Underage Sex Ads
World News 05/25/16: Violent Storms Trigger Tornado Outbreak Across the Midwest
US Spending Billions to Maintain Outdated Computers and Software; Meet the 1st First-Grader at the Scripps National Spelling...
This Week 05/22/16: Bernie Sanders Discusses Current Standing in Presidential Election
Guests: Bernie Sanders, Ed Royce, Adam Schiff, Anthony Fauci, Donna Brazile, Matt Dowd, Bill Kristol, Cokie Roberts
20/20 05/21/16: New Year's Day: The Shelby Wilkie Murder
North Carolina Mom Vanishes, Leaving Baby Behind; Missing Woman Kept Husband's Abuse a Secret; North Carolina Man Goes on...