86 Killed in Turkish Capital; Suicide Bombers Suspected
The blasts went off as demonstrators gathered for a peace rally.
War Crimes Charge Against US Unlikely After Kunduz Bombing
At least 22 people died as a result of the bombing.
Pentagon to End Training of Syrian Rebels in Large Groups
Program overhauled to focus on equipping and enabling existing rebel groups.
Surprise Winner of Nobel Peace Prize
Quartet was cited for helping to build pluralistic democracy in the country.
Traffic Jam Traps Thousands of Cars on 50-Lane Highway
These photos are every commuter's worst nightmare.
24 Doctors Without Borders Staffers Missing After Deadly Airstrike
There were at least 22 people killed but there are 33 others missing.
See What's Left of Ancient Arch Destroyed by ISIS
Video shows the main part of the 2,000-year-old Syrian landmark.
'Failure in Nuclear Security': The Moldova Wake-Up Call
Smugglers reportedly wanted to sell radiological material to ISIS.
Danes OK With Zoo's Plan to Publicly Dissect Year-Old Lion
Danish zoo's plan to publicly dissect a young lion attracts some protests but many approve
Fierce Battles in Central Syria Amid Russian Airstrikes
Heavy fighting in central Syria between army, rebels as Russia launches airstrikes
Openly Gay US Ambassador to Denmark Weds Partner
Openly gay US ambassador to Denmark weds partner in 1st country to allow gay unions
The Latest: Dozens Briefly Enter Israel From Gaza
The Latest: Israeli military says dozens of Palestinians briefly enter Israel from Gaza
Blasts Kill 86 at Peace Rally; Suicide Bombers Suspected
Twin explosions kills 86 at Ankara peace rally; Turkey suspects it was suicide bombers
Palestinians Stab Israelis in 2 Jerusalem Attacks
Palestinians stab Israelis in 2 Jerusalem attacks before being shot dead by police
Buried Nazi Tunnels? Polish Province Drills Down to Learn
Buried Nazi tunnels? Polish province famed for gold train drills down after explorer's claim
Suicide Bombings at Chad Market, Refugee Camp Kill 38
Suicide bombings at market, refugee camp in Chad village kill 38 people ; Boko Haram suspected
Military Official: Suicide Bombings at Market, Refugee Camp in Chad Village Kill 38 People
Military official: Suicide bombings at market, refugee camp in Chad village kill 38 people
The Latest: British Police Back Turkey in Terror Fight
The Latest: UK chief of counter-terrorism says British police helping Turkish investigators
Inside a North Korean Subway
ABC News' Bob Woodruff gets a rare tour of North Korean public transit.
Surge of Attacks in Jerusalem Prompts Warnings to Be on 'Maximum Alert'
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu advised citizens to be on "maximum alert" following nearly a week of violent shootings and...
24 Doctors Without Borders Staffers Missing After Deadly Airstrike
At least 22 people died in the Saturday morning strike, including 12 staffers, the charity's international president said...
Video Shows 2,000-Year-Old Ancient Arch Destroyed in Palmyra
Video obtained by The Associated Press shows the main part of a 2,000-year-old ancient arch in Palmyra completely destroyed.
Group Calls for Independent Probe Into Deadly Hospital Attack
At least 22 people died in the air strike, including a dozen doctors and seven adult patients and three children, according...
Snowden Says He Offered to Go to Prison to Return to US
Former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden says he hasn't received a formal plea deal for returning to the...
Afghan Forces Requested US Airstrike That Hit Kunduz Hospital
Gen. John Campbell said the airstrike that hit a Doctors Without Borders hospital in Kunduz followed a request by Afghan...
20/20 10/09/15: '#Unfriended'
Tennessee Woman Claims She's Victim of Online Threats to Her Life; Young Couple Found Murdered With Baby Alive, Covered in...
Nightline 10/09/15: Woman Says She Was 13 When Sexually Assaulted by Acting Coach
Why a Social Media Feud Led to a Young Couple's Murder; New Jersey Town Raises Over $15K For Bear Who Walks Upright
WN 10/09/15: 2 More Deadly School Shootings
President Obama goes to Oregon to console families; Bill Cosby to be deposed .
GMA 10/09/15: Deadly Shooting Reported on Northern Arizona University's Flagstaff Campus
Republicans Reeling After Kevin McCarthy Drops Out; What to Do When Your Car Accelerator Sticks
This Week 10/04/15: Donald Trump Interview Addresses a Range of Issues
Guests: Donald Trump, Chris Christie, Greta Van Susteren, Matt Bai, Tom Cole, Keith Ellison
Refugees Fleeing Conflict: In Their Own Words
Refugees talk about their experiences on route to find new homes.
See Haunting Images in Fukushima Exclusion Zone
The photographer went into the radioactive area caused by the nuclear disaster.