Car Bomb Explodes Outside US Consulate in Iraq
The explosion took place in the northern part of the country.
Iraqi Leader Confirms Investigation Into Human Rights Abuses, Offers No Specifics
ABC News uncovered numerous apparent atrocities shared on social media.
Russians Ask Putin the Strangest Questions
Ordinary citizens call Putin about apples, sleep and cloning himself.
Trapped in Yemen, More Americans Brave Journey to Freedom
59 Americans were the latest to arrive today.
Search Area for MH370 to Expand If Plane Not Found By June
The plane went missing in March 2014 with 239 people on board.
This Activist 'Glitter Bombed' the European Central Bank's President
She smiled and threw up a peace sign as she was dragged out by security.
American Family Survives Terrifying Ordeal, Flees Yemen by Boat
Hafez Alawadi recalls his family's 16-hour ordeal.
2 Indian Policemen Arrested in Killing of Kashmiri Youth
Authorities arrest 2 policemen in killing of Kashmiri youth during anti-India protests
Italy Searches for 700 Migrants Lost at Sea North of Libya
Italy searches by sea, air for 700 migrants believed lost in Mediterranean north of Libya
AP Exclusive: Chinese Activist More Determined After Lockup
AP Exclusive: Chinese woman more dedicated to women's rights activism after 37-day detention
Finns Expected to Vote for Change in Recession-Hit Country
Overshadowed by recession, Finnish voters expected to oust conservative-led coalition
Indian Farmers Protest Gov't Plans to Ease Land Acquisition
Tens of thousands of Indian farmers rally against gov't plans to ease rules on obtaining land
Reports Say Migrant Ship With Some 700 Overturns North of Libya, Coast Guard Rescue Under Way
Reports say migrant ship with some 700 overturns north of Libya, coast guard rescue under way
Iran Guard Rejects Inspection of Military Sites
Iran's Revolutionary Guard says no inspections of military sites under any nuclear accord
Austerity's Legacy: British Election Focused on UK Economy
Austerity's legacy: British voters must decide who they trust to heal United Kingdom's economy
Breakaway Turkish Cypriots Vote for New Leader
Breakaway Turkish Cypriots vote for new leader ahead of expected restart of Cyprus peace talks
Migrants' Protest Convoy Reaches Mexico City With Complaints
200 Central American migrants in protest caravan arrive in Mexico City, file abuse complaints
Day in Pictures: 4/17 /15
Images from across the globe: POTUS Meets With Italian PM, Swarms Form After Honeybee Highway Crash, Air Force Casualty...
Car Bomb Near US Consulate in Iraq; Star Wars Fans Unite at Convention; Sen. Roberts a "Frozen" Fan
Car bomb explodes near US Consulate in northern Iraq; Star Wars fans celebrate the Force at convention; Senator Roberts...
Car Bomb Explodes Outside US Embassy in Iraq
A car bomb was detonated outside the U.S. embassy in Erbil, Iraq, in the northern part of the country.
American Woman Counts Iraqi Casualties
ABC News' David Wright profiled peace activist Marla Ruzicka and her mission in 2003.
International Hotspot: Saddam's Deputy and Terror's ???King of Clubs??? Killed in Iraq
Iraqi government officials confirm the death of Saddam Hussein's top senior official, Izzat Ibrahim al-Douri, who was killed...
American Citizen Returning from Syria Charged With Plotting Terror Attack
Authorities allege Abdirahman Sheik Mohamud returned with intentions to carry out an attack in the US.
Ohio Man Arrested for Alleged Plot on US Capitol; NASA Releases Spacewalk Footage; FBI Searching For Pittsburgh Robbers.
Ohio man arrested for training with ISIS and allegedly plotting attack on US capitol; NASA releases spectacular new footage...
Americans Fleeing Yemen Arrive in Djibouti
ABC News' Molly Hunter was at the Djibouti Port today where more than 400 American evacuees arrived after a 16-hour trip from...
Search Area for MH370 to Expand If Plane Not Found By June
The plane went missing in March 2014 with 239 people on board.
WN 04/18/15: GOP Presidential Hopefuls Rally in New Hampshire
Snowboarding Daredevil Performs Record Breaking Trick; 14-Year-Old Spider Girl Fearlessly Climbs to the Top
GMA 04/18/15: GOP Titans Descend on New Hampshire
Missing Father of 5 Last Seen in California Walmart; Couple Awarded Settlement After Decade of Dog's Barking
Nightline 04/17/15: Exonerated Death Row Inmate Meets Prosecutors Who Put Him There
Going on a Free Romantic Getaway With a Stranger; On the Town with Country Star Sam Hunt
In an Instant: The Shootout
Florida police officer Pete Soulis had no way of knowing that the suspicious guy in the parking lot was likely a killer on...
This Week 04/12/15: Are You Ready For Hillary Clinton 2016?
Guests: John Kerry, Mike Huckabee, Donna Brazile, Tavis Smiley, Kristen Soltis Anderson
Crisis in Yemen Intensifies
Yemen descends into chaos as rebels try to take control.